Dont give in (l.h)

"Luke your not my type." I say.

"That can change." He says.


3. •Chapter 2•

"Sweetie wake up were here!" I wake up to my mom saying.

I yawn and stretch and get my vision back.

The airport was huge.

And very crowded.

"We need help you know?!" My dad and the taxi driver shouts from the back.

Me and my mom climb out and grab our own luggage.

I manage to carry all three bags including the bag on my back which is my travel bag all the way to the Cunvayer belt.

Someone comes over the loud speaker and announces our flight can board.

We all boarded the plane.

"Ok so here's the thing. One of us will have to sit alone since there is only two to a seat." My dad says.

"Oh I'll sit alone. You and mom sit with each other." I say.

"Are you sure sweetie?" My mom says.

"Yes mom I'm not 5 and will you please stop calling me sweetie?" I say.

"She's growing up Kelly." I hear my dad say as I turned to my seat.

I sit down and a little girl sits beside me.

She looks really young like 13.

"Hi." She says.

I guess she must have saw that I was starring at her.

"Oh hello." I say.

"Your really pretty." She says turning to me.

"Same to you." I say.

"So where are you coming from?" She says.

"Fresno and you?" I ask.

"Florence." She says.

"Where's Florence?" I say.

It almost sounds like a beach.

"Oh it's a small beach right outside of Fresno on the coast with a small school and some shops." She says.

"That's cool that you lived on a beach." I say.

"Yep. Well I'll talk to you later I'm going to sleep." She says and turns to sleep.

I then pull out my laptop and plugged up my beats headphones they are sky blue.

I get into YouTube and search up funniest vines of 2015. After that got boring and then I switched to fail army 2k15.

I believe I've had enough laugh and near throw up moments for today.

I take out my headphones and as I do I look around and see that I'm one of the few that are not asleep.

I put my things up and then doze of to sleep from the faint humming noise of the turbines.


I wake up to the loud speaker.

"Attention all passengers we will be landing in about 20 minutes so please put away all electronics thank you." A flight attendant says.

The little girl beside me finally woke up.

Before I about said good morning I looked at the clock and since we were in Australia the time had a major change.

It was 3:10pm in the afternoon.

"Good afternoon." I say to her.

"Hey." She says rubbing her eyes.

"So I forgot to ask, what's your name?" I say to her.

"My name is Anna and you?" She says.

"My name is Parris." I say back.

"Aw cool! Like Paris,France?" She says.

"Well actually my name is spells with two R's." I say chuckling at her excitement.

"I wish I was you." She says while staring at me.

"Why?" I say.

"Because I know you will be popular at the high school in Sydney and you seem to be a junior. How old are you?" She says.

"Oh well I'm 17 and your in high school?" I say shocked.

"No no my sister Eleanor is though and she's who I'm coming to live with. You should make friends with my sister there she's a cheerleader and could get you a spot on the team but I'm sure you won't have any trouble." She says.

"Alright thanks." I say.

"Attention all passengers,we will be landing in 1 minute please buckle up.

Everyone buckles up and some people put the breathing mask on.

"You ever flew before?!" Anna yells over the noise of the plane as we decended.

"Yeah quite a few times but never here!" I shout back over.

She nods and there is finally peace which means we have landed.

Everyone got off the plane and I scrambled to find my parents.

They saw me and waved there arms.

I run over to them pushing through the crowd.

We grab our luggage and then push out of the crowd to a bench.

"I'm going to call a taxi." My dad says motioning us to follow him outside.

He hauls a taxi and we put our things in the trunk.

We get in and I check my phone which I haven't checked in at least 12 hours.

New iMessage from Kate.

I click on her name.

✨Kate✨: hey how is everything?

Me: it's fine. Just got off the plane.😋

She doesn't respond so I put away my phone.

That's when my mom tugs on my sleeve.

"Come on we're here." She says and with that we climb out.

"Woah." I say looking at a 2 story house almost as big as our one back home.

"Want me to show you your room?" She says.

"Well yeah!" I say and we run upstairs.

"What did you all do pay house makeover people to do this house?" I say as we get to my room.

"Actually yes." She says and opens my door.

It was so beautiful.

It had a zebra print bed with cheetah print And red fluffy pillows.

Then I had a 32" inch tv mounted to the wall.

Below it there was a big vanity where I put my make up.

Then in front of the window was a desk that looked out onto the opera house.

I had my very own bathroom and a walk in closet with tons of clothes already in it.

"Wow. Thank you." I say hugging my mom and dad as he walks in.

"Its our pleasure." My dad states.

"Well I'm going to get started on dinner we are having pizza and we need to discuss something at the table in about 20 minutes." My mom says and they walk out.

I set all of my things up and pictures of me and Kate and my other friends on my shelves and by my bed where the night stand is with a glow in the dark yellow lamp with a fancy alarm clock that is sky blue.

I finally get to FaceTime Kate.

As soon as I do she answers.

"PARRIS!!!!! I MISS YOU!!!!" She squeals.

"I miss you too Kate!" I say.

"Soo." She says smirking.

"What?" I say.

"Show me your room stupid!" She says clapping.

Yes I admit she's quite prissy unlike me.

I'm girly yet I can get dirty.

I show her my room and she freaks at everything she sees.

"LUCKY!!!!" She wines.

I hear a knock at my door and my mom walks in.

"It's time to eat." She says and walks back out.

"Kate I have to go I'll talk to you tomorrow." I say.

"Aww bye!" She says.

I let her hang up and I walked out and downstairs.

"So what are we going to discuss." I say as we all sit down.

"Alright." My dad says.

"Honey your going to start school Tomorrow." My mom says.

"But why can't I wait until Monday?" I say.

"Because I've already called the school and everything is set up." She says.

"But your forgetting something. I don't have any school supplies." I say.

"Actually,I'm one step ahead of you." She says.

She gets up and brings in three big bags.

"We got you this shoulder bag." My mom says while pulling it out of the bag.

I loved it because it was sky blue and it had 'PINK' in big black bold letter on it just like my shirt.

"I love it." I say.

"And I got you 4 binders for each class and those expensive pencils that are like ten dollars a piece just so you will do good." She says.

"Thanks mom." I say.

"Hey me too!" My dad says with his mouth full.

"Thank you too." I say laughing.


After I finish all of my pizza I sit back.

"Well I'm going to get ready for bed." I say.

I dart up the stairs and into my bathroom.

I take a shower.

Then I brush my teeth and hair.

I blow dry it then I change into a tank top and booty shorts.

I glance over at the alarm clock on my night stand it read 10:45pm.

I climbed into bed and set the alarm for 7:00am.

I then drift asleep.

Friday morning


I wake up to my alarm clock going off.

I stumble out of bed and slap it.

I stretch and yawn then I go into the bathroom.

I do my business then I get ready.

I take a shower.

I then brush my hair and teeth.

I walk into my closet and change into an reddish orange tank top and some high waisted Jean shorts with rips.

I put on my converses that I had on yesterday.

I put on my Indian head band. The ones that go across your forehead.

It was zig zagged and dotted with all kinds of colors.

I finally applied my mascara and then I ran down stairs after grabbing my phone.

"Come on Parris were going to be late." My dad says tapping his foot.

"But I haven't even had breakfast yet." I say.

My mom hands me a bagel.

"Ok well thanks bye mom." I say and we get into my dads Kia.

"So you excited?" My dad says.

"More like paranoid." I say.

He laughs.

"Oh please you'll do fine." He says.

"Alright." I say sarcastically.

"We'll have a good day." He says.

"Bye dad." I say and get out.

"Oh and don't forget go straight to the office!" He shouts.

I give him a thumbs up and wave.

I walk up to the school doors.

Alright that's chapter 2 down! If you don't like it give me some things you would like to happen and then I will make an arrangement! Please like and please please Comment! AND ESPECIALLY FAVORITE so that you will get notified when I update!



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