Dont give in (l.h)

"Luke your not my type." I say.

"That can change." He says.


10. •Chapter 9•

I slowly get up.

I walk out wanting to die because I don't know what Luke is capable of doing.

"So how'd it go?" Ashton asks.

"Well he's not in a ball anymore." I say.

"What did you say?" Calum asks.

"Well I uh I uh said um that he's not my type." I say.

"Well what did he say back?!" Michael says.

"That can change and he got all smirky and ran up stairs." I say.

"Oh lord. We will try our best to find out his plan before he does something because when he gets smirky he's up to no good." Calum says.

I nod and hop back over the fence.

I decide not to do my homework so I walk back inside and take a nap.


"Honey wake up! It's time for dinner!" My mom shouts banging like a maniac on my door.

I throw a pillow at the door.

I realize this is reality and wake up.

I fix my hair and then go downstairs.

"Mmmmm chicken." I say.

My mom and dad laugh.


I finish eating and then I yawn.

"Why are you so sleepy today?" My mom asks.

"I don't know so I'm going to go sleep." I say.

"Well goodnight!" My dad yells as I run upstairs.

I change into my pj's and then I climb in bed and the last thing I remember is me thinking about Luke.


I wake up the next morning to no one home.

I walk down stairs and it's only 5am.

I checked my mom and dads room no one.

The living room,bathrooms.

Still no one.

I finally go to the kitchen and there's a note on the table.

'Hey honey I'm sorry that we left so early and that we didn't tell you. You were asleep and we didn't want to wake you. Your father had to go on a business trip until Sunday and I went with him. There is plenty of food to keep you going for the next 5 days. Once again we are very sorry.'

Love,mom and dad


They just better be glad that I didn't wake up at 8 or something or they would have been screwed.

I decide to go ahead and get ready.

I hop into the warm shower and take about a twenty minute shower since there was no one to tell me to get out this time.

I finally get out and I brush my hair and teeth.

Then I blow dry my hair.

I decide to put on something simple.

I put on some high waisted pink shorts with a white crop top with the words 'fight me' on the front in pink letters.

I put on some white converses but the ones that go over your ankles. I guess they are called all stars?

I apply my mascara and then plop on my bed to check Twitter.

I decide to post.

I put a pic of my eyes edit from a while back and then I put,

'Real eyes


Real lies'

I click tweet and then I go to Instagram and do the same.

I then go on snapchat and snapchat Kate and my ex boyfriend.

Me and my ex from like 3 years ago are really good friends.

His name is Zayn.

We broke up because he moved to Florida.

I hear my computer getting a face time call.

I run over.

I click answer.

"Hey Zayn"

"Hey Parris I heard you moved to Australia?"

"Yeah I did! It's interesting here."

"That's great!"

"Yeah but people at my school are...complicated"

"Ah I feel ya."

"Well there's this guy Luke and he's a bad boy and the name really describes him and he's just so annoying."

Zayn shuts up.

I feel things getting awkward so I pretend I get a text.

"Oh sorry Zayn I gotta go." I say then hang up before he could respond.

Well that couldn't have got any more awkward than it was.

New iMessage from #.

Ok who the fuck keeps giving my number away.

#: hey this is Michael and here's Ashton's number just incase he texts you its 283-822-9272

And I just wanted to say hey.

Me: hey mikey how's Luke?

Mikey: good I guess I haven't really paid much attention but cal has been very cautious.

Me:Good I don't want him around me. He's just not my type.

Mikey: am I your type?

Why was he asking?

He's extremely hot tho.

Me: yeah. I like good boys.

Mikey: what makes you think I'm a good boy?

Me: idk just thought I would say that :)

Mikey: I need to go check on Calum I hear arguing brb.

Me: ok be careful!

I put down my phone and sigh.

I'm so fucking bored.

I decide to FaceTime Kate.


"Hey Kate how's it going?"

"Great I got a boyfriend!!!"

"Really who is he I might remember him?"

"Jacob Quinn."

"Ugh Kate he's a complete nerd!"

"I know I know but he takes me out to fancy restaurants and stuff."


Michael texts me again.

Mikey: you need to come over and stop Luke like now hurry.

I switch Kate over to FaceTime on my phone.

"Oh shit."

"What? What's wrong?!"

"Nothing I need to go stop something. I'm taking you with me."


I jump the fence.

The camera pointing down.

"Did you just jump a fence?!"


I walk into the house and I hear Mikey yelling at Luke to stop.

"What's all the screaming?!"

"Kate I need to go bye."

"What wait-"

I hung up on her.

I run upstairs to different rooms and I finally find Luke punching the shit out of Calum.

Ashton and Michael are trying to break them apart.

"Luke stop!"

Luke freezes and let's Calum fall to the floor.

I start crying.

I'm sorry but I'm very emotional when people get hurt.

Even if we just met.

"Calum. Are you alright?" I whisper.

My tears falling on his face.

I look up and Luke is starring at him with guilt.

"Here you go cal." Ashton says walking in with an ice pack.

"Why did you do this?" I ask Luke.

He plays with his feet.

"He was...." Luke says looking at Calum then back at his feet.

"Going to ask you out." He whispers.

I barely heard him and when I did I just started at Calum.

Why was Luke beating him up for it?

I left it at that.

I could no longer fucking speak to Luke he's such a fucking jerk!

I storm out of the house and Michael chases me down.

"Thanks." He says.

I nod letting a tear fall.

"Um why were and why are you still crying because Calum got hurt?" He asks.

"Well I just get really emotional when I see people get hurt." I explain.

"I'm sorry." He says hugging me.

"See you at school." I mumble.

Letting my last tear fall.

I get back home and I have Like 8 missed FaceTime calls from Kate.

I call her back.


"I was just- ooooh."

She says scrunching up her nose.

"Why is your mascara running?"

"Nothing. Now I need to go do not call me back ok?" I say.

She nods.

I hang up.

And then redo my make up.

I look at the time.


Well better head to school.

I grab my bag and my phone then head to school.

I walk in and Calum is there next to my locker talking to ash and Mikey.

"Um hey guys and cal why are you at school?" I ask.

"Oh hey Calum is here because he's ditched so many time that if he misses one more day than he gets suspended." Ash says.

I nod.

"Where's the ass at?" I ask.

"We don't even care he's probably out fucking a girl right now." Mikey says.

I roll my eyes and get into my locker.

"Hope you feel better cal." I say and pat his back.

He smiles with his eyes closed and I head to class.

"Eleanor why didn't you wait for me?" I ask as she's already sitting down.

"Well Michael and Calum and Ashton were all over there so I decided not to." She shrugs.

"I heard about the fight thing this morning. Ashton has told like the whole school." She says.

"Yeah." I say as the teacher comes in.


*skip to lunch*


I walk into the lunchroom with Eleanor and Brittany is with Eleanor's Usual friends 'aka the nerds'.

"Wow her popularity went down fast." I say.

"Omg yeah I totally forgot about that! Yeah she lost her spot on the team!" El claps.

I frown.

"Luke is horrible for doing that." I say.

Eleanor looks at me funny.

"Well I guess lets go sit with Mikey." I say walking over to them.

They are caring for Calum still.

I sit by Mikey.

Then I look over and Luke is sitting there.

I take a breath.

"Your ice pack looks like it's melting I'm going to go get another one." I say and walk to the nurse.

Luke follows me.

He runs up beside me.

"Do you like Calum or something?" Luke says walking. Beside me.

"Not in a boyfriend girlfriend type way but as a best friend yes." I say.

"Well I'm sorry I did that." He says.

"It's ok. But why did you do it?" I ask.

"I just I don't like people messing with my sex buddy." He says.

I stop and glare.

"I'm not your sex buddy and you call me that one more fucking time and I will never speak to you again!" I yell.

He smirks.

"I'm tired of your bull shit." I say and I run to the nurse.

"May I have an ice pack?" I ask.

She hands me one.

"Thanks." I yell running out.

"No running!" She yells peeking around he door.

I don't stop tho.

I'm running down the hall way and then Luke grabs me and pulls me into an empty closet.

"Luke fuck off." I say.

He kisses like always up my neck.

He sucks on certain areas then blows on them.

"I like you." He whispers as he kisses me.

I let him do it all.

I don't know why tho.

I finally decide to take over and I run my hands through his hair.

He smirks and then kisses my forehead.


The bell rang about 5 minutes after our little thing happened.

I can't believe I let Luke do that I hate him.

Me and el walk to gym.

Coach lets me sit with Calum on the bench.

I hold his ice pack on as he watches and scolds Luke Like a hawk.

Luke starts to glare to but I look him at him and he rolls his eyes.

"I really hope you feel better calum." I say.

"Thanks." He squeaks.

"I talked to Luke about it." I say.

"He said he was sorry." I say as well.

He smiles.

"I forgive him he's like a brother to me and it's not his fault it's mine for getting in the way of his sex prey." He says.

"Well I'm not giving in so he can forget that." I say.


Gym ends and I guide Calum along with Mikey and Ashton to his next class.

Calum had so many bruises and black eyes it was pathetic.

I walk to science class and Luke is once again there.

I completely ignore him.

"Will you come over tonight?" He asks.

I look at him like he's some idiot.

Which he is.

"Are you fucking crazy Luke? I'm not fucking with you." I say.

"Then don't I'm not going to pressure you." He says.

I laugh.

"Whatever." I say.

"Please." He begs.

I look at him and he is biting his lip.

The casual give in.

"Fine but I am not going for you I'm going for cal." I say.

Luke gives me a dirty look.

I'm going to promise myself that I'm not fucking with Hemmings tonight even if he manipulates me.

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