The One

Just a short little thing i had in mind.


2. The Incident

Jade's P.O.V.

I sat in my room as I heard my mom and her "friend" laughing, from downstairs. I tried to block them out but they're too loud to ignore. Then I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and a knock on my door. "Shit...", I mumbled as they came in and looked at me.

"Jade, me and John are going to be in my room. If you need anything just knock, ok?", my mom asked me as John the guy (douche) she's currently dating looked at me with a hostile look. I made a grunt noise and nodded, mom smiled and walked away.

I grabbed my phone and sat on my windowsill, just staring at the houses next door and across the street. I never really hung out with anyone in my neighbourhood much. But that was usually because there weren't much kids my age here. Mostly kids either younger than me or adults.

When I wasn't paying attention, I noticed something move and heard a noise from the house across the street from mine. I looked to see a shadow moving to unlock the door, I thought they were getting robbed until I remembered that the couple that owns the house had a daughter.

"It's probably just their kid.", I tell myself and go back to my phone.








The next day I had school. Honestly I didn't wanna go but my mom was yelling for me to hurry up so might as well. I put on a pair of jeans, a Paramore T-shirt and blue converse. I went downstairs to the kitchen and grabbed an already peeled orange, thanks to my mom.

I ate half the Orange and grabbed my bag, then left the house without saying bye like I always do. I started walking to school but stopped when I saw someone leave the house ,I saw the shadow at last night.

It was a girl, she had her back towards me but I just looked at her and thought to myself,"is her hair naturally that red or did she die it?"

She started to turn around and I quickly walked away towards school, hoping the girl didn't see me. When I got to school I went to my locker, my friend Samuel stood by it with a grin on his face. I looked at him and laughed,"What's on your mind now,Sam?" He shook his head and laughed,"Nothing just glad you're actually putting use to the shirt I got you." He pointed at my T-shirt.

I just smiled and got my stuff from my locker and walked with him to class. "Well it's not like I wasn't gonna take the opportunity to wear a Paramore shirt", I told Samuel before we went into math.

Sam went to his seat up front and I went to mine in the back. About half way through first period, a girl walked in. I recognized her by her overly red hair, she quickly walked to the only empty seat left, the one in front of me. She was lucky that the teacher didn't care much, or notice.

When she sat down I looked at the beck of her head and stared at her red hair, I wanted to get her attention but I couldn't think of how. After a few seconds of thinking I took my pencil and poked her in the back of the head. She looked at me annoyed but sounded shy," Yes?" I took a while to answer,"why so late?" She looked down at my desk," Family issues", then she turned around. We didn't talk the rest of class.

After school I was walking to Sam's car when I saw her again. She was walking really slow, then I saw a car practically speeding out the parking lot in her direction. I ran as fast as I can and pushed her out the way, but I wasn't fast enough to get MYSELF out the way. Last thing I remember was the car.

A/N: hey guys what do you think I hope you find it as interesting as I intend it to be.

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