The Secret

What if you had to go through a tragedy? What if you didn't really know who you were anymore? What if you were falling in love with someone you shouldn't be falling for? Bay has to think about these all the time going the struggle of trying to move on and trying to find herself. Who is Bay?


1. Bay

              I could hear the ambulance coming from down the street. The people around me seemed to clutter all into a mass group. This is how it was going to end, this is how I was going to end. Everyone whispered trying to understand what was happening, I for one was as confused as them. I don't remember anything, not a single thing. But I can tell you that the scene in front of me was horrific. There was blood, too much blood all around my area. Shattered glass littered around scraping me as I tried to move. I found my phone shattered to pieces and my purse a couple feet away from it. This had to be a dream. There was no way that this could happen. I already knew what was happening I've seen it in so many movies. I looked around spotting a flipped car just a few feet from where I was. I crawl towards the it not trusting me feet, as I porch fear engulfs me. I start to remember little by little what happened. And I remember why it happened, but what I don't expect to see is Robert's dead eye's looking back at me. This can't be real. I have to really be dreaming. I let out one long scream before I feel myself drift off into a haunting sea of oblivion. 


             "Do you know what happened miss Riley? Can you tell me about the day of the accident?" The accident. That's all these people want to know. What happened that day when you and your boyfriend where driving? Did someone purposely drive into your lane? Where you guys high or drunk? What was the atmosphere? I've heard these questions a hundred times and I continue to hear them.  

            "I told you already, Rob and I were going to meet up with some friends at the arcade downtown near the capital. Rob was a little moody that day and I guess I pushed him-"

            "What do you mean 'you guess you pushed him'?"

            "Meaning, I made fun of him. I never knew why he was upset I mean he had no reason to really be upset unless he found out."

            "Found out about what, Bay?" I look down at my hands on my lap. There was no way that Rob could have known. I kept it a secret from my friends and my parents. After the crash I lost a lot of blood, so there was a good chance I lost it. I mean, there was no reason for anyone to know because three days after the crash I started my period.  "Bay?"

           "Nothing. It's nothing important. I need to go now." I grab my bag from my feet and stand.

          "We're not finished yet, you still have twenty minutes to our time." The doctor says.

          "And that was a good forty minutes of my life that was wasted talking about something I've talked about many times. Believe me, you're not the first shrink I've had. There was about ten before you and my parents will keep me here so that means more shrinks for me, so let's make in agreement. You keep doing what you're doing, ask me questions and I'll answer half heartily and after a couple of sessions drop me like the rest because you know I'm a loss cause." I walked out before the doctor could say anything. 


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