Dont give in (l.h)

"Luke your not my type." I say.

"That can change." He says.


5. •Chapter 4•

Well it's time to go to the last class thank goodness.

I just hope Brittany isn't in there.

I walk in and go to the teachers desk since everyone is sitting with a partner.

"Ah you must be Parris Whiteside?" He says.

"Yes sir." I say back.

"Well since we are in partners you will have to be paired up with ummmm." He says looking down the partners list.

"Ah Luke hemmings." He says.

"But he's usually not here." He also adds in.

I take a seat in the very very back where he points to.

I can not believe I am partners with Luke I'm going to get murdered.

"Hm alright everyone seems to be here beside of course Mr.Hemmings.

"Actually I'm right here sir." Luke says bursting through the door.

"Mhm nice for you to join." The teacher says.

Luke smirks when he sees that I'm his partner.

"Hey babe." He says sitting down.

"I'm not your babe and I never will be." I say.

"Oh please. I saw the way you look at me. You want me." He whispers.

"No I don't." I say back.

The teacher hands out a worksheet and I never do work so I just get on my phone and text Kate.

That's when I feel a hand on my knee.

I look down to see that it's Luke's.

I roll my eyes.

He slides up to my thigh.

"Luke stop." I say.

"What are going to do about it?" He asks smirking.

"You are so annoying." I say.

"Watch who your talking to." He says.

I look at him like he's stupid.

"Don't you have to go fuck Brittany or some other girl?" I say.

He laughs.

The bell rang and I got out of there faster than lightning.

"Are you alright?" Eleanor asks me as I rush to get my things out of my locker.

"I'll tell you later." I say.

"Hey wait!" She shouts at.

"Yeah?" I say turning around.

"Do you want to go get ice cream I can pick you up in a little while?" She asks.

"Sure." I say.

I walk out and see my dad there and then I get in.

"So how was school?" He asks.

I can't tell him anything.

"It was good." I say.

"Great." He says.

We pull into the driveway and I scramble out.

I put my stuff down in my room and text Eleanor.

Me: Hey my address is 1811 Forest falls😁

💗EL💗: ok be there in 10 minutes😘

Me: k👍🏼

I decide to grab the homework I have and I went out to the back yard.

It had a pool and a chain link fence around our backyard.

I was doing my work when I heard someone talking on a phone.

I looked up to see Luke on the other side of my fence.

I quickly scrambled for my phone.

Me: we have a prob!!!!

💗EL💗: what?!

Me: Luke is my neighbor!

💗EL💗: :(

I put down my phone and try to continue to do my work but I feel eyes on me.

"What Luke?" I say without looking up knowing he's starring.

"Well well well I see your my neighbor." Luke says leaning on my fence.

"Yep." I say walking over.

"Now go fuck your sex buddies." I say.

"Hey watch it." He says.

"Or what?" I say.

"I might just kiss you." He says hopping over the fence.

"Luke if my parents see you back here-" I say.

"Relax babe relax." He says holding my face smirking.

I just glare at him.

"You know I think it's cute that you hate me." He says.

"Yeah well I-" I say but I couldn't finish because Luke kissed me but I didn't kiss back i pushed him off.

"Luke fuck off." I say.

He hopped the fence and went back into his house.

I can not believe that just happened.

I heard a car pull up and saw it was Eleanor.

"Hey el!" I say running to her car.

"Hey!" She says.

"I need to tell you something." I say.

"Which is?" She asks.

"Um." I say.

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