The Secret

What if you had to go through a tragedy? What if you didn't really know who you were anymore? What if you were falling in love with someone you shouldn't be falling for? Bay has to think about these all the time going the struggle of trying to move on and trying to find herself. Who is Bay?


5. Bay is being Annoying! A/N

                       Earlier this morning;

                       Bay: HEY! SILENCED! WAKE UP!

                      Me: No! Let me sleep! I have to get up early to babysit! Let me rest, because of you I stayed up later than usual!

                     Bay: Yeah I made you stay up till 1 AM watching 'Star Crossed'

                     Me: I was trying to get ride of YOU! I know you hate that show so I was trying to get ride of you! And me and Edward were trying to have a conversation.

                    Bay: I KNOW! That's why I kept bugging!!

                    Jase: Morning ladies.

                    Me& Bay: SHUT UP

                    Jase: Wow okay, you guys are obviously getting into a heated discussion. Do I need to get Eddie?

                    Edward: I've been here for thirty minuets and they still haven't noticed, Jason. It's no use when they're arguing.

                   Me: Okay, I have an Idea. How about ALL OF YOU get out of my room so I can get ready and try and write and babysit?

                   Edward: No

                   Bay: Yes

                  Jase: I don't care.

                  Me: Okay, it's settled. NOW GET OUT!

                So yeah that was my morning. In the end I got distracted because of food and also because my {somewhat} crush was texting me and I was also babysitting so I lost track of time and forgot about Bay and everyone until I had time to think and relax. So I will say that I'll try and have a chapter up tonight if I can, I'm going to be a little busy and I hope that BAY will stop nagging. I don't know if other people have experienced this before. Like you just HAVE to write because if you don't the characters start getting restless in your head. Yeah that's happening to me bc Bay is a VERY strong character. So yeah I hoped that I entertained you guys just a little today...

                 Peace, Love, Silenced


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