Halloween 9: He Never Dies

A new family buys the Myers home. Not at any chance are they aware that this home might be at least a little dangerous. And when Michael returns to his childhood home, nobody is safe.
I am sorry about this being rated R.


3. He's Here

Later that night, I couldn't sleep. I knew that I had to get out of the house. I had to warn my family. I tip-toed out of my room, and into Mom and Dad's room. 

I shook them, and they woke up.

"Samantha..." Mom said.

"Mom, we need to get out of here." I whispered.

"What?" Dad whispered also.

"There's a killer, he's coming." I said, getting frustrated. 

"No, there isn't." Mom raised her voice.

"Do you want me to walk you to bed, and tell you 'It's okay' like you're 5?" Dad started raising his voice also.

"That's fine." I was shaking.

Dad got out of bed, and took me to my room. He turned on the light, and I knew what was going to happen. There stood a man, in a white mask, with grubby clothes. 

"OH MY FUCKING GOD!" Dad yelled.

"What is it honey?" Mom called out from her room.


"Oh, you aren't going to fool me!" Mom called.

Dad ran into his room, and tried to grab my mother. Michael was a fast one, for somebody who only walks. When my father was at her door, Michael was right behind him. He grabbed his neck from behind, and my Dad started suffocating. Michael turned him around, and finished him off with repeatedly stabbing him.

"MOM! GET OUT!" I yelled as loud as I could. Mom ran through the bedroom door, as I wen't into Alex's room and picked him up. We both made a run for it.

"Why?" Alex asked in an innocent voice, while we were running.

"No time, Alex." I was breathing hard.

We both ran to an unknown neighbor. I started banging on the door as hard as I could.

"HELP US, PLEASE!" I was almost out of breath from yelling. "HELP! HE'S GONNA KILL US!"

An older man let us in, and quickly shut the door, then locked it.

"I have a very protective lock, that should buy us some time." The man said in a weak, old voice. "Should I get some tea?" 

"Sure." We said.

When the man got our tea, he invited us to sit down on his couch.

"Who are you?" My mother was blowing her tea. 

"I'm Dr. Loomis." He said.

"Do you know about him?" I asked.

"Almost everyone does." Dr. Loomis laughed. "But, I know lot's."

"How?" My mother sipped her tea.

"I was his psychologist." He said.

"So..." I sighed.

"I've known him since he was six years old." Dr. Loomis stood up."When he murdered his sister." 

"And..." Mom also sighed.

"I am one of the only people that have seen his face." He added. "You'd expect something horrific under that mask." 

"What?" I felt almost to freaked out to talk.

"He's just a person." Loomis sat back down.


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