The Boy with the Hazel Eyes

When rivals Skai Coleman and Michael Clifford clash, which of their friends will overlap and change their lives?


18. Impossible year

Skai's POV
"Have you always had a resting bitch face?" He asked.
"I don't know, have you always been a colossal ass hat?" I retaliated.
"Don't answer questions with questions. That's not how this works." He laughed.
"It's like you try to make me angry."
"You're cute when you're angry anyways." He smirked. I rolled my eyes. 
"Maybe I'll just stay happy all the time to get back at you."
"Oh no you can't be happy."
"You make me happy, dickhead." 
"You're such a brat sometimes, Skylar."
"Oh, tell your song book your sad stories."
"Speaking of that, I finished a song." I then actually looked him in the eye from being excited. I squared up on his bed to face him. 
"Lemme hear!" I squealed. 
"It's called, 'Mrs. All-American.'"
"Ew, I already hate it."
"Fine, I'll wait until the others get here before you hear it."
"Well that's another five hours, whatever will we do with our time?" 
"Hm, I don't know." He crept toward me and reached around my back. "I'll just tickle you I supposed!" He then bombarded me with tickles and I squealed in laughter.
"Ashton l, stop!" I laugh. "Stop it!" 
"Oh fine." He said and the kiss me lightly.
"You think you're cute don't you?" 
"I know I'm cute."
"I hate you." 
"You loooove me." He sang.
"Nope." I shook my head.
"Well I'm pretty fond of you." 
"I don't need your sappy love story, Irwin." I smirked.
"Fine, I need to shower anyways." He got up and took his shirt off. "Wanna join?" He winked.
"In your dreams, Aussie." I then threw I pillow at him. 
In only a few minutes and hear a certain voice from inside the bathroom. "Skaaaaaaaaai."
"Oh, what is it?" 
"I forgot a towel!" 
"Tough luck, you'll have to get it yourself."
"But you'll see my naked!"
"So, you've already so rudely barged into my bathroom and seen me naked! Bout time we get even!"
"So what I'm hearing is that you want to see me naked?" 
"Of course. Purely for revenge reasons." I blushed." 
"Close your eyes!" 
"Fine!" I covered my eyes with and hands and hear the door open and close. I quickly peaked. 
"Oi, I saw that!"
"Saw what?" I laughed. 
"Skyyyylaaaaar." He whined. 
"Can I open my eyes yet?" 
"Yep." And there he stood, soaking wet with a white towel hanging loosely around his waist. I stood and met him in the center of the room. 
"You know what? Maybe we should..." I but my lip. "Play video games! Race you!" I hustled downstairs."
"But I'm not even dressed!"
"Let me put on shorts then!" He laughed.
"That means you forfeit!"
"I'd rather streak than forfeit!" That's when the doorbell rings. I go to answer it. 
"What the actual fuck are you guys doing?" The tall blond boy chuckled. 
"Oh hey Luke." I said and scratched the back of my neck. "Ashton it's for you!"
"God, let me put my pants on woman!"
"Oh so you two were..." He smirked.
"Oh hell no, he just showered."
"Listen, there's no need for things to be weird."
"Who said they were?" I smiled. Then Ashton walked down the stairs.
"Why are you here, Lukie Pookie?" He giggled. 
"Well I was in this part of town and didn't want to come go all the way home before having to come back."
"A bit tired of Wuthering Heights?" I laughed and hopped onto the counter.
"God you're such a nerd." Luke chuckled.
"Says the guy that gets the reference." I rolled my eyes. 
"This alright with you babe?" Ashton whispered in my ear.
"Just fine." I then raised my voice. "Why don't you do that song now?"
"We still don't have a bassist. Or all of our vocalists." Ashton laughed. "You'll like it." I grabbed my hand and looked at Luke. 
"Yes because I absolutely adore your pop boy band act you put on in the garage." I laughed.
"Chill it with the boy band, Skai." Luke smirked. 
"It's cute that you still insult us after singing our songs in the shower." Ashton then kissed my cheek. Luke turned red. 
"Dear god, Ashton, you don't have to assert your dominance or mark your territory or whatever the hell you're doing! Luke and I are just friends. Luke, he was talking about when he broke into my house and heard me singing to myself in the shower." Luke was no longer tense but Ashton was. "Give us a moment please." I took Ash's hand and dragged him to the next room. "Look I am with you now. The one night stand was a mistake with him and if I am going to ruin a friendship then I will leave so you can figure this out. I want to be with you Ashton, so don't get your panties in a wad over one stupid thing." 
"Sorry, that was stupid of me." 
"Good. You need to apologize to Luke." 
"Deal." I then kissed him and we walked back in. "Sorry about that Luke. A guy worries."
"Whiiiiipped." Luke hollered and gave a wicked grin. 
"Asshole." I scoffed.
"Slut." He returned the insult.
"Fuck you." 
"But you already did." 
"Luke, get the hell out!" Ashton yelled. 
"Aw, I was just having a bit of fun." He chuckled. 
"Are you drunk?" Ashton asked.
"Hell yeah."
"It's noon!"
"Just a bit of day drinking, buddy."
"I'm fixing you coffee and you're sleeping this off."
"Nah I'm fine." 
"Luke, you need sleep." I said.
"Nah babe lets go for round two." He laughed and got closer and closer.
"Oh hell no." I said and gave him a hard right hook right beneath his eye. He passed out.
"Damn." Ashton shook his head. 
"Well... He deserved it." I pouted.
"No I'm surprised you knocked him out in one punch." 
"Well he is hella drunk." 
"It's still sexy babe. I'm also terrified of you now." He laughed. "Oh my god, you busted your knuckles!" He ran into the kitchen and got bandages. He carefully wrapped up my hand and we dragged Luke to the guest bedroom downstairs. We then snuggled on the couch and watched a couple of movies before band practice. I eventually fell asleep but woke up to the sound of two men arguing in the kitchen. 
"What the hell! Why after everything that has changed, would you keep mentioning New Years?" Ashton yelled.
"I got screwed over too, man!" Luke hollered back.
"At least your date fell sorry about everything! Skylar is different, you know! I had to hold her why she cried about how bad she felt about it!"
"Yeah I know she's different, which is why we hooked up! That's why I fell in lo-... You know what forget about it."
"What?" Ashton snapped.
"No. I'll stay out of your cute little relationship. And I'm not singing your little shit song about her." Luke slammed the door to the garage.
"Skai, I know you heard." Ashton said calmly. "Sorry about that." I stood and he walked over to me. 
"Don't worry about it, I didn't hear how it got started."
"He's a mess."
"You're a mess."
"But I'm your mess." He smiled and kiss me. I felt him smiling into the raids and I returned to joy. No one made me happier than he did.
"Let's go to your band practice." we held hands and walked outside where I see an odd car parked outside my house. 
"Whose car is that?" Ashton asked.
"No idea." I mumbled. A man then emerged from the car. Someone who I hadn't seen in years. And now seeing him released all those emotions built up over the years.
"Dad?" I sprinted toward him and pulled my fist back to nail him in the face. His sorry ass face that couldn't bother being in my life for all these years. That face that blamed me for all his problems. 
"Skylar?" He asked innocently. 
"Fuck you!" I screamed and right as I went to punch him, eight hands stopped me. All four members of 5 Seconds of Summer were holding me back from murdering the man standing in front of me. "I hate you! I hate you and everything about you! Stay out of my life please!" I desperately wailed. "You're fucking things up again!" 
"I just wanted to make up for all the lost years." 
"Get back in that car, and run yourself over." I said, inches from his face. Then I spit on him and shook off the boys. "Stay out of my house."

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