Dont give in (l.h)

"Luke your not my type." I say.

"That can change." He says.


7. •Chapter 6•

I wake up at about 8am.

Only because it's Saturday and I would have slept in later but my mom was in there opening the curtains.

"Morning Hun." She says.

I get up.

"Mornin." I say back.

I get up and do my business and then brush my teeth.

"You know what mom I think that I'm going to go swim." I say.

Closing the bathroom door to change.

I put my hair in a messy bun and then I put on my hot pink 2 piece bathing suit.

It's the one that you tie the top on one around the neck and the other around your back.

"I will come out there later." My mom says.

"K." I say back.

I grab a towel and then I make my way outside.

It's hot and humid.

I put my towel on a chair and then I stick my feet in.

I hear a door open and I look up.

Luke fucking Hemmings came out.

He looks up from his phone and his eyes go wide.

I ignore him and put on my sunglasses.

"Hey sexy." He says hoping over the fence.

"What Luke." I say taking my sunglasses back off.

He doesn't say anything he just smirks and sits by me.

"Go away." I say back.

He takes off his pants and I literally give up then.

"Ok good bye." I say getting up.

That's when he pushed me in and then jumps in after wards.


"What?" He smirks.

Then Luke's phone goes off.

He grabs it from his pants on the edge of the pool and answers it.

"What Brittany?" He says in a growl.

Wow I thought she was his girlfriend.

I would be scared to be his girlfriend.

"No I'm sick and fucking tired of you doing stupid shit to new students ok?!" He shouts.

I try to you know ignore him by swimming around.

"No you know what we gotta talk on Monday." He says.

"Yeah fuck you too." He says and then hangs up.

He puts his phone back in his pants.

"What was that all about?" I say.

Luke quickly turns to me.

"Don't worry about it." He whispers with a smile and then starts to push me up against the pool.

He kisses me and then I push him off.

"Stop Luke." I say and then I climb out of the pool.

He grabs the strings of my bathing suit and it makes my top go limp.

"LUKE!" I yell holding the top over my boobs.

He smirks and bites his lip ring then gets out with me.

"Tie it." I hiss.

"Sure." He says.

But he doesn't fucking tie it.

Yeah instead he cups by boobs INSIDE THE TOP.

He then starts to kiss up my neck and for some reason I let him and I even gave him more room by moving my neck.

"I know you want me." He whispers against my neck.

"No actually I don't." I say.

"Will please just tie it?" I say nicely.

He rolls his eyes then ties them.

"Thank you." I murmur.

He walks over and grabs MY TOWEL.

"What the hell?!" I say as he covers up with it.

My mom comes outside to sit on the back porch and then Luke quickly puts the towel around me and then kisses my forehead.

He grabs his pants and he then does the worst thing ever in front of my parents.

He grabs my butt and squeezed it while giving me a kiss.

He then hoped over the fence and by that time I was pissed.

My mom smiled at me.

"We are not dating." I state.

"Sure did look like it." She says.

"Well we're not. I just met him yesterday. And I would never date him." I say.

She rolls her eyes while smiling and then I stomp up the stairs and into my room.

I take a shower and then I get out and brush my hair.

I blow dry my hair after that.

I pick out something cute to wear.

I pick out a galaxy shirt that has a white strip on the shoulders and it says 08 Chicago.

Then I put on black Victoria secret leggings and then put on galaxy combat looking boots.

I put my hair up in a messy bun and then apply my mascara.

I walk out and sit down at my laptop.

I click on FaceTime and I call Kate.

She answers on the first ring.

"Parris!!! Hey!"

"Hey Kate."

"How are you? And OMG LOVE YOUR TOP!!!"

"I'm good and thanks I see its night back in Cali."

I sigh.

"Don't be sad Parris your living a better life anyways."

I chuckle at her reply.

"That's what you think but it's hell here. The school bad boy Luke Hemmings always fucks around with me."

"Awe sorry about that maybe he likes you."

"Luke does not like me. He does this to like all of the girls."

"Oh. Well I need to go to sleep. Talk to you tomorrow."

"Ok bye Kate."

I hang up and then i grab my phone.

I had a text from an unknown number.

#: hey sexy😘😏

Ok this has to be Luke.

Me: Luke is this you.

I already added him into my contacts.

Luke: yeah babe. ❤️

Me: Luke stop calling me babe!

Luke: you like it😏

Me: no I don't 😁

Luke: I know you like it.😘

Me: Like what?

Luke: my kisses 😏

Me: no I don't in fact I find them rather annoying.

Luke: then why did you move your neck giving me more room?

Me: Luke I don't like you.

Luke: sure ;-)

Me: go away!

Luke: 😘

I just stop texting him and then I put my phone in my hand duh...

I walk down stairs and eat some cereal.

"Hey." My dad says with his feet propped up on the coffee table.

"Hey." I say back.

"What's wrong?" He says.

Wow. Is it noticeable that I hate Luke Hemmings?

"Nothing I'm going to go for a walk." I say and then I walk outside.

"OMG hey Parris!" I hear someone say.

I look back from checking Twitter.

It was Brittany.

"Fuck off slut." I say.

She steps in front of me.

"Excuse me?" She says.

"I said fuck off slut and if you didn't hear that I'm guessing you need to go clean your ears out." I say.

She glares at me.

"You think your so bad because your pretty." She says.

"Actually I don't think I'm pretty. And I don't think I'm bad I just have good comebacks unlike you." I state.

"That's it!" She stomps.

I chuckle at her.

"Stop laughing at me bitch!" She yells.

I laugh while turning around and I run into Her again.

"Move." I say.

"No bitch." She says

I turn back around.

"Nope." She says running in front of me.

"Ok I'm not going to hurt you but I'm almost there." I say.

"Do it." She sasses.

"Leave her the fuck alone." I hear someone say.

It's one of Luke's friends.

He had black hair with a blonde streak at the front where his bangs were.

"Calum shut up." She says.

"Thanks but I don't need your help calum." I say pushing past him getting back on my phone.

I hear Brittany stomp off and then I hear footsteps running.

Calum grabs my shoulder.

"Hey I was just trying to help." He says.

"I know but I didn't need it." I say.

"Well anyways I'm calum and you are Parris right?" He says.

"Yeah what do you want?" I say.

"I wanna be friends." He says.

"I saw you and Luke in your pool." He whispers.

"Ugh." I say.

"He likes you." He says.

"Well yeah he like very girl that fucks with him but not me." I say.

"No he actually has a major crush on you. Eleanor told me that she heard him talking on the phone yesterday with his big brother Ben about how amazing you are." He says.

I chuckle.

"Shut up. Pretending Luke likes me does not make me feel better." I say.

Calum shrugs and walks off.

What a lie. I only met him yesterday and I'm not his type.

And he's not mine.

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