Dont give in (l.h)

"Luke your not my type." I say.

"That can change." He says.


12. •Chapter 11•

"Sorry about last night I'm sure you got a lot of hate." Calum says.

"Actually no hate at all except from my best friend Eleanor." I say.

We all walk from the school.

"Weren't we supposed to hand out invites today?" Michael asks.

"Oh yeah! We can do it tomorrow Parris can help." Ashton says.

I nod.

"Well see you all later." I say waving.

"See ya." Luke says.

He's being really nice lately.

You know I don't know if I want Kate to come now.

I mean I'm so busy now.

I call Kate.

"Hey p was up?"

"Hey Kate um I don't think you should come."

"What do you mean?"

"Don't come here."


"Because I just I'm so busy and I don't have time."

"Oh I totally understand but we really do need to make arrangements so that I can come visit sometime."

"I'm sorry Kate."

"Don't be Parris it's ok."

"Alright bye."


Well that went better than I thought.

I walk up stairs and strip out of Luke's clothes and get into the shower since I didn't have one this morning.

I took a 15 minute shower.

I got out and brushed my hair.

I then blow dried it.

I put on my undergarments.

I then put Luke's clothes back on.

That's when I hear my door bell ring.

I apply mascara and then I hear it again

So I run down stairs.

I open the door.

It's Luke.

"What?" I say.

"Hey babe." He smirks pushing his way in.

"Your losing my trust." I say and he hops back out.

"Um cal sent me to get you for the invites." He says.

"Oh alright well let me do something real quick you can come in if you would like." I say.

He nods and walks in.

We both go up to my room.

"Your room is huge." He says looking around.

"Thanks." I say.

I brush my teeth and check my Instagram.

"Holy shit." I say looking at all of the hate comments on my page.

On my real eyes realize real lies one some one commented.

'Then you should realize that Luke just wants a new sex buddy.'

'Your beginning to be a slut'

"Hey let me see that." Luke says grabbing it out of my hand because I looked like I was about to cry.

I can handle literally anything but hate.

"Hey come here it's ok." Luke says hugging me because a tear fell.

"Don't cry it's ok they are just jealous." He says.

I snuggle into his chest.

"Why are you really with me?" I ask sobbing now.

"I told you I I Love you." He says squeezing me tighter.

I hug him as well I take in the sweet scent of his cologne.

"I wish I could say it back but I still don't have trust in you." I say.

"That's ok I'll prove it for however long it takes." He says.

"Just don't let it get to you." He says kissing my forehead.

"Um let me just redo my mascara and We can go." I say getting up.

I wipe off my eyes and then redo them.

"Ok." I say taking a deep breath and walking out with Luke.

"I wish you knew how attached I am to you." Luke chuckles.

I laugh.

I feel like he really does love me not just as a sex buddy.

We walk into his house and there are cards no joke everywhere.

Calum is on the floor about to fall asleep.

Michael is on the couch writing on cards.

And Ashton is on the kitchen counter playing with the fruit bowl.

"I got her!" Luke says.

Everyone shoots up.

"It's about time what did you all do have sex?" Mikey asks.

"Mikey! No! I just had to deal with something." I say one foot playing with my other.

"Oh my god Luke she has the same nervous habit." Ashton says pointing to my feet.

"What?" I ask.

"Luke's shoes play with one another when he is nervous." Calum says.

"You all have so much in common it's unbelievable" Ashton says hopping off of the counter.

I shrug.

"Well come help." Calum says handing me a piece of paper and a stack of cards.

"Just copy the words on the paper to the cards." Calum says handing me and Luke pens.

We nod.


After 3 hours of this we finally decided that we had enough.

"Wanna order pizza?" Ashton asks with his phone in his hand.

"Yeah sure." Mikey says.

He orders a large pepperoni pizza.

"So what should we do in the meantime?" Ashton asks.

"I don't know but I gotta pee so where's the bathroom?" I ask.

"Just use mine." Luke says.

I walk up stairs to Luke's room.

I walk into his bathroom.

I come back down and they are all cuddled up except Luke.

"What's going on?" I say.

"Come cuddle." Luke says.

"With you? I don't think so." I say.

"Pwease!" He begs.

Fine a little cuddle won't hurt.

I walk over to him and sit next to him.

He grabs me and lays on my chest instead.

The door bell rings.

"Ok this is weird." I say pushing Luke off.

He pouts.

"Thank you." Ashton says and pays the guy.

"Pizza time!" Ashton yells and we all run to the kitchen.

I don't know how they eat there pizza but it's a crazy way.

Michael starts slapping Calum across the face with pizza and Calum starts putting pizza on to his head.

I think Ashton is the only one who doesn't beside me and Luke.

"Luke come on just because Parris is here doesn't mean you can't be yourself." Ashton says.

"Yeah go have fun I'll do it to." I say slapping him across the face with my pizza.

"Oh you shouldn't have done that." Luke smirks and he smears the pizza all on my face.

"Luke!" I say.

The bell rang I basically was the best looking out of what they all looked like so I answered.

"Hel-" I say opening the door.

"Parris what the hell is that?!" Eleanor yells.

"Oh pizza." I say.

"Pizza?!" She says.

"Why are you here?" I ask.

"You didn't answer your door so I thought that you would be here." She says.

"Oh well sorry." I say.

She looks behind me.

"Is that Luke?" She says.

"And Mikey slapping wach other with pizza?!" She says.

"Yep. Is that problem?" I say.

" no i thought we were friends?" She says.

"We were but when I looked at the comments on my Instagram your the one that hated on me. So forget you." I say slamming the door in her face.

I probably looked extremely ridiculous with pizza smashed all over my face but you know at least I got my point across.

"Who was that?" Calum asks coming over.

"Eleanor." I say.

"Oh what's wrong?" He asks.

"Well Eleanor got the wrong idea from this morning and hated on me and called me bad things on Instagram and I just I don't know I don't like her now." I say.

"You know it would be a lot easier to take you serious if you didn't have pizza on you." He laughs.

I laugh too.

"Hey I think that I'm going to go clean up." I say to Calum.

"Come back over when your done!" Calum yells as I walk out.

"Alright!" I yell back.

I walk in the house after unlocking it and I make my way upstairs.

"Ugh this is so gross." I say peeling Luke's pizza covered clothes off of me.

I take a shower.

I get out and brush and blow dry my hair.

I brush my teeth.

I walk into my closet and put on a pair of Nike sweats and a 99 Chicago hoodie.

I don't worry about putting make up on because that's how lazy I am.

I remember Luke saying something about a sports tryout tomorrow.

For basket ball.

So I need to find info on that tomorrow.

I grab my phone and slip on flip flops and then I lock the door behind me.

I walk into there house and it's all cleaned up.

"Hey guys?" I yell.

"She's baaaaaaack!" I hear Ashton yell running down the stairs.

"Well hey." I say.

"Come upstairs." He motions me to follow him.

We go into Luke and calums room and they are playing FIFA and Luke is playing on his phone.

"Hey guys." I say sitting by ash.

"Hey p." Mikey says putting down the remote.

"Sup." Calum says.

"Can I play?" I ask.

"Sure but your going to lose." Calum says handing me a controller.

We play 4 rounds and I win all three but let Calum win the other.

"Damn your good." Calum says.

"MARRY ME!" Michael tackles me.

"Get off Mikey she's mine." Luke says yanking him off.

"No I'm not." I say brushing my self off.

"Hey! I just got the best idea ever!" Ashton yells.

We all look at him.

"We should go clubbing tonight." He says dancing.

"Yeah sounds fun." I say.

The boys agree.

"But I get really crazy when I drink I usually end up sleeping with strangers." I say.

"Then we won't let you drink." Calum says.

"No let her drink." Luke adds in smirking.

"Yeah definitely no." Ash ends with.

"Well I'm going to go get some party clothes on and we will go." I say getting up.

I go home and change into a sky blue crop top with black booty shorts.

Just you know casual party clothes for me ;)

I put on mascara and I head back over there.

"Sexay thang!" Calum says.

"Mhm." Luke says wide eyed.

"What this is my casual party clothes." I say.

"Then I would love to see your party hard clothes." Luke says biting his lip.

"Shut up." I say pushing him away.

"Let's go." I say walking down stairs.

They follow.

Calum rides in the front and Ashton drives.

I sit in between Mikey and Luke.

Luke runs his hand up my thigh.

Tbh I'm ready to get laid because I'm so horny for some reason I think I'm going fucking crazy because I told myself that I would not have sex by getting drunk which I know will happen.



"Luke cut it out." Mikey says.

"She likes it." Luke smirks at me as I bite my lip and shut my eyes.

"She's ready to get laid." Calum says looking back.

"We're keeping her away from you Luke." Calum says.

Ashton does his cute little giggle.

I open my eyes up again as Mikey slaps Luke's hand.

We pull up to the club and lights are flashing and music is blasting.

"Guys we need to not drink." Mikey says.

"I'm not." Luke says.

"I'm not getting drunk and losing my trust with Parris." Luke says.

"Good me neither." Ash says.

"Same." Calum replies.

"I'll try." I say.

We walk in and we all go our separate ways as we all get swept into the crowd.

I go to the bar and sit.

Right how I guess I'm just not in the dancing mood.

Maybe some shots will get me pumped.

The bar tender hands me a tray of shots and I gulp them down in no time.

"Parris lay off the drinks your going to get Crunk." Calum says turning my chair around.

I'm already wild.

Luke's pov:

I'm not losing Parris's trust so I'm not letting no girls get me drunk.

I walk over to the bar where it's basically empty except two people.

It's Calum and Parris is wobbling around in her chair dancing to the music.

"Is Parris drunk?" I ask Calum.

"Yep she's gone pretty wild." Calum chuckles.

Parris gets up and starts shredding on a guy and he seems pretty drunk too.

I run over there.

"On no hands off." I say slapping the guys hands to let go and I yank Parris away.

"Aye Lukey wanna dancey?" She says grabbing another shot off of her tray.

"No. I think we need to leave." I say.

She runs away.

Wow she's wild.

Parris's pov:

I have to peeeeee!!!!

I run into the bathroom it's a public bathroom not a boys or girls it's both.

I pee and then I come out.

I run to the sink and last thing I remember I slip and fall and hit my head on the floor not hard but I was sleepy so I was out.

Luke's pov:

"No I know she went this way." I say to Calum.

"Then go find her." He says.

I walk into different rooms finding a lot of naked people and other...things.

I finally walk into the bathroom and there she is laying there.

"Parris!" I yell scooping her up.

"Yeah I knew you would end up passing out." I say even though she can't hear me.

I run over to Calum.

"Find Michael and ash we need to go." I say.

"Wait what hap-" he yells.

"Just find them!" I yell.

I carry her to the car and the come running.

"Sheesh that was so fun!!!" Ashton yells.

"For you maybe I had to watch Parris like a hawk." I say.

Mikey slides in and Parris twitches.

"Man she got drunk I saw her." Calum says.


We get to the house and I carry her inside.

All the boys crash in Ashton and Mikey's room even Calum because I told him that I didn't want to cuddle.

I lay Parris under the covers and tuck her in.

I start to walk out to go to Mikey's room when I hear a voice.

"L-Luke?" I hear Parris say.

I turn around.

"Yeah?" I ask.

"Stay with me?" She mumbles.

This is the best fucking day of my life.

I nod and take off my pants and shirt and flannel.

I climb in bed with her and she snuggles into my chest and I hug her tight and drift asleep.

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