||You're mine|| sequel to "You're next"

After everything got sorted out, Jade and the guys became best friends.

Jade and Michael have a strong relationship. But when Jade starts falling for someone else, all hell breaks loose... Again.


3. Cal's p.o.v

"Mike, I can expl-" Jade starts but Michael cuts her off. "No no, I fucking get it. You both kissed, probably had sex, you know." He says. I look at him, disgusted. "Um, no. It was a dare, I got dared to kiss her, so I did. None of this is Jade's fault at all." I say, leaving out the part about Jade actually liking the kiss.

"Yeah, but she coulda just said she had a boyfriend. Everyone knows that." He says through gritted teeth. "But I did!" She exclaims. He scowls at her. "Liar." He hisses. I notice tears flooding her cheeks. I pull him into the hallway by his wrist, so that Jade can't hear anything.

"She did say she had a boyfriend dude, they weren't taking that for an excuse though. Look, after I kissed her, she ran off. She got really upset because she loves you, she even got really pissed, she was that distraught." I whisper. He looks at me, and I see the rage slowly draining from his face.

"Really? She hasn't got drunk since that night.."

"Really. Come on, please don't be mad at her. You should be mat at me!" I whisper/shout. He sighs, before going back to Jade. He walks up to her and hugs her as she cries into his shoulder. "I'm sorry Mike." She sobs. He strokes her hair and then rests his chin on the top of her head. "Don't be baby, I'm sorry I got mad at you."

Sometimes when I look at them together, I wish I have what they've got. You know, like someone who loves you for you, not just sex or looks. But I'll probably never get what they've got together. Oh well.

(Next day&Jade's p.o.v)

I wake up in Michael's arms. I stare at him as he looks cute when he's sleeping. "Don't stare at me, you know I hate that." HE ALWAYS KNOWS. "Sorry. Um, I've been meaning to ask you, where'd you go the other day?" I ask as he sits up. He looks at me. "You mean, you don't know?" He asks, in shock. I think. "Jade, it's your fucking birthday today you idiot." He laughs. I check my calendar. "Oh, so it is."

I've never liked birthdays that much. People getting you presents for getting one year closer to death? Definitely not my thing. "So, how come if you went to get something for my birthday, It took just over twenty four hours?" I ask. He smiles and shakes his head. "You'll seeee." He grins before kissing my forehead. I sigh. I hate surprises.

When I go downstairs, there's a card on the counter. I open it and it reads:

To Jade,

From Luke and Ashton.

I laugh at loud, best birthday message ever (not). Then I find another one. I open it and it says:

To Jade,

Happy birthday to one of my best friends. After everything you've been through, you deserve to have a great day. (It will be though, Mike's got you the best present ever).

Love from Calum x x x

I smile at it. The card is perfect, the message, the actual card itself and even the crappy handwriting. "So, when do I get to see this 'amazing' gift?" I shout to Mike, curiously. He walks in and makes himself a drink. "Well, we're going to Luke's for your party soon, maybe you'll see it then." He smirks. Oh yeah, my party.


So far, I've got a card from Ashton, Luke, Cal and Mike. And my grandparents sent me a card filled with money, for me to save for when I move here.

(Luke's p.o.v)

So the present is just outside my house, we're all gonna surprise her. She'll be here any minute. Plus, my house is full of people and they're all drinking and being really loud.

"Cal, come down please!" I shout. He's been upstairs since the party began. "Okay, chill out." He says, walking down the stairs. I then get Ash and Cal to come and stand outside as I see the car coming. I can see Mike telling Jade to cover her eyes, and she does. Mike helps her out of the car, as she still has her eyes closed. When she finally opens them, we all shout "SURPRISE JADE!" And watch as she stands there, to shocked to even move.

(Jade's p.o.v)

He got me a CAR!!!! I'm literally speechless, so instead of speaking, I jump into his arms. I got my driving licence last month, but I never got round to buying a car. "Thank you so much, I love you Michael. But you didn't have to at all." I feel a little guilty for liking Calum just a bit more though. "I know, but I thought it would be better for you, you know because your moving into a new place here." He says. I hug him even tighter. But as I look up I see Calum staring at me, looking upset.

"Come on, this is getting boring. Let's go inside." Ashton sighs. We let go of each other and walk inside. It's heaving with people, I don't know most of them. "Mike, want a beer?" Luke asks. Mike nods before they both walk into the kitchen. I decide to follow. "Jade, want one?" Luke asks. Mike punches him in the arm. "You know she doesn't drink." He says strictly. I frown. "Nah, I'll just have some punch." I say, pointing the bowl of punch. I pour some into a cup and drink it in one go. Then another, then another. "Slow down dude, someone's spiked it with really strong vodka." A guy says as he walks past me. Shit. I just try to ignore it.

(Cal's p.o.v)

I go upstairs, in hope that I'll find somewhere quiet. I walk into Luke's room, shut the door and sit down. This is much better.

Soon, the door swings open and Jade walks in, almost falling over. "Hi Jade." I say. She turns around and then flashes me a big smile. "Hi Calum. I'm gonna stay in here with you." She says, sitting down next to me. The scent of alcohol lingers around her, she's drunk. "Calum, can I say something? I love you." Before I can even say anything, she kisses me deeply. I don't pull away though. This is exactly like last time, apart from the fact that this time, it isn't a dare.

She takes her shirt and jeans off, leaving her in her underwear. I bite my lip and try not to jump on her, but the sight of her is turning me on. "Look, I know I'm drunk. But it's fine!" She laughs. Come on Calum, she's your best friend's girlfriend. And, she's drunk. She wouldn't even remember it. I think harder. But... She is really hot and you've liked her for ages. This might be your only chance.

I decide that I'm gonna have sex with Jade. I know it's bad, but it's my only chance.


Sorry I haven't updated in AGES. I've become addicted to the inbetweeners and fresh meat (for those of you who don't know, they're British TV shows on Netflix and they're freakin hilarious. And I also got to watch THE SMOSH MOVIE. It was so good OMG.

Anyways, byeee!

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