Dont give in (l.h)

"Luke your not my type." I say.

"That can change." He says.


6. •Chapter 5•

"Nevermind." I say changing my mind.

Maybe it's better that she doesn't know that Luke kissed me.

"No your going to tell me now." She says starting up the car.

I texted my mom and told her where I was going.

"What happened?" Eleanor kept asking.

"Luke and I-" I say.

"KISSED?!" She shouts.

"yes." I say.

"Are you fucking crazy Parris?!" She shouts.

"Brittany is going to make your life a living hell! You better be glad you were popular at your old school because if you weren't she would embarrass the shit out of you!" She says.

"But it wasn't me! It was Luke who kissed me! He kissed me! I didn't even kiss him back I told him to fuck off!" I say.

"Luke will just twist it around." She mumbles.

"You know what does it matter?" I say.

"It matters because your my friend." She says.

We both shut up until we pulled up to the parking place.

I saw through the window that Luke his crew and Brittany with some of the cheerleaders were there.

When I got out of the car Brittany glared at me and her eyes followed me until I got in.

"Just don't look." Eleanor whispers through gritted teeth.

"Hey how come your not with them?" I ask her.

"Because I'm not popular." She shrugs.

I leave it at that because the cashier comes up.

"Two vanillas." Eleanor says.

She pays and I pay for mine and we sit down outside.

We were enjoying our ice cream for at least 20 minutes until Eleanor came out and said it.

"Ok Luke has not stopped starring at you since you got here." She says starring him down.

"Please tell me you don't like him." Eleanor wines.

"Eleanor he's not my type." I say.

"Good." She says.

Eleanor's pov:

I walk back in without Parris because she is still eating.

I walk to the trash can and throw my napkins away.

I glance over and Luke isn't over there anymore.

Sheesh I have to pee now.

I walk down the Hall to the public bathroom.

I hear Luke talking on the phone.

"Ben I really like this girl."

I hear him say.

I wonder who he's talking about?

"Yes she's new." He says

My face flushed.

Although I kept listening.

"I think I should break up with that slut Brittany then her popularity will die and Parris will take her spot. Man you should see her she's gorgeous." I hear him say.

"I know we just met today but still." He says.

"There you are what are you doing?" Parris comes over saying.

Luke swings the door open.

"We're you seriously ease dropping Eleanor?!" He says pissed.

"What?! Eleanor!" Parris yells at me.

Parris pov:

"Luke I'm sorry." She says.

I look at Eleanor and then back at Luke he's squinting at her.

"We need to talk." Luke says through gritted teeth at her.

He takes her to another area.

Luke's pov:

I can't believe she heard me or did she?

"Now tell me! What did you hear?" I say.

"I heard that you liked Parris and that you called Brittany a slut." She says.

"Don't tell Parris that I like her. She'll think I'm weak." I say.

"I promise." She Says.

"Good because if you do. Your screwed." I say I push her out of my way and back to the bathroom to get my phone.

Parris the perfect girl is standing there waiting for Eleanor.

But I'm the bad boy of school so I have to put up a fight to get her because she doesn't like me.

"What did you do to her?" She says.

Parris pov:

"I didn't do anything." He says grabbing his phone.

I guess I might as well use the bathroom while I'm here.

Luke's still in there checking his phone but I walk in anyway.

"Out. I have to pee." I say.

He looked up to see who it was and he smirked.

He walked past me and locked the door.

I stayed silent.

"Don't be scared." He whispered against my neck and then started to kiss down my neck.

"Stop Luke." I say.

"Mmmm no." He says.

I manage to push him away and unlock the door.

"Where were you?" Eleanor asks pulling me to come on because Brittany was getting up.

"No where Eleanor now let's go I'm tired." I say.

We walk out to the car and drive away.

Why was Luke doing this to me!

I know he does this to lots of girls to get them to fuck with him but why me?!

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