The Boy with the Hazel Eyes

When rivals Skai Coleman and Michael Clifford clash, which of their friends will overlap and change their lives?


10. wuthering heights


Skai’s POV

Driving to Luke’s house was my least favorite thing. It consisted of him blaring his music and singing along at the top of his lungs. I did appreciate the mixtape he had made though. It was about 30% Green Day, 10% Blink 182, 10% AC DC, 20% Rolling Stones, 10% Guns and Roses, and 20% All Time Low. I did respect his music taste because it was mine. I stared angrily at him and he turned the music down.

“What’s wrong, beautiful? Don’t like the music selection?”

“I”m fine with the music. I don’t, however appreciate that the DJ is holding me hostage.”

“You chose to tag along.”

“Like you were actually going to let me go home.” I huffed and crossed my arms.

“I suppose I wasn’t, but you could have said no.”

“I did.”

“It’s not my fault I’m so persuasive.” He smirked. We then pulled up to a huge gate with a large ‘H’ embellished across the front. My jaw dropped. “What? Bit surprised I have a bit of extra cash lying about?” He then pressed the buzzer. A man answered on the other side.

“Hemmings residence.” He stated in a proper New England accent.

“Oscar, it’s me. I left the key… again. Could you break me and my guest in?”

“Of course, Sir Lucas.” The machine buzzed and Luke rolled his eyes and began to pull up the winding pavement.

“Be ready to be interrogated at dinner.” He stated.

“What? Who said I was staying for dinner?”

“I did. My mom is a bit judgemental and my dad is a bit like the typical cliche dad figure. My brother will probably like you though an-”

“Wait… brother?”

“Yeah, two. Ben isn’t here, but Jack is. As I was sayin-”

“You never bring girls here do you?”

“Ha! Never to the family. If they ever knew.. damn I’d be screwed.”

“Well, maybe I might let it slip.”

“I fucking swear if you say anything-’

“Relax, I won’t I’m cool that that, man-whore.” He relaxed.

“Did you just called me a man-whore.”

“I did, Sir Lucas.” He rolled his eyes once again and we pulled into the garage, which had several sleek sports car and such. You know, typical rich people stuff. The guy wasn’t lying about having extra cash though. He had an estate like Wuthering Heights or something (I read a lot of books, okay).

“Let the games begin.” he laughed and we entered through the garage doorway.”Mom! Tell the chef to prepare another plate. I brought a guest.” A voice soon replied from deep within the house.

“Bring him in! Is it one of your little friends from your study group?”

“Study group? What the fuck?” I whispered, but soon his hand covered my mouth. He mouthed the words ‘no band’ and I nodded.

“Is it Ashton, love? He’s such a lovely boy!”

“Not exactly, mom.” He smiled and we entered the hearth room, where a lady a bit older than my own  mom sat. She was reading a book and she looked up to see who her guest was. The color drained from her face when she saw me, but she put on a fake, weak smile. “Mom, this is Skai. Skai, this is my mom Liz.”

Liz stood from her chair and gave me a hug. “Luke you never have brought a girl home!”

“I know, mom. We are going up to my room.”

“Oscar will be checking on you then.” She sternly said.

“I know he will.”

“Then you two have fun. Dinner will be ready soon.” Luke then dragged me out of the room and up the staircase. I soon found myself being tugged around a sharp corner then onto a bed. We were in Luke Hemmings’s bedroom now.

“Could you slow down a bit next time?” I said and gathered myself.

“No.” He was dead serious and he sat down a his desk chair. “I need to get to know you before anyone else.”

“Too late.”


“Ashton. He actually bothered to become my actual friend last night. Unlike you.”

“If it were as simple as that, Skylar, I would be the school nerd. But, I have an image to uphold, so I could not question you as I am now. Now please, tell me about yourself.”

“My name is Skylar Valerie Coleman and I hate fuckboys like Lucas Robert Hemm-”

“Maybe I just need to conduct what you tell me about yourself.” He laughed.

“I’m an open book, but go ahead.”

“Why did you cut yourself?”

“Why did I what?” My mouth felt dry and I choked on my own words.

“You didn’t think I would notice the scars? I’ve got them too. The little pink stripes I noticed as soon as you walked in with Mikey.” The leaned his head back and relaxed.

“You tell me why first.” I snapped.

“That just wouldn’t  be fair.”

“Fine. When my dad left my mom and I, it was hard for me. You know? I was thirteen and my life was crumbling before my own eyes. The last words he said to me were ‘It’s your fault. This little bitch killed all my dreams the second she was born.’ He then upped and left us to fend for ourselves. My mom worked several jobs. I began dying my hair and cutting. I believed every word that douche said. It took me forever before I realized how screwed up his mind really was.”

“Damn. You amaze me, you know that?”

“Yes. I believe it is your turn.”

“I wasn’t always the popular kid. I was the geek who like emo rock bands and wore skinny jeans and was called gay. I got straight A’s and was bullied for not being like typical middle school kids. I then moved her freshman year and reinvented myself. Leather jackets, lots of sex, and spiky hair. You don’t think I am who I am because I like it do you?” He asked me with glossy eyes.

“Kind of, yeah.”

“I don’t. It’s just so I don’t end up like the way I was.” He stressfully ran his finger through his hair then sighed. “You are the first person I have told that to. You don’t get to tell anyone else.”

“I won’t.” I promised.The door wung open and Oscar peeked in and then left quietly. We sat in silence, inches apart for minutes, and then the intercom system went off.

“Sir Lucas and Miss Skai, dinner is ready.” Luke stood.

“Thanks man, I’m starving.” I stayed seated. “Let’s go.” He urged.

“You never bring girls here, do you?”

“I already told you-”

“No, I mean never. Like not even when your family isn’t here.”

“No.” He sighed. “ It’s-”

“An image thing.”

“Oh right. I forgot you knew all about that, Skylar.” He said putting emphasis on my name.

“Okay, now let’s go.” He winked and took my hand and we arrived in the dining room with a beautiful chandelier and a happy family sitting around the much-too-long table. Luke’s father (I assumed) sat across from his mother and a handsome guy sat beside her. Luke took the seat beside his dad, and I took the side beside Luke. “Skai this is my brother, Jack and my father, Andrew.” He nervously said. Dinner was laid out (spaghetti and meatballs) and we began to eat. I was observing Jack Hemmings however. He was gorgeous. I mean Luke was, but Jack was like the older, mature version of Luke. Damn.

“So Skai, what are you planning to do after high school?” Liz asked.

“I’m actually a model. I plan to go to a fashion school, that I have a scholarship for, back in my home town. New York City. I hope to make it there, but if that fails, I will fall on being an actress.”

“How… interesting.” She said.

“Be nice, mom.” Jack smiled. “She’s following her dreams like every other kid out there.”

“Well, Luke here is planning on going-”

“Mom-” Luke began.

“To medical school! He wants to be a cardiologist no doubt!” She beamed.

“Mooooom.” Luke groaned and turned bright red.

“Did you say you were from New York?” Luke’s father asked.


“What a coincidence! So are we!”

“Luke was top of his grade back and New york, and still is!” Lis smiled at her youngest boy.

“Luke is a bit of a mama’s boy.” Jack grinned.

“Am not!” Luke growled. The chapter kept up at the table until we all finished our food. I was then ragged violently back to Luke’s room.

“Sorry about them.” He apologized.

“No worries. Why do you change yourself so much? You would have an amazing reputation if you weren’t faking it!”

“Because that’s not who I am!” He yelled, but then lowered his voice. “Being a doctor or some shit isn’t who I am. Moving back to New York when I’m older isn’t who I am. Being the school’s sex machine isn’t who I am. I’m Luke Hemmings. I love playing music with my friends. I love listening to good songs. I love talking you you in my room and calling you Skylar and getting to know you. That’s who I am.”

“All you band boy soften up on me when no one else is around.” I smirked, and Luke stepped closer.

“ We are just getting to be ourselves for once.” He said and began to lean in. No… no… no. I swung my fist and hit him square in the jaw. He staggered back, confused. “What the hell?”
“No!” I screamed then ran into the hallway. I saw Jack. “You! You can drive right? Please, take me home!”



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