Tom And Loki [Sam and Cat Style]


2. part 1: In the Trash

Loki's P.O.V

I was riding my motorcycle in the streets of San Francisco. I needed a break after Thor went to god school with Odin. I will miss him because he felt like a brother to me. But his friend Tony lend me this motorcycle. At first the fat kid named Clint thought this was a work out machine.

Anyway, that was the story on what happened lately. Thor and I had a web series named IThor. I wanted it to be ILoki, but we scraped that idea. I have no idea what happened to our tech geek Steve though.

He said he fell in love with someone, but I forgot who. Riding behind an SUV I saw a couple of people looking at me. A kid went over to me and waved. "Hey I know you." He said. I looked at him. "Yeah kid everyone knows me.." I said back. As you can tell I am not that nice to other people when Thor isn't around.

"Your Thor's assistant." The kid said. Assistant? Seriously? "Listen kid I don't want to get mad at you so I suggest you," The kid got out his hat and he handed it over. "Do you want me to spit in it?" I said. The kid shook his head. "No silly." I then crossed my arms. What does this mortal want? "I want your autograph." Normally Thor would be the one taking but maybe I am famous now.

"Well alright. Just this once." I say. I got his paper and signed. I even put a little message.

"To pathetic mortal.. You will kneel to me. Love Loki."

That was the message I have written. "Thank you Loki! Your the best." He squealed. He then walked away squealing. I rolled my eyes. I got back on my motorcycle

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