Dont give in (l.h)

"Luke your not my type." I say.

"That can change." He says.


8. •Chapter 7•

*skip to monday*

I get into the shower after my mom having to pry me out of bed.

I didn't get any sleep last night.

My mind was debating on believing if luke liked me or not.

I get out of the shower and brush my hair.

I then blow dry it.

I walk into my closet searching for something to wear.

I put on a maroon college 87 t-shirt.

After putting my my bra and underwear on of course.

I then put on my black skinny jeans with rips in the knees.

I put on my black and white vans.

I apply my mascara and then brush my teeth.

"Parris lets go!" My dad yells from down stairs.

I roll my eyes and push my self from the counter.

I grab my bag and phone and shoot down stairs.

"Coming." I say.

"Let's go let's go." He says looking at his watch rushing out.

"Honey here's a biscuit and your not late he just likes being early." My mom whispers.

"Parris come on!" My dad says peeking in.

I run out the door and get into the car.

My phone gets a text.

New iMessage from Luke.

Luke: stay away from Brittany today.

"Who's that?" My dad says peeking over.

I quickly turn my phone over.

"No one." I say.

Why did I have to stay away from Brittany today?

My dad could tell that I was lying.

"Bye Hun." He says and I climb out.

"Bye." I say back.

Eleanor is waiting for me at her locker.

"Hey El what's up?" I say because her face is purple from her holding her breath.

"OK! I can't hold it in anymore!" She shouts.

"What?" I say.

"Luke is breaking up with Brittany today!" She says excited.

"Really? So that's why Luke texted me-" I say.

"Wait?! Luke texts you?! Your like the luckiest new student ever!" She squeals.

I close my locker.

"What did Luke say?" She says as we walk into the class room.

"He told me to stay away from Brittany." I say.

She slaps a look on her face that makes her look guilty.

We sit down and she starts chewing on her nails.

I noticed that she does that when she's nervous.

"Ok what's going on? What are you not telling me?" I say.

"I-I-I can't tell you." She says.

"Fine then." I say getting mad at her.

She try's to talk to me the rest of the class but I ignore her.

The bell finally rings and I get up.

"Please talk to me." El says.

"How about you tell me then?" I say as we walk out.

She looks over at Luke at his locker.

I follow her eyes.

He seems happier than usual.

"I need to tell you something. In the bathroom." Eleanor whispers.

"When?" I say.

"Next class at 11:30 exactly k?" She says.

I nod.

Then we go our separate ways to our classes.

I walk into my next class and sit by a random person not even caring who it was.

I look over and see Brittany starring at me.

That when I Remembered what Luke had told me.

To stay away from Brittany today.

I quickly stumbled up not taking my eyes off of her looking at her like there was a demon behind her or something.

She gave me a weird Look.

As I was walking backwards trying to find another seat with my hands I ran into someone.

"Um sorry." I say turning around.

"It's cool." He says sitting down.

He had blonde hair.

"May I sit here?" I ask looking around to see all the other seats were takin.

"Of course." He says.

I sit down my stuff down and myself as well.

"So are you new here?" He asks me.

"Uh actually yeah. Friday was my first day." I say.

"Nice." He says.

"So what's your name?" I ask him.

"Niall and you?" He asks.

"Parris." I say.

"Wow that's such a cool name." He says.

"Thanks."I say.

"No prob" he smiles.

The teacher comes in a nod I nearly fall asleep on the lesson.

Then I remember I'm supposed to meet el.

At 11:30.

"May I use the restroom?" I say walking up to his desk.

"Yes" he says.

I scurry to the bathroom.

I see Luke at his locker.

I look back as I pass him.

And he's smiling at his phone while he types something.

Then I get a text.

New iMessage from Luke.

Luke: hey. :-)

I look back at Luke again.

He's still smiling.

Why the hell was he smiling?

"Hey Luke." I say smiling.

He looks up quickly.

"Oh hey sexy." He smirks.

He walks up to me.

"No no no. I don't have time for your shit right now I have to go do something." I say pushing him away.

I run to the bathroom.

Eleanor is standing there starring at herself in the mirror playing with her face.

"El?" I say.

She jumps and awkwardly grabs the sink and turns around.

"Ok so what I wanted to tell you was." She says taking a deep breath.

"IheardLuketalkingonthephonewithhisbritherbeninthebathroomyesterdayattheicecreamshopandhesayed UGH I JUST CANT!" She says.

I just stand there completely confused.

"What?" I say.

She stays silent.

I walk out.

What the fuck is up with this big secret?!

She's driving me nuts!

I walk back to where the locker area is.

Luke is gone.

"Thank god." I mumble.

I walk back into the classroom.

*skip to lunch*

I'm once again not hungry for some reason so I don't get anything.

I sit with Eleanor except on the other side of the table.

"Parris I wish I could tell you." She says.

"Why not?!" I say frustrated.

"Because I promised Luke." She says.

"Luke is keeping you from this?! That's it." I say getting up and walking over to Luke.

He's not at the table he's usually at.

New iMessage from unknown number.

Now who's this?!

#:hey this is Calum and uh Luke wanted you to meet him at his locker.

I put in his contact.


I go down the hall way to the lockers.

Luke is leaning up against his.

"Yes?" I say.

"Oh um I just wanted to tell you that I'm breaking up with Brittany in gym today." He says.

"Wow. But why?" I ask.

He stuttered and blinks his eyes a lot.

"I don't know." He finally says.

"Ok well that's great." I say.

"Yeah and the best part is is that Brittany's popularity will go down so fast and then she'll be a nobody." Luke states.

"I'm still curious why?" I say.

"Well." He says playing with his feet.

"I don't think you should. You all seem happy. I really don't think you should. " I say.

"But um we we've been having uh fights yeah lots of fights." He stutters out.

"It will all work out don't do it." I say.

Luke's pov:

Why was she saying this?!

I'm doing this breakup so I could focus on getting her but she wants me with that slut!

She starts to walk away.

"Parris wait." I say.

She turns around.

"Yeah?" She says.

"Um I won't do it." I say.

"Luke I was kidding do what you want." She laughs.

really?! She was fucking kidding?!

"Fine then I will." I say.

She nods.

"Why are you being so nice?" She asks.

"What do you mean?" I say but knowing what she meant.

"Well Friday through Sunday you were an annoying ass fucker but now your nice." She says.

I can feel my eyes glass over and my body tense over.

I don't know how to be nice.

I will ruin my bad boy image if I go all soft.

What do I do?

Well all I know for a fact is that Brittany is soon to be history.

"You ok?" She says waving her hand in my face.

I snap out of my world.

"Oh yeah just thinking." I say.

"Bye sexy." I say.

You know what I have to do something that will prove to her that I'm not nice.

She starts to walk away as I say that.

I catch up to her.

We get to the lunch room.

Ok I need to find a girl to make out with.

Umm aha Kylie reins.

eww no never mind.

Um Jackie!

Yeah Jackie.

I walk over to Jackie and flirt with her while Parris watches because I'm right in front of her table.

I slam her up against the wall and make out with her.

She tastes gross.

I quickly pull away.

After I notice that Parris is playing with her straw.

"Fuck off now." I say to Jackie through gritted teeth then I push her away.

I walk back over to my crew mad that Parris didn't care.

I fix my shirt looking at her and walking over to my table.

I run into Brittany and her food goes all over her.

"LUKE!" She yells.

"Aww sorry babe." I say and everyone in the lunchroom laughs as I take pics.

I laugh as she walks past me and notice that Parris is still playing with her straw and Eleanor is waving her hand in front of her face.

She must be thinking.

Parris's pov:

Why did Luke do that?

Is all that was raising through my mind.

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