The Secret

What if you had to go through a tragedy? What if you didn't really know who you were anymore? What if you were falling in love with someone you shouldn't be falling for? Bay has to think about these all the time going the struggle of trying to move on and trying to find herself. Who is Bay?


8. Trips can help the troubled minds

           I didn't realize I fell asleep until I felt poking at my sides. I try to hit the thing that poked me, hoping for it to stop; but sadly I just heard a light chuckle. I open my groggy eyes to meet Jase's brown excited ones. I turn my head away from him and slump further down into my seat. "Come on Bay, we're here." He's chuckles break out into a laugh at my small protest to sleep.

           "Where even are we?" I ask still with my back to him and my eyes closed.

           "Well if you would get your ass up, you would see." I turn to him shocked. Mr. Perfect just cussed.

          "Why are you looking at me like I just said something creepy?" He asks giving me this worried look. I shake my head about to tell him when I look behind him and gap. There was the ocean. I couldn't help but feel a little excited.

           "The beach?" I question, trying to act cool. I guess I failed because he only gave me that killer smile and a small laugh. 

           "I heard you talking to Abbey about how you never went to the beach before in your life and since we live near the pacific I thought it would be a perfect chance to take you here to think. It's where I come when I need space from the world." He says with a shy smile. I look at him confused. Why was he helping me? Why did he care? There had to be pity, but he didn't show pity towards me directly. I wonder why he's trying?

         "This is amazing." I breath, looking all around me at the waves and sand. I couldn't wait to get out and touch the sand with my bare feet.

         "It sure is. Let me make a call and I'll get out but you go and walk and find a spot to sit." He says. I nod and get out a little too quickly. I make my way towards the water excitement piercing through me like a kid on Christmas. There was no way this could be real! There was no way that I could be here, it felt like a dream. I wrap my self up trying to keep warm from the chilling air, I smile to myself as I find a rocky area. I climb up the layered rock before sitting somewhere in the middle. I breath in the salty air and watch the waves crash on the shore. This was defiantly relaxing. "Are you enjoying yourself?" I look down to see Jase at the bottom of the rock. He climbs up to sit right next to me.

       "You picked my favorite spot on the beach." He smiles looking at the waves. I look at him and observe his facial expression. He had a blank stare that was so hard to read. His eyes were glossed over in thought and his lips were in a thin line. He was different from what he shows people at school, and what he's showing me now. He was deep in thought confused and worried. I couldn't help but stare, intrigued.

        "Can I ask you something?" He asks turning to me suddenly. I face the waves, blushing.


        "Why do you hate me?" It was a simple question, but it was also a tricky one. He wanted to know why I hated him? Maybe it was because he lied about who he really was when he was around fake Barbie. Or maybe it was because he reminded me so much of Rob. I shrug that sad feeling creeping up on my and pick up a shell on the rock, closely observing it.

        "I don't hate you." I say barely above a whisper. 

        "You don't like me."

        "I don't know you." I answer back. He nods and picks up a rock and throws it into the ocean. We were both silent for a while until he breaks it again.

        "Why don't you want to get to know me?"

        "Jase-" I turn towards him. He looks back at me. "is this about yesterday?" I ask.

        "I just don't get why one minute you're enjoying yourself and opening up; and the next shutting yourself out from the rest of the world." He says angrily. I look at him shocked. Why did he care?

        "I was forced into a situation that I didn't want to be in and I politely reacted-"

         "Bullshit." He snaps. "You enjoyed yourself more than you're letting yourself believe. I saw you light up. I saw you enjoy yourself."

         "Why do you even care?" I snap back. "You don't even know me! No one knows me!  You think you do but you don't. You only just meet me! Why am I even here with you? Why do you feel the need to save me?" I was the one now who was yelling. Tears started to trail down my eyes. I tried to wipe them away but it was no use.

         "Because I care! Is that a crime, Bay? Is it too much to let someone who might care in? I want to know you and that's not true! You push people away, you don't let anyone get to know you! Is it because of him? Please let me understand." He whispers the last part. I burst out in pure sobs trying hard to catch my breath but it was too far gone for me to even grasp. Jase reaches out and pulls me into a tight hug. I was so shocked the tears stopped for a second. He continued holding me and rubbing my back in smooth circles. This was what I needed. I didn't know it at first, but I just needed that reassuring hug that told me that someone was here and someone cared. I cried harder then, burring myself into his chest. He starts to whispers reassuring words as he strokes my hair.  

        I don't know how long we stayed up on this rock with me crying and him holding me but I finally pulled away. I wiped my eyes and tried to regain myself once more. I looked into Jase's sad eyes, and smiled at him whispering a thanks. He smiled, taking my hand in his. "No need to thank me. I just want you to be open and up front with me." He gave me a smile and when I nodded in agreement he pulls me up on my feet with him. "And you just cried on me, we're practically best friends." This makes me laugh as I playfully hit him on the shoulder.

        "We have a couple hours before I have to take you home. What do you say we hang out here?" He asks. I as we climb down the rock. He helps me down, while patting it with a small smile. "From now on this is 'our rock' this is where the bonding happened."

         "You're such a nerd." I say rolling my eyes. He turns to look at me with an evil grin on his face.

         "Nerd? Darling, you got it all wrong." He takes steps towards me with a deadly glare. I back up before I take off running. He shouts for me to come back, but I just shout no before pushing myself faster. I was laughing as he chased me through the sand, which was flaying everywhere. Both of us were laughing and tiring out. As I was going to circle around the rock, an arm snaked it's way around my waist before both of us tumbled down to the ground laughing.

         "What is with all the chasing today?" Jase asks. I smile thinking of a pun.

         "I'm just hard to catch." Jase laughs shaking his head before we both stand up and bust the sand off of ourselves as we walk down the beach.

         Jase started off by telling me a little about him and I told him simple things about myself, it was like a more personal game of twenty questions. Then he asked me how I meet Rob and my heart stopped. I didn't think Jase would want to know that, and when I asked him why he said, "The situation made you who you are now. I want to get to know the Bay that I meet, the one who is difficult but amazing." I blushed and nodded. He took my hand in his as we walked along the shore. I told him that Rob and I meet when we were freshmen for the first time. He was in my history class, and at first I thought he was probably the most annoying person that I have ever meet. He was the type of guy who stuck to his football friends and was so stuck up that was impossible to get through his thick skull sometimes. Rob and I didn't actually start hanging out until later when I became a cheerleader. {Jase laughed at me. He couldn't believe me when I said I was one of those girls} I nodded and also I was on the swim team so I was a pretty sporty girl. Rob didn't notice me at first, it was one of the girls on my cheer team that caught his attention. He was always hanging around us and asking questions about her. He even invited us to his party that weekend to try and hook up with her. But she didn't want to go out with him so she told me to tell him that it was no use. I did what I was sent to do and the next thing I know he's talking me up and we're having a real conversation. He told me that he remembered that I brought us to state in swimming and he thought that was really cool. I blushed embarrassed about it. He gave me a sweet smile and I realized that he wasn't such a bad guy after all. Soon, I was given his number and we planned to meet up again next weekend. I didn't know it was a date, but when it happened and he asked me out I was the happiest person in the world. For the next three years, I fell harder and harder in love with him. He was everything and it was something.

      Jase looks at me with a sad smile on his face. I didn't tell him about the fight or the baby, I didn't think there was a need too. No one needed to know about it. We continue to talk for hours, some stuff was serious and some was playful. We even ran into the water soaking wet and cold form the winter weather. Jase handed me his dry coat as we ran to the car for warmth. As we hop in Jase gives me his warm smile. "You, me, the gang, at GiG's?" He questions. I smile back nodding. He pulls out his phone and calls everyone to meet at the dinner. After he gets off the phone he starts the car. He takes a hold of my hand as we drive away leaving the beach and 'our rock' behind us.


                      Jason: Now that's what I call a chapter. Good Job! I finally get my own part!

                      Me: Well I was nagged into it! I only heard you guys a hundred times, I'm sorry I couldn't do anything about it but I was GONE! I had no WiFi ANYWHERE!

                     Jason: Yesh, you don't have to be moody about it. I just wanted to have a chapter that makes me more presentable.

                    Bay: She's always moody, Jase. Don't take it personally.

                   Me: You two are unbelievable! Why don't I just erase you guys?

                   Bay: Because that would mean you would have to erase the storyline and Edward."

                 Jason: Oh yeah! I forgot you liked my brother! He was asking about you by the way.

                *Blush* Me: No one likes no one so can you LEAVE! I have better things to do than to sit here and hear you guys talk smack!

               *Turns to readers* Me: I am so sorry for language but this why I rated it Y. Because there will be some langue and contact but not bad enough. Sorry for not updating but I will try I'll be busy again soon but I hoped this could be enough for now. Thank you for reading LIKE, COMMENT, AND VOTE


                                 Peace, Love, Silenced

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