Dont give in (l.h)

"Luke your not my type." I say.

"That can change." He says.


9. •Chapter 8•

It was now time for gym so me and Eleanor walked there.

I haven't ran into Brittany yet.

I get into the gym and coach seems like he's about to leave.

We all change I change into a full out Nike outfit.

"Attention students! I will be leaving and your sub will be here in 20 minutes so BEHAVE!" He shouts.

We all nod and say yes sir.

I look back at Brittany.

"What are you looking at?!" She shouts.

Everyone looks at me.

"The wall something you remind me of." I say.

Everyone laughs and goes back to stretching.

I look over at Luke he's talking to Calum and a purple/white/blue colored guy and then he's talking to a guy with brown hair.

I look away because coach yelled for us to freeplay today.

I went to sit on the benches to play on my phone.

New iMessage from Luke

Luke: hey come play basketball with us :)

Me: ok I'm coming. :)

I put my phone in my shorts waistband then I walk over to him Calum and the other two guys.

"Hey." Calum says.

"Luke! Is this that g-" the brown haired boy started to tell but Michael slapped his hand over his mouth.

"Um that was Ashton and that's Michael the colorful one." Luke says.

I look at Michael.

Dang he's hot.

"Hey I'm going to break up with Brittany guys get it on video and send it to everyone in the school." Luke says while walking over to Brittany and her little squad.

They are not far from us so I can hear them.

"Hey Brittany we need to talk."

"What about sex because i agree we haven't been doing it in like 5 days now." She says.



"No shut the fuck up I came to tell you that we are done. You are not my sex toy and I'm not yours anymore ok?!" He shouts.

Really? He used her as a sex toy?!

I'm not talking to Luke that's horrible.

I stand in astonishment and then I get a pissed off face on and March my butt back over to the bleachers.

"Hey where are you going!" Calum shouts running over.

"Luke used her as a sex toy! That's like fucking horrible." I say.

"That's Luke Hemmings the bad boy of this school for you." Calum says.

He sits down next to me.

"Luke really does like you." He says.

"I refuse to believe that I'm not even his friend." I say crossing my arms watching Luke as I speak.

Him and Brittany are still arguing but I can't hear them.

"Then how come you have his number? Only very few people get his number." Calum says.

"Well I guess your right." I say looking at the floor.

"Come on its your second day. Liven up and come play basketball with us." He says pulling me up.

"Ok but don't get mad when I stomp your ass in the ground." I say smirking.

"Actually I'm going to beat your ass-" Calum said but stopped.

"Ok that was so sexual I'm done." He says laughing.

"I want Parris on our team!" Michael yells.

"Wanna be on me and michaels team?" Calum asks.

"We're called Malum and Luke and Ashton are called lashton" michaels says.

"Sure." I say.

Luke walks back over from yelling and he seems wore out.

I just ignore him because I'm still mad that he uses girls as sex toys.

We play and I make a few baskets.

Malum (Us) won the first two matches and team lashton won the third.

Soon the sub walked in and told us to all go change.

I changed back into my out fit And me and el walked out.

"Your good a basketball." She says.

"You were watching us?!" I say.

"Well yeah it's kind of hard to miss you were with the bad boys and you were the only girl. Not even Brittany did anything with them." She says.

"Sure she didn't." I mumble.

I walk to science class and Luke's there OF COURSE.

I sit down and ignore Luke by not even looking at him.

"Hey come on why are you ignoring me?" He shakes me.

The teacher walks in.

I text him.

Me: because you used her as a sex toy and she did the same.

Luke looked at me.

I felt it but I ignored.

Luke: I have tons of them it's just for fun ;)

Me: well I'm will never be one so stop talking to me because I know that's all you want.

Luke puts his phone down really loudly and a few people look back.

Luke is tearing up.

What the Fuck?!

"Luke what's wrong?" I say.

"Fuck off." He says.

I hold it in I hold all my comebacks in.

I avoid him although he apologizes like 50 times as science class ends and all the way to my locker.

"Ok I forgive you!" I shout.

"Now how about you fuck off." I say.

Everyone had left except a couple of people like his friends but they were in there own huddle chatting.

Luke slammed me up against a locker.


He kissed all down neck and up again.

He kissed me fully on the lips I just let him do it I didn't kiss back or do anything I just let him have his moment so that he would fuck off.

"Get some Luke!" Ashton yelled.

I then push Luke off.

And I walk out texting Kate how my day went.

Luke's pov:

"She's hard to get." Luke sighed.

"Yeah I don't think she likes you." Calum says.

That's when I shove him into a locker.

"Dude no fighting right now." Michael says shoving me.

Michaels pov:

We get to The house that me,Calum,Ashton,And Luke share.

We walk in and then I remember the party that we are having next week on Friday.

"Hey! I have an idea for our party next week." I shout.

Luke's all mad typing hard on his phone.

I roll my eyes.


"She answered me." Calum says looking up from his phone.

"Guys! We could do a no theme party! Where you come however you want like in a costume or casual clothes or sexy clothes." I say.

"Yeah about that party when are we going to start handing out the invites to everyone?" Ashton asks.

"We need to start on Wednesday." I say.

Parris's pov:

Me and my dad get home and I run up to my room.

I FaceTime Eleanor.

"I hate this place."

"Oh come on Luke isn't that bad."

"Yes yes he is!"

"So anyways are you going to the party next week on Friday?"

"What party?"

"Oh I forgot your new."


"Ok so it's a party that everyone even nerds get invited to and its held in this HUGE mansion. Luke and his crew run it every year. It's kind of like a back to school type thing and there is usually a theme."

"Wow. Sounds fun but if Luke's there hell no."

"Your going whether you like it or not." She says.

"I'm going to do my homework bye." I say.

I get out my home work and go to the back yard.

Michael and Calum were outback.

"Hey I didn't know you all lived here." I say leaning on the fence.

They turn to look at me.

"Aw cool were neighbors!" Michael yells.

I laugh.

"Hey we're having a party on Friday and it's a no theme so we were wondering if you were coming." Calum asked.

"I might." I mumble.

"Don't worry about Luke." Michael says.

"Yeah we're is he anyways?" I ask.

Ashton walks out.

"Ok it's one of your all's turn to pry Luke off of the couch. He sitting there all balled up and I don't know if he's cry OH HEY THERE." Ashton says.

"Hey Ash." I say.

He smiles at his nickname.

"You should go in." Michael says to me.

Was he talking to me?!

They keep begging and begging.

"FINE!" Is shout.

They all cheer.

"Go in." Calum says pushing me inside.

I glare at him and he puts his hands up.

I walk in and sure enough he is in a ball on the couch with his phone on just playing games.

I guess he hears me because he gets mad.

"Calum go away I already fucking told you I'm not going to get up after what she texted me in science!" He shouts.

"Luke it's me." I say.

He shoots up.

"Oh what do you want?"he growls.

"Well hello to you too." I say.

I sit down on the couch.

"Luke I'm going to say this one more time." I say.

Your not my type." I say.

He smirks.

"That can change." He states and then walks up stairs.

What did I just do?

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