The Boy with the Hazel Eyes

When rivals Skai Coleman and Michael Clifford clash, which of their friends will overlap and change their lives?


17. The kiss

A/N: hey guys so here's the deal on this chapter- it is split between Skai and Ash - s: =Skai a:=ash

S: I woke up to a blinding light.
A: I woke up to a bright light.
S: I see the silhouette of a man beside me.
A: I see her beautiful face beside me.
S: "Ash?" I groaned into the morning light.
A: "Good morning, Bianca." I whispered with a smile.
S: His blue eyes opened and he chuckled. "No babe, he's somewhere else."
A: She opened her golden eyes and sighed. "Oh, it's you."
S: I couldn't remember anything.
A: I remembered everything.
S: Last night must have been terrible.
A: Last night was wonderful.
S: "Happy New Year." He said.
A: "Happy New Year." I said.
S: "I have messed up." I whispered.
A: "You messed up." She whispered.
S: "What?" Luke asked.
A: "What?" I asked.
S: "I have broken my morals and I know this wasn't your fault. It was all me. I can't even remember why I'm in your bed and naked!" I half-shouted.
A: "You have broken your morals and it was all your fault. Can't you see that I'm not your perfect girl?" She laughed.
S: "I'm sorry." I whispered.
A: "I'm sorry?" I whispered.
S: "I should go." I said and dragged the sheets with me. I tried not to look at Luke. "I'm so so sorry." I said with a broken voice.
A: "You should go." She said and stood. She dragged the sheets with her and took her time getting one final look at me. "Can't you see this was all a scam?"
S: "But last night was great." Luke stuttered.
A: "But last night was great." I stuttered.
S: "It was, and I am so sorry. This wasn't right. I was drunk. You tried to stop me. It's ok."
A: "Sure it was, but you should leave. It's over now. You were drunk. We both wanted it at the time, but it's done now."
S: "But I didn't want just the sex, I wanted the relationship." Luke whined desperately. 
A: "I just wanted the sex, not the silly relationship that goes with it." Bianca harshly laughed. 
S: "Just give me some space for a few days. I will call you back." I said and pulled on my clothes.
A: "I'll give you some space if that's what you need." I said and pulled on my clothes.
S: "I don't understand." He blinked.
A: "Why don't you understand?" She smirked.
S: "But I'm in love with you." He begged.
A: "I don't want you." She snarled.
S: "I'm sorry." I cried. "I like you, but..." 
A: "I'm sorry." I choked. "But I still like you."
S: "It's Ashton." He interrupted. 
A: "Run to Skai." She laughed.
S: "I get it." He sighed.
A: "I get it." She said 
S: "You have loved him this whole time." He whispered.
A: "You don't realized you have loved her this whole time." She giggled.
S: "I understand I hook up with a lot of girls, but you are different." He looked me in the eye.
A: "Just understand I hook up with a lot of guys, and you are no different." She looked me in the eye.
S: "I'll be here if things don't work out." He said.
A: "Don't run to me when things don't work out." She grumbled.
S: "Thanks Luke. I'll call you." I said and creeped out of the house.
A: "Fuck you, Bianca. Don't call me if you need about another side guy." I said and stormed out of the house.

Skai's POV
I suppose that was the green-eyed monster inside of me, tearing it's way out. All I wanted was an easy, normal date with this boy I was supposed to hate but life goes on as it always does. Things are never simple. The few things you want are torn away. I suppose that is why I am who I am. I don't give myself hope to have so I am never hurt, but here I go hoping and hurting in an infinite loop again. The privilege of my heart being broken by that stupid boy with the gorgeous hazel eyes. But here I am, calling a taxi to drive me when Luke could have easily taken me home. I'll have to face Ashton. I'm sure he a Bianca are happily skipping into the sunset. I'll probably find them cooking breakfast or some shit in his house. I don't even remember the taxi ride honestly. I just teetered inside and my mom asked me how the party was.
"Fine." I mumbled and hobbled to my room. It as if I was mentally incapable of doing anything but pity myself. 
Ashton doesn't love you. I thought to myself. I brushed through my hair and put on flannel pajamas and a large white tee. I crawled onto my bed and began to silently cry. My mind was racing and my chest was pounding. I gave myself up for revenge. It was revenge that only hurt myself. Ashton wouldn't care. 
I heard the window slide open.
"Go away." I choked.
"No. I'm not leaving. What's wrong?"
"Everything." I didn't bother to look at him. I kept my back away so he didn't see my tears.
"You have to tell me." 
"I don't have to tell you anything!" I shouted and turned angrily toward him. He had been crying as well. His tear-stained cheeks were still rosy. My expression softened. "What happened to you? Didn't you and Bianca hit it off?"
"We hit it off alright." He gloomily chuckled like it was some sort of sick humor. "I could have sworn I saw you leave with Luke." 
There was a pang in my heart. "I had my excuses." 
"Yeah, don't we all. You were chugging beers like there was no tomorrow. That's unlike you." He hung upside down on my bed.
"Maybe I was-" I stopped talking and joined him. 
"You were?" 
"I screwed up. Big time."
"Me too. Isn't senior year supposed to be legendary?"
"I guess."
"It's not like that for me."
"Yeah, I get it."
"Do you?" 
"You don't get it, do you?" I angrily asked.
"What? What could I possibly not get?" He spat.
"That I slept with Luke. I promised myself I would wait for marriage. I promised myself more things! I screwed up ok?" I shouted through the tears. "You screwed me over , Ashton. You did while you were screwing your prissy little girlfriend! You never saw me!" I shut my mouth. It was finally said and now I regretted it. He had her.
"Really? Because I screwed the biggest slut in school! Right behind Dylan at least! No one says anything about it because everyone will think you are a lunatic! Maybe I didn't see you because I thought you didn't see me! You were helping me Skylar! I assumed you didn't want anybody!"
"Maybe we were both wrong." I whispered. We were both crying and exhausted and standing upright in the middle of my room. The window was still open. Cold winter air was blowing between us. The entire neighborhood probably heard our argument.
"Maybe I fell in love with you on the first day we met."
"Maybe you should have said something."
"I did. Maybe you should have."
"I couldn't."
"Why are you so afraid?"
"Because I'm hurt by everyone I love." 
"That's part of life." He then slowly moved closer. He then pressed his lips against mine. 
        That’s the moment Ashton and I shared our first kiss with one another. We both screwed up. We both didn’t realize that all we ever wanted was right in front of us this entire time. He was the boy next door. He was the cliche good boy in all the movies. I was the typical bad girl. I was the typical teenager that pushed everyone out. Everyone but him. The boy who scaled up the wall in between our houses almost every night. The boy who read me like a book. That’s right I, Skai Coleman, am a cliche in my own story. I’m not here to make everyone feel bad about their current situation. I’m here to say if you don’t have an Ashton Irwin in your life, then that’s not the right person for you. One little kiss that we shared felt like the fourth of July. Every single little peck we shared felt like that. I now understand the brilliance of John Green more than ever. Falling in love is like falling asleep. That night we fell in love as we fell asleep, just as it was written in our favorite book. Slowly then all at once.

A/N: that's definitely not the end I'm just letting You guys know this is the official announcement for the sequel 
Only a few chapters left, but this will be continued!!!!! Enjoy!

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