The Boy with the Hazel Eyes

When rivals Skai Coleman and Michael Clifford clash, which of their friends will overlap and change their lives?


1. Skai's intro

Skai’s POV


    Relocating from the middle of the busy New York City fricking sucks. Especially when you move to Nashville, Tennessee, home of southern music and hillbillies. Nothing good was coming out of this and today was moving day too. I was flying to this dreadful town and now I shared the same city as Michael Clifford, my rival. That stupid Australian moved to Nashville last year and we were rivals back at our old school. We owned it, our school that is. I was the bad girl reputation and he had the bad boy reputation. People assumed we would end up hooking up, but no we hated each other more than we hated anyone else. He had the obnoxious habit of dying his hair whatever color mine was, and I just so happened to have the connections to find out the band shirt he would wear the next day. We dressed alike almost everyday, and the city idiots didn’t even realize it was to annoy each other into submission. Luckily, he moved and things got back to normal. His gang became mine and we dominate the school, that is until my awful step dad got relocated to Nashville. I looked at the naked room around me. Black walls bare, and dark hardwood floor completely uncovered. The last of the cardboard boxes were toted out this morning and I had just gotten dressed for the day in a black crop top and acid wash jean shorts with white doc martens. I had to be selective about the colors of my clothing since my hair was practically a rainbow the entire time.

    “Skai Coleman! If you want time to meet up with your little friend, then you need to come down here!” My mother screamed. That’s right, I’m meeting Mikey, but only to set things straight. If we end up going to the same school, I’m so screwed. He’s already got a ‘posse’, as the say in redneck land, and that would force me to join his group or another.

    “I’m coming.” I rolled my eyes to this new start. This stupid new starty nobody needed. New York CIty was perfect and now I must deal with Michael Clifford once again.

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