Driven By the Devils

Tori, had always been at the corner of sanity. Her one symbol of family, had been already destroyed, or rather killed, and she won't stay quit for too long...

-This poem is about Tori from The Divergent series-

*For the Poetry Competition*


1. Driven By the Devils

George, George, George!
I shall be driven by the devil
and would seek nothing but reprisal!
Soar through heavens 
 like this hawk that flies off on my vision

George, George, George!
I swear by thy name 
That they shall be driven to the chasm 
Where they burn in hell's flame!
No longer shall I wait 

George, George, George!
Hear their cries 
That shall be the melody of mine!
I shall let your death 
 haunt them tonight

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