The Boy with the Hazel Eyes

When rivals Skai Coleman and Michael Clifford clash, which of their friends will overlap and change their lives?


16. A Little Red Dress

Skais pov 

"Yes ma'am." I said with a slightly shaky voice. 
"I know you and Ashton like each other, and I just wanted to let you know that I approve." 
"No no no. You have it wrong. Ashton likes a girl named Bianca and I'm trying to get them together." 
"He likes you. He just doesn't know it yet. I see the way he looks at you, and the way you look at him. I also don't see this Bianca girl at our family Christmas."
"She's perfect for him. She's also beautiful. I'm sure you would like her."
"Well, we aren't in America often, so I just wanted to let you know for when you two do get together."
"I doubt that, but thank you." I then walked across the way to my own house where a fire crackled and my mom and step dad happily hung ornaments. I smiled as I looked in the window and looked into the jar that Ashton had just given me. My other friends would be coming over soon for a Christmas together, but I took my time outside. Fat, white flakes of snow fell lightly from the gray sky. They were nothing like New York's blizzards, but they had a silent beauty about them. The stuck to my eyelashes and and swirled to the ground. They felt clean and pure unlike the big city snow did. I liked it, but it wasn't home. I then felt strong arms wrap around from behind me and spin me around. 
"Guess who?" Said an oh-so-familiar voice.
 "Lucas?" I was picked up and spun around by the blond boy in my front yard. 
"It's Sir Hemmings to you." Luke said with a smirk. I hadn't seen him in a couple of weeks, so I was oddly relieved when I saw the guy. He grabbed the back of my jaws with one hand so my lips naturally puckered up.
"Oh, piss off." I smiled and pulled away. "Merry Christmas, Hemmo." He rolled his eyes. 
"What's that?" He pointed at the jar Ashton gave me for Christmas. 
"My present from Ash." I slightly smiled. 
"My gift is better." He said matter-of-factly.
"Doubt it." I scoffed. 
"I left the gifts in the car!" He then hustled back to his rich kid car and I continued to my house and walked in. 
"Ashton should be here in the next couple of minutes!" I shouted to my mom. 
"Okay sweetheart!"
"Oh and Luke is here!" I said as the doorbell rang. Luke and Ash stood there. Ash had two gifts in his hand and Luke carried three. I saw Zoe hustling toward the door in her trendy heels. She also had gifts for the entire family. I gladly invited all of them in and we sat and began to drink coffee and unwrap presents. I first opened Zoe's present which was a killer pair of black pumps. Next was Luke's present. I opened the box the find a beautiful red dress. I lifted it up to show my family, and I saw underneath it a set of lingerie. My face grew red from embarrassment and I glared at Luke. He was smirking at me.
"Thanks for the dress." I said through gritted teeth. 
"No problem." He chuckled. The evening continued. I bought Luke a fifty dollar iTunes gift card and an all time low tee shirt. I got Zoe a silver dress for a New Years party she said she was going to. She smiled and thanked me. The night soon was over and I walked the guests out. 
"See you in a bit, love." Ashton and kissed my cheek. He then returned to his house and was greeted by his little brother at the front door. I smiled.
"See ya girlie!" Zoe winked and gave a girlie wave goodbye. She then strutted to her car with her new presents. Luke then twirled me around and closed the front door. We were nose-to-nose. 
"Hey, beautiful, do you want to be my date to Josh's New Year's party?" 
"Why not?" I smiled. 
"I expect to see you in your Christmas present."
"I don't know if I'll wear the dress."
"I'm not talking about the dress." He smirked.
"Definitely not that." I said with a wink and walked back inside. "I'll see you later blondie."  


I woke up, but kept my eyes closed. I could tell Ashton was awake. He began to twirl my newly blackened hair.
"Good morning Skylar." He whispered. He believed I was asleep. "I just wanted to tell you a few things I never could when we are both awake." We were nose-to-nose. His bare chest was rising and falling rapidly. "You are beautiful and you are going to find the perfect guy. Luke really cares for you, and won't betray you." He traced my lips with his thumb. "You are so blessed to be you. I'm sorry I'm not the guy you are looking for. If I could be the right guy for you, I would be because you deserve it. I am also in love with Bianca. You have done so much to make her fall for me. Thank you. Tonight will be the night it think. I also think Luke will finally prove himself to you. Happy New Year's Eve." He then began to stand and my eyes snapped open. 
"Where are you going?" I asked with a faux groggy voice. 
"Home. We have a big party tonight." He chuckled. 
"Bianca will be there." I winked. 
"Yeah." He said with excitement, but slight disappointment.
"What's wrong?"
"Nothing. I'm a bit nervous I suppose."
"Don't be. You've got this."
"Thanks." He pulled on a shirt to go with his plaid pajama pants. "I'll see you tonight." He then swiftly climbed out of the window. 
"That was weird." I mumbled to myself. It was eleven in the morning. We hadn't meant to sleep in, but we were up all night talking about our futures and what we will do after high school. We were so close to the end of our one year together. I got into the shower and scrubbed myself and shaved. I spent extra time in the shower this morning just because of the big party tonight. Once I was done I went to eat my lunch and texted Ash. 
S: what are you wearing tonight
A: idk Skylar probably just black jeans and a black button up 
S: oh, ok... Is everything alright
A: I'm fine I'll see you tonight 

I then clicked off my phone and realized it was already one thirty. Luke was picking me up in five hours and I still didn't know what to wear. I dried my hair and tied a bath rode around my waist. I decided to curl my black hair and braid the front so it wasn't in my face. I then moved to my closet to choose the clothes. I had plenty of clothes for the party, but the red dress kept coming back to me. I hated to pick it, but it seemed to be perfect for the occasion. I then laughed at myself. Why not make it a tease and wear the lingerie as well? I then did my makeup that was mostly natural except for the bright red lips. I then put on my attire and wore Zoe's pumps to finish it off. I checked the time and it was 6:15 when I pulled the shoes on. I grabbed extra clothes and hurried down the stairs. 
"Hey mom, I'll be spending the night at Zoe's. I'll see you guys tomorrow. Happy New Year. Don't get too excited while I'm gone. I know you two got champagne." 
"Alright dear. Stay away from alcohol." 
"I wouldn't dare." I then heard a car honk. That obnoxious blond was early. I walked to the car that happened to match my rather revealing dress and saw the boy inside smirking. 
"Nice dress."
"Wouldn't you like to know what I'm wearing underneath."
"You are joking right." 
"When have I ever joked with you, Sir Lucas?" 
"Shut up." He then pulled away from my house.
"Nice of you to be punctual for once in your goddamn life." I laughed.
"You're worth it. Especially if I get to view my entire Christmas present."
"When hell freezes over."
"We'll see." Thirty minutes later, we arrived at Josh's house. I saw Ashton and Bianca climb from his yellow hummer in the rear view mirror.
"Beautiful, you are staring at them." Luke said under his breath.
"Yeah." I said, completely out of it. Ashton looked amazing, but Luke did too. He was my date. I needed to focus on him. He wore a red shirt and black jeans. "How did you know I was wearing red?" 
"Lucky guess." We then climbed from the car. I received a few whistles, and Luke definitely got many stares. He wrapped his arm around my waist and we began to walk into the party scene. 
"Well if it isn't the hottest couple on campus." Josh greeted us. "Skai, may I say you look stunning." 
"Thanks Josh. You also look very handsome, but I must keep my attention you my charming date here." I said, adding a flirt factor to mine and Luke's relationship.
"I'm sorry, Luke. I'll let you and your date enjoy the party."
"No worries." Luke chuckled. "Could you look a little less hot?" He whispered in my ear.
"I will if you will." I giggled.
"No deal." We then walked to the back where the pool was and where our friends socialized. Blue-haired Michael had himself and cute little ginger and Calum and Zoe were inseparable. Ashton and Bianca were of course together, and she looked stunning.  We all sat in a little circle and each of the boys had a beer in their hand. Zoe did too. I didn't. I positioned myself in Luke's lap to see if I got a reaction from Ashton.
"Babe, you need to relax." Luke mumbled in my ear and offered a sip of beer to me. I shook my head.
"I'd get my own if I wanted any." I said a bit snappish.
"Suit yourself." He said and took a swig. Ashton the restyled his hand on Bianca's thigh. 
"Could you get me a drink?" I asked. Luke chuckled. 
"You sure?"
"Positive." I sipped the disgusting liquid. It burned down my throat and I gagged. "You drunk this stuff?"
"Only at parties." 
"Happy New Years guys!" Ashton giggled. 
"Yeah happy new year!" Bianca added. They got closer. I drank. He kissed her cheek. I drank. She whispered in his ear. I drank. They began to leave the party with smiles plastered of their faces. I chugged the damn beer like there was no tomorrow. 
"I need another one." I said to Luke. 
"Let's dance before that happens." I grabbed a beer and we headed to the dance floor. Most couples were grinding or making out but I just rested my head in the crook of Luke's neck for a short time and then all hell broke loose on the dance floor. Everyone was raving and jumping and screaming and celebrating New Years Eve the way it was meant to be. I kept drinking and began to feel the influence of it all. It made things easier but not complete. I giggle and Luke kept his hands on my waist. He seemed better than usual now. 
"Hey Luke, why don't we get out of here?" I smiled. 
"What?" He said clearly shocked.
"Let's go to your place. You said your parents and brothers aren't home right?" 
"Wait am I hearing you right?" We were both healing over the music, but then the countdown began. 
"10...9...8..." The crowd yelled.
"Are you saying you want to fuck me?" Luke said confused.
"Who else?" I twirled my hair.
"Are you sure about this?" He asked and I paused. Ashton doesn't want me. Luke's does. Luke is great. I have a good way to answer him too. 
"3...2...1..." I then kissed Luke in the middle of the dance floor. 
"Happy New Year, babe. No let's get out of here." I said and began to pull him towards the door. If only I knew what Ashton and Bianca were up to right now.

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