Dont give in (l.h)

"Luke your not my type." I say.

"That can change." He says.


13. •Chapter 12•


Wednesday morning.


Parris's pov:

I wake up with my head throbbing.

I try to get up but there is a tight grasp around me.

I look over to see Luke sleeping like a baby.

Oh fuck did we have sex last night?!

I shake him hard.

"Luke wake up wake up!" I say.

"Hm?" He says squeezing me tighter.

"Did we fuck last night?" I ask nervously.

"Nope. I told you that I'm not going to pressure you." He whispers.

He sit up.

"Then why am I in your bed and why are you in it with me?" I ask.

"You fell in the bathroom at the club last night and it didn't hurt you but you were so wasted that you were out cold so we left and I placed you in my bed and then you asked me if I would stay so I did." He explains.

"Oh. I'm starting to remember that." I say.

"We're late for school." I say looking at my phone it read 9:50am.

"It's ok one day won't hurt." He says.

"Calum went right because he will get suspended." I say.

"Yeah the boys went we didn't." He says smiling.

I smile back.

"You know I believe that you really are changing." I say to him.

"You think?" He says scrunching up his nose.

"Luke that is so cute I just wanna boop." I say booping his nose.

He giggles.

"But you could be faking that's the bad thing." I frown.

"No no I'm not I'm not really. Your actually a girl that I actually love and always will because your different and I love you." He says.

Do I love him back?

Is it ok to love someone you just met a week ago?

"I which I could say it back but you have to prove it to me a bit longer." I say.

My phone gets a text.

It's from my mom.

"Oh shit this can't be good." I say clicking on it.

"What?" Luke asks.

"I think the principal just called my mom about not being there." I say.

I click on her name.

Mom: why are you not at school?

Me: I feel sick.

Mom: there is some medicine for stomach aches and headaches on the top of the refrigerator.

Me: ok thanks.

Mom: get well soon! You best not be lying.

Me: I'm not :(

I put down my phone.

"I just lied to my mom." I say.

"You rebel." Luke says smiling.

I roll my eyes.

"So are you a virgin?" He asks.

"No are you crazy?!" I laugh.

"You just seem like a good girl." Luke smirks.

"Good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught." I smile.

"You've been caught by me." He winks.

"So what do you want to do today?" I ask.

"Well I was thinking I could take you out?" He says nervously.

"Luke were not-" I say.

"I know I know just as friends." He says.

"Sounds better." I say.

"Well I'm going to run home and get ready." I say.

"What's wrong with what your wearing?" Luke asks.

"I'm not going out in my party clothes." I chuckle.

"Why not?" He asks.

"Because people will think I'm a sl-" I begin to say.

"Don't say that your not." He says.

"Ok fine since you won't let me go home I'm going to have to get ready here." I state.

"Alright." He smirks.

I walk into his bathroom.

"Where are the towels?" I say.

"Just use mine." He says.

"Ew no." I say.

"Why not?" He asks.

"What if you cummed on it?" I whisper.

"Shut up." He says throwing his pillow at the door.

I laugh and then close the door.

Luke's pov:

I just wish she really knew how much I love her.

I used to not believe at love at first sight but now I do.

She's so perfect and so much better than others yet she doesn't know which makes her even more perfect.

I go into the other boys room and take my shower.

Parris's pov:

I get out and use Luke's brush to come my hair.

He has a blow drier so I use that.

I put on my clothes from last night which smell like Luke's cologne.

I apply my mascara then I get under the cabinet and find extra toothbrushes.

I then walk out and Luke is sitting on his bed all in his daily wear.

"Smexy." Luke says.

"That's so last year." I say rolling my eyes.

He laughs.

"So where are we going?" I ask.

"We are going to the beach!" He says.

"Yay!" I shout in excitement.

"I haven't been to this beach yet." I say.

"Well you will." He says.

He grabs my hand And I grab my phone as he pulls me down stairs in to his car.


We get to the beach and I jump out.

"It's so pretty in the mornings." I say looking out at it.

"Mhm." He says sliding his hand around my waist.

I think I'm starting to fall for him.

After all he has proved that he's not joking with that promise.

I though for sure he would have drank and fucked some girls last night but he didn't.

"Luke I think it's time I give you a chance." I say.

"You what?" He says.

"I'm giving you a chance." I say.

"Wow. This is great." He says smiling bright.

"So um Parris will you be my girlfriend?" He asks.

"Of course." I say kissing his cheek.

Not sure how long this will last.

"Hey do you think that Michael really broke up with that Sadie chic?" I ask as we walk down the beAch.

"Nah I saw them last night at the club shredding on one another." Luke chuckles.

Of course.

"So who was that girl that you promised sex to the other day?" I ask smirking.

"Oh daisy? She's a sex buddy but all mine are gone now your the only person that I will be fucking." He says leaning down kissing me on the lips.

"You'll have to earn it." I whisper and I run away.

"Hey get back here!" He yells and he chases me.

I splash through the tide with my flip flops on.

He tackles me and we fall in the sand.

We laugh our asses off.

A old couple walks by giving us dirty looks and Luke's flips them off.

"Luke! Don't do that." I say slapping him playfully.

"What?" He smirks.


It's been two hours and we are just now leaving the beach.

"What time is it?" I say.

"1:38pm" Luke says looking at his phone.

He gets a text then.

"who is it?" I ask.

"Brittany? What the hell does she want?" He says looking at the message.

He puts his phone to where we can both see it.

Brittany: hey tell your new sex buddy Parris that she's a slut and needs to move back to Cali. So you can be mine. I know you still want me.

Luke: no I don't. .-.

Brittany: oh please Luke. You've busted my pussy so much I'm surprised it's not as big as a fucking soccer ball. ;)

Luke looks at me.

I'm just trying to get that disgusting message out of my head.

Luke: your sick fuck off Brittany I want nothing to do with your slutty ass.

Brittany: I'll make you want me just wait ;)

Luke: I'm blocking your number :)

Brittany: -_-

Luke puts his phone down.

"Um sorry about that." He says.

"It's fine that was the old you." I say.

But I feel like Luke will end up fucking Brittany behind my back.

"You won't go ba-" I say.

"No don't ever think that."luke says.

I nod.

"So let's go out on our first date shall we?" Luke asks.

"Sounds fun." I say.

"To where?" I ask.

"Krispy kremes?" He says.

"Yas!" I say smiling.

We pull up there and we get out.

We walk in and it's empty but the the people who work there.

"What do you want?" Luke asks me.

"Well I like sprinkles so if it has sprinkles on it I'm happy." I smile.

"Me too." He smiles.

"Go pick out a seat I'll be there in a few." He says and then I walk to go find the perfect seat.

I find a back corner and it is a booth so I put my phone on the table and I sit there.

Luke finds me and walks over.

"Here you go babe." He says.

I love when he calls me that even before we dated.

"Thanks." I say grabbing my donut.


After talking about ourselves for about an hour and a half.

We finally went back to his house.


We got there and me and Luke watched tv for a few minutes.

I guess Luke got bored because he started to kiss up my neck.

I flipped over onto him and straddled him while he kissed me.

"Mm." I say.

Just as things started to get heated the boys burst through the door and I fell back wards hitting my head on the coffee table.

"Oh my god are you alright?!" Luke says grabbing me.

"Yeah I'm fine." I say.

"What have you all been doing today?" Miley asks throwing his stuff on the floor.

"Um me and Luke are dating now so we-" I say but calum cuts me off.

"Wait your dating Luke now?" He says.

"Yes she is." Luke says putting his arm around me.

He nods and Ashton sits by me.

"So what do you all wanna do?" Michael asks.

"Well we could go out to do something fun?" I say.

"Like what though?" Calum says.

Well what could we do?

The door rang.

Michael gets up to answer it.

"Mama Liz?" He says.

"Luke your mom is here." Calum exclaims.

Luke jumps up with my hand in his hand.

"It's time for you to meet my mum." He says smiling.

I smile and Michael allows her in.

"Where's my baby boy at?" She says looking around.

"Aw there he is!" She says grabbing him.

"And who is this?" She says holding my other hand.

"This is my girlfriend Paris." He says.

"Wow. You hit the jackpot! Are you a model?" She asks me looking me up and down.

"Uh no." I say laughing and blushing.

"Oh don't get nervous around me! Just call me Liz!" She says.

"Well I better be going boys I just wanted to come by and see my baby!" She yells walking out the door.

"Wow your mom is hyper." I say.

They all laugh.

"Mhm." Calum laughs harder.

"So do you all wanna go to Freddy's frazberys pizza?" Michael asks.

"Sounds great to me." I shrug.

Luke agrees and kisses my temple.

We all pile into the car excited to eat our pizza.

I am very sleepy from the day so I cuddle up with Luke and fall asleep during the car ride.

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