The Boy with the Hazel Eyes

When rivals Skai Coleman and Michael Clifford clash, which of their friends will overlap and change their lives?


11. Shower incidents and bad singing

Skai's Pov

I'm not a rookie at this life thing. I've had my share of battles and wars. But Luke making a move on me was a whole new thing I wasn't expecting. I knew he would probably do his little fuck boy thing of fake flirting then ditching. This was real, however. He meant it. Now I'm sitting silently in Jack's car and he keeps glancing over at me.
"Do you like music?" He asked.
"Of course." I said coldly.
"I know my brother tried to kiss you and you didn't want him to, but that doesn't mean take it out on me!" 
"Wait? How do you know?" 
"The sudden need to leave. The bruises on your hand and his jaw. The fact you left with him looking like a lost puppy." 
"Smart. Do you need my address?"
"Nah. Luke said you were Ashton's neighbor. I've had to drop him off at that house so many times I know where it is."
"Oh, okay." 
"Music?" I nodded and he turned up the volume to a twenty one pilots song. He began to sing along and he was terrible. I cringed at his voice and he laughed when he saw my reaction. "I know I can't sing. I'm not my brother."
"You are terrible!" 
"Yeah, yeah. Let me here you sing then!"
"You fell asleep in my car. I drove the whole time but, that's okay I'll just avoid the holes so you sleep fine. I'm driving here I sit, cursing my government for not using my taxes to fill holes with more cement." I sang along with the radio.
"No fair you are good!" He fake pouted and turned down the radio. I laughed and we began to actually talk. "I'm surprised my mom didn't fall out when she saw you."
"Am I that bad?" 
"Not at all! It's just Luke is a mama's boy and she was expecting a girl with respectable plans like becoming a lawyer. She wasn't expected the first girl Lukie Pookie to bring home would have blue hair." 
"No worries. I like you and that's all Luke really cares about is if I approve."
"I like you too. Here's the thing, though. Why are you not off at a university?" 
"College isn't my scene. I might travel to Memphis to go to their art college when I feel like it and major in design, but I'm in no hurry." 
"You can draw?"
"Prove it."
"Come over to our house again sometime and I'll show you the studio." 
"I don't know about that." 
"I'll sneak you in when you and Lucas have things figured out."
"Now get out, kiddo." I realized we were at my house. "But first, is Skai short for anything?"
"Nope." I said quickly then got out of the car. No goodbyes. I ran in the house, told my mom and stepdad I was home, and then got in the shower. I was there for about half an hour singing and such, but then reluctantly climbed out. I never looked up as I slid the curtain open and heard some rustling. I looked up and Ashton looked around the entry way. 
"Oh my god! I'm so sorry, Skylar!" 
"Ashton, what the fuck?" I quickly covered my naked body and staggered behind the curtain. I then grabbed a towel and wrapped myself up out of view. "Did my mom let you in?!?" 
"No I saw that Jack dropped you off and I was curious why. Naturally I scaled the side of your house and climbed in through the window, which was unlocked." 
"You are such a creeper!" 
"Yeah, but why did Jack bring you home?"
"Ask me when I'm not naked." I had just washed the cheap dye out of my hair, leaving a greenish blonde. I had to get it fixed and I saw my mom had brought me the colors I requested. "Also, would you care to help me fix my hair?" 
"Okay so I'll get dressed, dye my hair, and then I'll fill you in in the details." I was hoping Ashton wouldn't find out. But to pick and choose which detail... That was going to be rough. 

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