The Secret

What if you had to go through a tragedy? What if you didn't really know who you were anymore? What if you were falling in love with someone you shouldn't be falling for? Bay has to think about these all the time going the struggle of trying to move on and trying to find herself. Who is Bay?


2. The New Student

           "Bay." My mother says handing me a cup of coffee. She knew that it handled my nerves, especially if she was going to say something that would startle me. "Your father and I have been thinking......and we both think that it would be great if you went back to school." School- A place where everyone's judged.

          "I'm fine with being homeschooled." I take a sip of coffee looking down at the tablemat.

          "Honey,-" She sits down at the table across from me. "It's time to join the living. I know you're devastated that Robert passed but you need to move on." Move on? It's my fault that he's dead! I wanted to shout. If it wasn't for me he'd probably still be here and so would the baby. I shake my head pushing that thought down.

         "It's been six months mom." I answer back.

         "Yes, it has been six months. That is enough time to grieve and move on."

          "That's not fair, Mom." I snap back blood boiling."When dad died how long did it take you to fully recover? How long did it take you to move on and marry someone else?"

        "That's different Bay, your father-"

         "He's not my dad, mom!" I shout. She flinches, looking down at her own mug.

         "David loves you and he wants us to be a family." She takes a deep breath, tears evident in her eyes. "And you're right, it did take me along time to get over your father. But you have to understand is that I spent half of my lifetime with him. He was my childhood friend before he was my husband and your father. You and Robert didn't have the history that we had. You two never went through what we went through, you didn't have a kid together." My throat closes, I stop breathing for a second. I wanted to tell my mom so bad about what really happened but I couldn't tell her, she wouldn't look at me the same again. I stay silent, looking down at the half empty mug.

        "Bay, please say something." Mom pleads.

        "There's nothing to say. You love David now, dad is the past and I'm going to school. Okay, I got it. I'll be in my room." I push off from the table to the stairs. Mom was calling me from where she was.

         As I reach the second floor, David was coming out of the home gym. "Hey kiddo." I roll my eyes, walking down the our massive second floor hallway into my new room. After the accident mom thought it would me a great idea to move across country to David's massive mansion. I wasn't allowed to have contact any old friends, the therapists all agreed that the farther I distance myself from my old life, the faster I will forget and move on. What a loud of bull. Everyone knew that what was done was done and I would live with the accident for the rest of my life.

         The day goes on with me in my room listening to music, reading, or looking up random websites. Mom checked in every other hour. By dinner she told me that I would be attending the school tomorrow. I mentally cursed as she talked about how I would be meeting with one of the ministry women.


         I told mom and David that I could drive myself to and from school, I also agreed to go to the Doc's after school. Sighing I enter the Victorian building. I couldn't believe what I was seeing when I entered. The walls and floor was made out of marble. Gold streaked every inch of the room. Statues were placed in the entry way leading to a grand staircase. It felt like I stepped into the Cinderella movie. I was amazed, How could a school look like this?

       "Hello. You must be Bay Scott, I'm Mary." A plump women trying to pass off in a pencil skirt and a purple button down shirts says with a somewhat sweet smile.

      "Yes I'm Bay, but not Bay Scott. David and my mother aren't married yet." I say looking down at her outstretched hand. I take it firmly. 

      "Right, yes, I'm sorry. Well anyway, welcome to Webster High."

      "Thank you. I um, shocked on how this is all set up." I twirl my finger in a motion to tell her about the school. "This is not a regular public school."

      "Public? No, this is a private school for the kids that have a high quality of becoming the best of the best." Private school?  Mom and David lied to me. Why didn't I think about that? I mean a private school, they can keep a closer look on me.

     "Oh, I'm sorry." She shrugs it off and we go on with the tour. She shows me the four different quart yards, the gym field, the pool room, the grand hall, the dinning hall, the dorms, (For the kids that want to live on campus) and lastly the classrooms. She handed me the class schedule and told me to go to the office at lunch. There's some meeting with a teacher. Afterwards she leaves and I walk into my first class. I choose the back of the class next to a window where I'm away from all the watchful glares.

      It doesn't end in the class rooms. The kids keep staring at me like I'm some sort of freak. This made me feel uneasy. No one at my old school looked at me like I was small pray, I made sure no one did. And now here I was, beginning again with rich kids who dress like barbies.

      Lunch finally came around, and I made my way to the dinning area. It was much different when students occupied the seats and tables. Rows after rows of kids sat, it didn't matter where you sat you were welcomed because you were rich as well. There were no 'jocks' or 'nerds' sitting far apart from one another because here they didn't have those titles. There was rich and super rich. Taking my lunch I go out to the quart yard that allows students to sit and eat lunch, and study. I choose a nice resting spot under a tree. It was nice and shady and the breeze felt just right. As I was about to eat my phone buzzed.

      Unknown: Bay?

      Me: Who is this?

      Unknown: Guess xP

      Me: Well I haven't given my number out to anyone here so I know you're not anyone new.

      Unknown: Smarta**

      Me: Who is this for real?

      Unknown: Camren girl! Come on I've been your best friend since grade school!

      I smile down into my phone. Camren was there when things were tough. Rob and I got into a fight, Camren would come over with a tub of Ben and Jerry's and we'd watch 'White Chicks'. He made me feel like I could come to him about anything.......almost.

      Unknown: So how's school?

      Me: How did you get my new number?

      Unknown: I'm smart. That's all you've got to know.

      Me: Schools a drag which reminds me I gtg. I forgot I had to do something. Call me tonight?

      Unknown: Got it. Call around six.

      Me: K

      I put my cellphone in my bag and stand up. I make my way to the office successfully. When I walk up to the reception lady's desk she's typing so fast that even I get a little scared of her. "Yes" She asks without looking up.

     "I got called into see........Mr. Wright." I look down at my pass. She holds out her hand and I give it to her. 

     "Go down the hallway behind me and he's on the last door to the left." She sighs going back to her typing. I inhale taking a step back and obeying her instructions. As I approach the door I look at his name plate. Mr. Wright...........


           A/N: Hey guys it's Silenced83 and I really hoped you guys enjoyed chapter two. I'm still working on publishing dates because I've been super busy and with school almost out and vaca I've been more swamped. I also lost the original Chapter two so this is my rewrite, (I'M SORRY) but I hope you like it. I am new to this website and this is my first novel so please be kind and tell me what you think at the comments below.

          P.S...........I'm still trying to figure out who the characters should be so let me know.......Next chapter will be posted sometime next week!!!!

                   Peace, Love, Silenced83







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