Halloween 9: He Never Dies

A new family buys the Myers home. Not at any chance are they aware that this home might be at least a little dangerous. And when Michael returns to his childhood home, nobody is safe.
I am sorry about this being rated R.


6. Alive

I woke up, in an white room. Oh my god, I'm alive! I thought. I was in a hospital, I must have had a great fall, but I survived. But then, I remembered the name Michael Myers, and that my parents are dead. The question was, is Dr. Loomis alive?

I got out of my hospital bed, the room was echoing after every breath I took. "Dr. Loomis?" There were no nurses or doctors, and nobody answered me.

I walked down the white halls, and I finally reached the lobby. "HELLO?" "Honey, what's wrong?" I was glad to hear somebody. A pale woman with raven hair, and green eyes. 

"Are you the only one here?" I looked around.

"No, pretty much everybody is paying attention to Laurie Shuld and Dr. Samuel Loomis." 

"Th-th-that's my mother!" I cried. "And I know Dr. Loomis!" 

"Would you like me to take you to them?" The lady asked. "They are pretty much right next to each other."


* * *

My mother was lying in bed. I leaned my head by her chest, and tried to hear a heartbeat. I heard nothing. Dr. Loomis, on the other hand, was alive. He was also awake and had his arm almost split open. 

"You're alive!" I shouted. Everybody around Dr. Loomis made room for me.

"You're alive!" He also shouted. There was a creaking sound echoing from the room. It got louder and louder...

"What the hell is that?" I wondered. Then I dozed off, looking for the sound.

The farther I walked, the louder the creaking was. I reached a scary looking dark hallway, and listened. The creaking was coming from a closet. I opened it and gasped in fear. Are you serious now?

No. This is not happening. I darted down the hallway screaming, everyone looked at me. I was not freaking out. Michael Myers was there.

"MICHEAL!" I started running out of breath. "He's here." 

A kind man thought I was confused. He then took me down the hallway, and opened the closet. He wasn't there. It must have been a hallucination. 

"See." The man said. 

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