The Secret

What if you had to go through a tragedy? What if you didn't really know who you were anymore? What if you were falling in love with someone you shouldn't be falling for? Bay has to think about these all the time going the struggle of trying to move on and trying to find herself. Who is Bay?


9. Barbie on the loose

      We pulled up to the dinner forty minutes after our long drive from the beach. "Ready to go in?" Jase asks as he shuts off the car. I look down at my soaking hair and clothes. Jase notices and smiles. "Don't worry about it. You look fine, you're almost dry anyway." Jase smiles. I nod before opening the door to get out. My nerves were on edge and I had no idea why. Maybe it was because I was afraid they'd hate me for taking off at lunch? Maybe I did ruin my chances with them and they're just all doing this because of Jase. Maybe Jase is forcing them to be my friends so that I wouldn't be alone. But why would Jase do that? He's not the type to force someone on to another- unless he's doing it to me to get information, but he would never try to push someone to be friends with someone they didn't like right?

      As we walked in Jase took my hand and looked at me. He had stopped me in between the two doors that separated us from the outside and the dinner's front entrance. "Hey." He said quietly, looking at me. I looked up.


       "Don't be nervous, okay. They wanted to be here just like you want to be. They want to get to know you, don't push them away." I nod looking away. He reaches up and slides his fingers under my chin so that I can look at him. His eyes were so beautiful, I know I shouldn't be thinking this way but it was the truth. His dark eyes were filled with some emotion that I couldn't pick up on, but my heart swelled and I could feel my stomach turn. "If you feel other wise I'm here." He whispered and I just about lost it. I didn't know how to react. A part of me wanted to kiss him and another part wanted me to run away. I was conflicted and being this close in this moment made it worse.

      "Okay." I whispered back breathlessly. "I won't run Jase." I gave him a smile that was genuine. He smiled back, stepping away and taking my hand once again. We made our way through the café until we were at the table were we all first meet. Everyone was there, even Danny.

       "Hey man." Danny got up to greet Jase in a guy hug. Stepping away he saw me and smiled. "Hello Bay, how are you?" It was a little too formal for my liking but I just smiled and nodded. I had to start somewhere right?

        "Good, everything is perfect." I simply said.

        "Good. Do you mind if I hug you? or are you a no touching kind of girl?" He asked out of nowhere shocking me. I look at Jase for help but he only smile slightly. 

         "I like hugs." Was all I said before Danny embraced me in a bear hug.

         "Don't kill the girl, Dan." Abbey says. Danny lets me go, dropping me to the ground.

         "Sorry about that B, I sometimes get excited when I give hugs." Danny says sheepishly. I smile, giving a little laugh.

        "It's alright. I'll make sure I'm prepared for next time." Everyone laughs.

        "It's good to see you again." Jorge nods in my direction. I smile politely.

         "Is everyone ready to eat?" Jase says suddenly making us all roll our eyes.

         "Men and their hunger."

          "Abbs and her interrogation."

          "I'm just saying." Abbey says defending herself, making Danny and Jorge laugh. She turns to me picking up her milkshake. "We wanted you to sit with us today, what happened to you? Neither you or Jase showed." Jase groans and I bush slightly.

          "Things got complicated." I shrug my shoulders.

          "I heard the rumors about you  and Jase." Jorge says, Danny elbows him. "OW! Listen I'm just saying how it is?"

          "The rumors aren't true." I cut off icily. I didn't mean for it to happen, It just happened. I could see the pain expression on Jase's face and I wish I could take it back.

          "Well I'm glade that was clarified. Don't you Jasiepoo?" A sickly high pitched voice says. I turn to see fake Barbie smiling down at us.

          "Julia, what are you doing here?" Jase says surprised.

         "I heard about Miss Scott here making her 'grand escape' and I also heard that you went after her. Babe, is everything okay? Did I do something to upset you, is that why you went after her?" Barbie says sliding on to Jase's lap. She strokes him, making him tense. "I missed you Baby, I never see you anymore." She purrs. Abbey makes a gaging noise, my eyes widen.

         'I hate her.' Abbey mouths. I nod in understanding. "Julia, I told you that I would call you." Jase states.

        "I know but I couldn't wait. I had to see you." She coos.

       " Jase, Just go talk to the girl already. Everyone is so sick of this lovey-dovey shit." Jorge says, gagging also.

        "You know what, I need to go." I say, standing up. Everyone looks up at me.

        "You don't have to go, B." Danny says in a whiney voice.

        "It's okay, it's getting kind of late and I have homework to do."

         "Bye, hugs and kisses." Barbie says sickly sweet. I try so hard not to slap the smile off her plastic lips.

         "Do you want me to give you a ride home?"

         "It's fine, Jace. My house isn't that fare. Walking won't be a problem."

         "Are you sure? It's no problem."

         "She said no Jason. leave the girl alone." Barbie snaps unexpectedly. Jase's eyes widen shocked.

         "If you want I can take her. My house is close to yours." Danny says. I nod, letting Danny say bye to everyone before leaving. The whole time Barbie kept glaring at me and hanging on to Jase like he was gonna vanish into thin air.

         I honestly don't know who she think she was fooling, me or her. It seemed like I had walked on to marked territory, but for the wrong reasons.





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