The Boy with the Hazel Eyes

When rivals Skai Coleman and Michael Clifford clash, which of their friends will overlap and change their lives?


4. labels

Chapter 3


Skai’s POV


“You know, Skylar. You are pretty smart. For a blonde. And for a model.” Ashton grinned as he drove to the house where this so-called party was.

“You know, Ashton. You’re pretty stupid for someone with such a large vocabulary. Did it ever cross your mind maybe I’m not typical?”

“Of course you aren’t. You are the mighty Skylar!”

“Would you please stop calling me that name? I hate it so much.”

“Ta-da! The almighty Skylar with the super-powers of being sassy, hilarious, and drop-dead gorgeous! That’s right fellas a superhero that’s the full package! Even with high intelligence too!” He said in a fake TV host voice with an American accent.

“I guess there is no such thing as sitting in silence with you is there?”

“Absolutely not.”

“Well then I recommend the radio.”

“Well then I say All-Time Low!”

“Agreed.” Soon “Dancing With a Wolf” was blaring on the radio and Ashton sped up. The song was almost over when he shut off the music. “What was that for?”

“You can’t go to this party dressed like that.”

“Why not?”

“Because you will definitely not be accepted with this crowd.”

“But why would I change who I am to fit in with… what… The prepsters?”

“More like everyone in the school minus our small little group. Except Luke will probably be there. Maybe Calum too if Luke convinces him this time.”

“I’m sorry but I’m still confused.”

“We need to dress nicer, and lucky for you I have some friends that would loan you some clothes.”

“Like who?”



“Zoe. She’s from…. not here. Maybe Quebec?”

“Why would someone from Quebec be here?”

“Why would someone from Australia be here?”

“Touche. You dated her didn’t you?” He looked at me shocked.

“You read me better than I thought you did. Yeah, we had an on/off relationship but there was nothing there so it was a mutual breakup thing. We are still pretty good friends though.”

“Okay then…” I laughed.


“Because no one is ever ‘okay’ after a relationship.”

“To be honest, we never dated. We just had titles.”

“I’m assuming she doesn’t ‘talk to you humanely’ as I do.”

“Humanely just not intelligently. You should dye your hair blonde again. I think you would be hot as a blonde.”

“I was thinking lavender.”

“Really?” He made a face.

“What’s wrong with purple. I mean you are wearing a purple shirt right now.”

“You don’t strike me as a purple kind of girl.”

“Whatever. How much longer until we get to this girl’s house? I don’t know how much longer I can stand accents.”

“Well, then prepare to be annoyed. She has a French accent.”

“I meant Australian ones. It sounds too much like Michael’s voice.”

“I’m sorry for being Australian, love.”

“You should be.”

“You try too hard to make yourself not likeable, but when you act like that it just turns guys on.”

“Excuse me?”

“Telling you the truth, Mrs. All American. If you want Luke and Mikey off your case to need to not be you.”

“I prefer to just cuss them out.”

“They love that kind of shit though.”

“Okay then.”

“Oh, and don’t talk to Luke even if you have had only one drink. He will trick you into sleeping with him.”

“I can handle myself.”

“That’s what every girl says.” He then pulled into a driveway of a suburban home and we walked up to the front door. Ashton knocked quietly and minutes later a pretty girl showed up at the door. She was short and thin with a choppy honey colored haircut with blue streaks. She wore black nail polish on long finger nails. She was wearing ripped black skinny jeans, red peep-toe pumps (with black toe nail polish as well), and a red flannel buttoned up and tied just above her belly button, revealing a little diamond belly button piercing. She had a single silver ear cuff and three piercings on each lobe. No wonder Ashton dated her. She was gorgeous.

“Oh, hello Ashton!” She said with a slight French accent. “Who is your friend?”

“Zoe, meet Sky- Skai. She just moved here.”

“So are you still taking me to the party?”

“Of course! Can she borrow some clothes and I can change into mine?”

“Sure!” Zoe smiled at me and motioned us into the house. “I’ll take her to my room and your clothes should be on the kitchen table.” We ascended the staircase and entered her room. Black walls. Black everything except from accents of blue and pink scattered about. She led me to her closet door.

“Nice to meet you Skai. Pick out anything you like. I think we are the same size.”

“Thank you so much!”

“So are you two… like together?”

“Definately not! I am not really looking for a relationship and Ashton is a bit too talkative for me.”

“Talkative? Ashton Irwin? Who are you talking about?” She laughed.

“He hasn’t shut up since I have met him!”

“That’s weird. He must really like you then.”

“No way!”

“Yeah!” I brushed through her closet and was grateful Zoe was the only friendly girl I have met so far. I had only met three, but she seemed to be more my style than everyone else in Nashville. I soon found a white button-up sleeveless blouse and black skinny jeans with white pinstripes.

“Is this alright for the party?”

“Of course! But you need nicer shoes. I’ll let you borrow my pink pumps! Same color as your hair and everything!”

“Thank you so much!” She handed me the shoes and I went into the bathroom to change. Soon I reentered the room. “Thanks again, Zoe.”

“Did I hear actual politeness from the Mrs. All American?” Ashton said leaning on the doorframe. He was wearing a black dress shirt with black skinny jeans (not ripped) and a deep blue tie hung loosely around his neck.

“Look at you all cleaned-up.” I said with a smirk.

“I liked you better when you had the other clothes on. Now I can’t see your signature tattoo.”

“A tattoo? Hard core! I don’t think I could handle that kind of stuff.” Zoe said. I still couldn’t get over her American slang, but French accent.

“Shut up, Irwin.” I said in a joking manner.
    “You started it, New York.” We then all left in his car and I had my little bundle of clothes in my arms.

“Can’t you ever call me by my real name?”

“I very often do, but you get mad when I do that. I just can’t please you can I?”

“Are we close to the party? I can’t handle being in closed spaces with him?” I asked Zoe impatiently.

“You two are so adorable! But, yeah, Josh’s house is right down the street.” She answered.

“Oh god, it is the prepsters. Josh is such a typical prepster name!”

“Of course! All the populars are the prepsters.” She laughed.

“Ashton, you liar!”

“Would you have gone if I said it was the preppies?” He laughed.


“That’s why I didn’t tell you.” That’s the moment when we pulled up to a huge, old, southern mansion with flashing lights streaming through the windows. Drunken dancers were silhouetted against the windows with glow sticks wrapped around their moving limbs. The arty wasn’t packed, which meant I would be noticed, but there was enough people there to make friends with. I was standing at the beginning of the long walkway that led to the front door. Zoe kept walking past me, but Ashton appeared at my side. “You… are my date to this thing. That’s how you get guys to be your friends. Also, if you want girls to be your friend you need to be my date. They will go to you to talk to me.”

“Quite the popular one aren’t we?”

“Yep.” He looped his arm through mine. “Don’t be so tense. If you are yourself they will love you.”

“And if they don’t?”

“I already got a thing for you so you’ll be good.” He winked at me.

“Oh, shut up.” We began to walk and as soon as he swung to door open heads turned. To me. To us. The new girl with Ashton Irwin. Ashton Irwin with the new girl.

“Luke tends to hang around back by the pool, and trust me you don’t want to hang in this room too long. These are the Addicts. Next is the Prepsters.. you have to meet them. Then the Rejects like Mikey and the gang. Finally the leftovers that are between groups. That would be me and Zoe and a few others.”

“Why the labels?”

“I really don’t know it’s fucking screwed up this school. I’m ready to get out of this place so I don’t have to deal with this anymore.” We easily passed through the Addicts room with people slurring insults my way, but they were so wasted I don’t even think they knew the words they were singing. Then the prepsters in a large living room space with a giant flat screen television, plenty of plush seats, and a huge chandelier. “Don’t make friends with Dylan.” He muttered urgently and quickly under his breath and then put on the biggest fake smile I have ever seen. I followed.

“Who’s he?” I whispered without moving my lips as we entered the room.

“She.” He replied in the same hushed tone, but then raised his volume for my introduction. “Hello everyone. This is Skai. She is new this year and was looking for some friends. I thought I’d bring her as my date so you guys could get to know her.”

“Woah! Ashton’s got a sexy little accessory!” One the meat head football players shouted. The girls huffed, and sighed, and whined as they lay on their boyfriends. One of the guys stood to introduce himself. I tall, lean, dark-haired fellow with plenty of muscle, but not too much. He had stunning green eyes a hair grown wildly out and about, but not long. He had a sharp jawline and defined cheekbones. He was wearing a grey beanie and a plain black t-shirt layered with a blue flannel and leather jacket. He wore black skinny jeans and blue converse. He was the only guy here that was the least dressed up.

“I told you this was more casual Ashton.” He said in a deep, smoky voice. Not too deep though. “Hello, gorgeous, I’m Josh. You should come sit with me.” He grabbed my hand and pulled me away from Ash. I looked back to him for support, but he only nodded and then moved across the room. He kept a careful eye on me. Josh plopped me down in between another sports jock and a seemingly snobby blonde who sore red lipstick and a slutty little black dress. Her hair was in fat curls. Luckily Josh sat between us, and he was much more fashionable and better looking than I thought.

“So you are Ashton’s girlfriend.” The room was silent and focused toward me. I could hear a few people shouting in the back yard and the music in the front.

“We aren’t dating.”

“Shame.” Said the platinum blonde snob. All the girls began to lean in his direction again.

“Well, we are good friends, but the wuss hasn’t asked me on a date yet.” Everyone laughed. “And you are?” I asked the blonde.

“Dylan.” So this was Dylan. I could understand what Ashton’s warnings were about now. “So Ashie, is their anyway you could get your hunky little friend Luke in here to chat.”

“Have you met Luke? Hell to the no.” He laughed.

“Why did you bring cotton candy hair then?” She huffed in her slight southern accent and slow seductive voice.

“Shut up, Dyl Pickle. His friend is hot. Don’t get jealous Miss Popularity.” Josh said without taking his eyes off my. Damnit he was really attractive.

“What did you call her?” I laughed.

“Dyl Pickle? Not all of us get fortunate names like Skai so there aren’t any play one words at all.” He smirked.

“Well my favorite nickname you gave me was Miss America, Joshy.” He leaned on him, and wrapped her arms around him trying to make me jealous.

“Well I got by Mrs. All-American, so I suppose I’d have to one up you.” I shrugged and pressed my lips together. Josh smiled. I saw Ashton smiling from the corner of my eye. The guy behind me muttered something I couldn’t understand. All the guys found it hilarious. All the girls gasped in awe.

“I also told you we are not dating, Dylan. SO please stop touching me.” He shook her off. I stood.

“It was lovely meeting all of you, but I believe Ashton was going to introduce me to this famous Luke Hemmings character.” Luckily, Ashton caught on and stood.

“No! Don’t take all the hottest guys at school!” A redhead whispered, but I pretended I didn;t hear.

“It’s a wonderful party, Josh.” Ashton said.

“Who said I wasn’t coming with you guys?” Josh stood and followed and the girls sighed as both guys put their hands on my back and guided me out the back door. We reached the patio and I turned to face the two of them.

“So let me get this straight. The is the school where everyone and everything has a label. You, Josh, are the popular hot guy that is number one on all girls’ lists, but never get a date with anyone but Dyl Pickle in there. An on/off relationship I assume. Ashton, you are the in between good guy that makes friends with everyone and everyone loves. You are the safe hot guy that girls hit on more often because you will let them down easy unlike Luke. Guy number three. The sexy bad boy player reputation. I’ve pretty much got the school covered now right?”

“Sweet of you to think of me like that, Skylar.” A New york accent said behind me. Luke.

“Not my opinion, just everyone else’s.”

“Wait, you two already know each other?” Josh asked baffled.

“Yeah we went to dinner in a friend group with Michael and his gang.”

“That group is bad news, Skai. Did he say Skylar?”

“Yes, he did, and I know. I went to school with Mikey back in the day.”

“Oh.” Josh fell silent.

“So these are the two bozos I need to take out to get to you Skai?” Luke asked.

“I’m not dating you, Lucas.”

“We need to go.” Ashton whispered in my ear. I knew why too. Luke had red-rimmed eyes and was looking for a fight.

“I’m going to go look for Zoe now. All of you could join as long as there is no fighting over me because I’m not dating anyone. I’m new and you all have other people interested in you.”

“Whatever.” Josh and luke said simultaneously, but Ashton, however, stayed quiet. He had somber in his glistening hazel eyes. A look I never expected to see.

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