The Boy with the Hazel Eyes

When rivals Skai Coleman and Michael Clifford clash, which of their friends will overlap and change their lives?


13. The window

Skai's POV

It was the end of the day. We didn't do shit at school today. My mom enrolled me as Skai. Thank goodness only a few heard the Skylar incident. I then heard footsteps up the staircase.
"Not exactly." A man's voice said. A blonde boy peeked around the corner.
"Luke? Who the hell let you in?"
"Your mom. Literally. Nice place you got here." He said scanning the room. "It needs a desk though." He was still dressed in his leather jacket and black jeans and muscle tank from earlier today. 
"Get out." 
"No. You owe me. I had to go the first day of school with bruises on my face because of you." He flopped down onto my bed.
"Aw, poor thing." I said sarcastically.
"I also wanted to apologize for throwing everything on you yesterday. Meeting my parents. Trying to kiss you. It was too much." 
"Good. I'm glad you aren't as stupid as I thought." I then heard a tapping at my window. "Get in the closet."
"What?" He began to protest but I shoved him into my tiny little closet. The window then slid open and Ashton crawled in, concerned. 
"Hello, love." He said solemnly.
"Hey. Look, I need a break from you."
"I'm sorry I called you Skylar today. It just slipped out."
"Do you want to know why I really hate Skylar?"
"Please." He begged with pleading eyes. 
"Because I consider her a different person. She was soft, weak, and harmed herself. She was naive and loved everyone and was rainbows and sunshine. She got her heart broken and was let down. She lost her dad. Do you know he was the last person to call me Skylar? The man who claimed he hated me called me Skylar because nicknames indicated fondness. I can't get close to you, Ashton. You make me who I was and I don't want to be her. She was... Highly unstable. Please go now."
"But Skai, I promise-"
"Go. I can't be around you as long as you are who you are. I'm sorry." A tear streaked down his face and he retreated out the window. "I'm sorry." I whispered once again. I lobed having him around, but he made me weak. I couldn't be that person. Then I remembered someone was in my closet. I swing the door open.
"I didn't realize that-" 
"It's fine. Let's go." I said and dragged him downstairs. "We will be back in a minute, mom!" 
"Okay! Curfew is 11!" I checked my time. It was only 8. I got in the drivers seat of my little silver minivan and Luke in the passenger's seat. 
"Where are we going?" 
"Have you ever just driven to drive?"
"Well, let's see what we find." I then stepped on it and sped out of the neighborhood. 

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