The Boy with the Hazel Eyes

When rivals Skai Coleman and Michael Clifford clash, which of their friends will overlap and change their lives?


6. the golden girl

Skai’s POV 

Once Dy-lame left the kitchen, Josh and I moved back outside to rediscover the lingering smell of alcohol in everyone’s breaths. This now included my humane chatterer, Ashton, who seemed much more relaxed, but still not the guy I met. I joined him, Luke, Calum, and Zoe to see what the plans were for the rest of the night. Little did I know I was to only make a new friend. Every guy’s eyes widened as the tall, strawberry blonde appeared in a shimmery gold dress and black pumps. The dress hung a couple of inches above her knees and the sleeves hung off her shoulders to only stop at her mid forearm. The material clung to the curves she had to show off how beautiful she was. She had natural makeup on with gold winged liner to bring out the glock flecks in her brown eyes. 
“Damn, well if it isn’t the golden girl herself.” Luke laughed.
“Charmed, as usual, Lucas.” She laughed with a sickeningly sweet southern accent. Not annoying, but just too perfect. Her hair was piled into a bun on her head that stayed perfectly in place at all times. “Who’s your new friend?”
“The fucking hot super model is Skai. Ashton is the dude over there.”
“I know Ashton, sweet pea! You only introduced him to me three months ago! Nice to meet you super model Skai.” She reached out to shake my hand. I accepted the gesture.
“And you, too.”
“Hey, Bianca.” Ashton said shyly with a bright red face.
“Hello, sugar! How’s the drumming?” 
“Just fine!” He giggled. She sat down next to me and everyone kept their eyes on her, especially the boys. This was new. It wasn’t me they were looking at. The perfect girl stole the attention. Wonderful. 
“So Skai, tell me about yourself, honey bun.”
“Um.. Okay?” The attention was brought back to me. “I think Ashton’s got me all figured out, you should ask him.” 
“Tell me about her, sweetie! She seems like quite the character!” 
“Well, Skai is, different than the girls around here. It’s amazing. Not you different, or Charlie or Bree or Zoe different. It’s a new brand she has for herself. It’s fantastic.” Ashton began. 
“It’s true! She’s like a feisty, sexy, smart-ass Michael. She is literally takes everyone’s breath away.” Luke interrupted. 
“Careful, Lucas, if you have a soft spot less girls will want you. You have to hold up your reputation.” I smirked.
“To hell with that! I’m talking about you!” I didn’t know if it was the alcohol or these boys’ personalities that made them this way. They are so, bipolar. Luke can be a total dick, but somehow he talks about me like I’m dating him and we are in love. Ashton will chat away if it’s talking to and about me, but is stiff and silent around company. I didn’t get it at all. 
“She’s a model from New York and will be in our grade. She likes dying her hair in rainbow colors and has good taste in books and music.” Ashton rambled.
“Sounds absolutely lovely! I’m so glad Skai told me so much about herself!” She laughed. Ashton just kept looking at her in awe. Seems like he has a little crush. I’ll have to give him a hard time about that tomorrow. We kept chatting in our little group and Josh returned to his original group of party-goers. Luke left with some dark-haired girl to get some alone time. Bianca left due to her earlier curfew. Next thing I knew it was me and the to people I came with, both drunk. Ashton and Zoe giggled back and forth for no apparent reason and I decided it was time to leave. I sat them down in the back of Ashton’s yellow hummer like children and drove to Zoe’s house. Luckily, I remembered the directions. 
“Thanks, girl! You rock!” She laughed and stumbled to her house. She will have a wonderful hangover tomorrow.
“Can you give me the address to your house, Ashton?”
“Sure! Are you planning anything?” He drunkenly slurred.
“No, I’m driving you to your house, and then driving to mine. I’ll return your car in the morning.”
“Or you could stay over!” 
“I have a curfew.”
“Fine.” He pouted and gave me his address and I drove carefully down the roads. He fell asleep in the back and soon we arrived at his house in a subdivision. A few of the lights were on along with the house next door, which had a movers vehicle parked in the driveway… ironic. 
“Ashton, wake up! You are home!” His eyes fluttered open and he groggily sat up. 
“Put in your address so I know where to come get my car in the morning.” He mumbled.
“Don’t be ridiculous. I’ll drive it here. You go ahead.” I clicked on the address my mother sent me and saw the coordinations. My eyes widened as I checked the house number. I lived right next door. 

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