Dont give in (l.h)

"Luke your not my type." I say.

"That can change." He says.


11. •Chapter 10•


Science class ends with out me and Luke even speaking.

The bell rings and everyone pours out excited to get into there cars and head home.

Well what I just realized is that I will be walking home for the next few days.

Wonder fucking full.

"Hey wanna walk with us?" Mikey asks me as I get into my locker.

"Yeah sounds good." I say.

"How you feeling Calum?" I ask.

"Better." He replies.

I feel two arms snake around my body and a chin lay on my head.


I wiggle out of his grasp.

We start walking out of the school.

"Calum I'm sorry." Luke says smacking his back.

"Luke!" I say.

Calum moans and squeezes his eyes shut.

"Oops?" He says quietly.

I drop off at my house and then they drop off at there's.

New iMessage from Kate.

What the hell does she want now?!


Me: what?

Kate: I got a plane ticket to Sydney Australia and I'm going to come visit you!!!

Me: that's great! When are you leaving?

Kate: I'm leaving to night so Thursday morning!

Me: wait what about school?

Kate: I don't have to go.

Me: ok we'll see ya Wednesday!

Kate: ok bye!

I put down my phone.

I make me a sandwich and lemonade.

I'm actually really excited that she's coming over because if something wouldn't have happened I will probably die of boredom.

New iMessage from Luke.

Luke: when ya coming?

Me: leaving rn.

Luke: :)

I roll my eyes he's so hard to understand.

One minute he's evil as fuck and now he's being sweet cute little Luke.

I walk out my back door hoping over the fence.

I bang on there back door.

Mikey comes running.

"Oh hey wasn't expecting you." Mikey says looking up the stairs nervously.

I smirk.

"Mikey were you fucking a girl?" I ask.

"Michael what are you- oh hello." A girl with black hair and a nose ring comes down in her bra and underwear.

"Wow. Your so funny." I laugh.

"So what are you doing here?" The girl asks.

I ignore her and walk upstairs to Calum and Luke's room that they share.

I walk in and Luke fucking Hemmings is making out with I don't fucking know who!

I shake it off.

"Hey cal." I say leaning beside his bed.

"Hey." He says sitting up.

"Feeling better I see." I say.

"Yep." He says.

He looks over at Luke.

"Luke get a fucking room!" Calum yells.

Luke stops what he's doing and looks back.

He gulps so loud when he sees me.

"Go home." He says to the girl.

And she runs out.

Wow. Luke is such a stupid fucker.

I hate him so much.

"So cal wanna go out to eat tonight? I'll pay." I say.

"Sure but no I'll pay I'm the guy." He says.

I glance up at Luke looking at us.

I just give him that 'how could you' look.

"Sorry about that." Luke whispers.

"About what?" I growl.

"About the girl." He says.

"What about her." I growl as well.

"I didn't know that you would actually come." He says.

I swing around.

"I don't care! I really don't! I just think it's absolutely fucking ridiculous that you would do that anyways!" I yell at him then I turn around and me and cal walk to his car.

"Can I come?" Luke asks.

"Yeah." I say angrily.

If that's what makes him fuck off then yes.

Calum drives after refusing to get up from the drivers seat to let me drive so I sit in the front.

"It wasn't my fault." Luke says.

Why are we still on this girl topic?!

"Luke yes it is." I snarl.

"Well it's not my fault that the love of my life doesn't like me back!" He yells then slaps his hand over his mouth.

Me and Calum both freeze.

We were still in the driveway but Calum froze starting up the keys then dropped them when Luke yelled 'the love of my life' part.

Am I really the love of his life?

I turn around.

"Change and I will love you." I say faintly turning to Luke.

"Change?" He asks.

"Stop being such a fucking fuckboi." I say.

"Stop fucking girls and making out with different girls." I say.

"Ok I promise." He says.

Calum looking at Luke like he wants to punch him rn.

"So you love me back?!" Luke says.

"Nope." I say.

He rolls his eyes.

"Luke you have to gain my trust because frankly I do not believe a word your promising right now." I say.

He nods.

We get to the restaurant finally.

"So what is this place?" I ask Calum.

"It's name is Quinn." He says.

"Wait isn't that an expensive restaurant? We can't go in there looking like this!" I say.

"Sure we can. My sisters boyfriend owns the place." Cal says.

"Oh well ok then." I say getting out of the car.

"Calum what are you doing here?" Someone yells running out of the doors.

"Mali-Koa!" Calum yells hugging her.

"Who is she?" She asks him smiling.

"Oh uh Mali-Koa this is Parris Parris this is Mali-Koa." Calum introduces us.

"Hey Luke." She says punching his arm.

"Hey Mali." He says back.

"Well come on in." She says.

We all go in the place is packed.

"This is such a nice place." I say looking around.

"What the hell?" Luke says.

I look in the direction he's looking and I see a girl the same exact girl THAT MIKEY WAS WITH but she wasn't making out with Mikey.

"Oh my god. I hope her and Mikey are not dating." I say.

Calum turns and looks and chuckles.

"Slut." He says.


We finish eating and what not then we all pile into the car after saying by to Mali-Koa.

"Thanks Calum." I say and kiss his cheek.

His face turns red.

So does Luke's.

We go home silently.

The girl that Luke was with when I came over is sitting on his front porch.

"What the hell is she doing here Luke?" Calum points.

"I don't know." He says.

Luke gets out and so do we.

"Why are you here?" Luke asks.

Me and Calum stand behind him.

"You promised me sex tonight remember?" She smirks.

Well hopefully he says no.

Luke looks back at Calum and me.

"Yeah no I don't want you your probably a virgin anyways." He says and shoo's her away.

"Wow I didn't think you would pass it up." I say smirking and crossing my arms.

"I promised you." He says.

"Yeah let's see how long you can pull that promise off." Calum says.

We walk into the house and Luke plops on the couch and Calum runs upstairs of course I follow Calum not trusting myself with Luke alone.

"Hey Mikey." I say.

Then I remember the girl before we left.

I look over at cal and I know he's thinking the same thing.

"Um that girl you were with she's not your girlfriend is she?" I ask.

"No just a uh one night stand you know?" He says but I think he was being sarcastic because he had that tone of voice.

"Good because we saw her making out with another guy at Mali-Koa's boyfriends restaurant and-" Calum says.

"Calum! He was being sarcastic and he didn't know about that!" I say.

"So she is your girlfriend?" Calum asks him.

He nods hurt.

"How long have you two being seeing each other?" I ask.

"3 weeks. Guess I wasn't good enough. It's like no girl likes me I'm a colorful haired loner." He says.

"I like you Mikey." I say sitting down on his bed.

"You do?" He asks.

"Of course your like one of my best friends." I say.

He smiles and hugs me.

"Now to break up with Sadie." He says grabbing his phone and putting on his shoes.

"Want us to come?" Calum asks.

He shakes his head.

"Hey what's going on?" Luke says leaning against the door.

Michael pushes past him and down stairs.

"What's his prob?" Luke asks looking back.

"You would know if you cared." Calum growls.

"So whatcha wanna do?" Luke asks looking at me.

"Um I don't know how about we watch a movie?" I suggest.

"Yeah! We can watch finding nemo!" Calum screams like a child.

Me and Luke look at him funny.

"Alright." I say.

We grab pillows and blankets and then we head downstairs.

We lay out bed like place on the floor after spreading not the furniture apart.

Calum makes Mikey one as well.

"Do you wanna wait until Michael gets back?" I ask.

"Yeah we should." Calum says.

I sit in the middle bed.

Luke sits on the right side of me and Mikey's bed as well and cal sits on my left with his stuffed monkey as well as Ashton.

I decide to tease Luke after all of the bull shit he put me through your be first few days of school.

I rest my hand on his thigh.

He looks down at me and smiles.

I think that he thinks I'm flirting with him.

How funny I hate his guts!

He thinks I like him he's crazy that promise was nothing but to help him change.

I'm so mean lol.

Luke leans down for a kiss and I block his mouth with my hand.

"Ok I'm done." I say.

"Aw." Luke whines.

"Luke I was teasing you." I say.

He squints at me.

I smile squinting my eyes.

"Your so cute." He says.

"Ok ok enough!" Calum says.

I laugh at him.

Luke doesn't tho.

"I'm back!" Michael busts through the door saying.

"Hey how'd it go?" Luke asks.

"Since when do you care?" Mikey snarls.

"Since now how'd it go?" He says.

"Good." He says.

"Well yay." Ashton finally says something.

Hm I have a feeling that they didn't break up.

You ever get that gut feeling that something happened or is going to?

"Hm well come lay with us." I say.

Luke pats the empty bed for Michael.

He smiles and plops down.

"Shall we start?" Calum asks.

"Yas!" I say.

Calum starts the movie.


I wake up the next morning my head on Luke's lap and his hand in my hair with my legs on Calum and him cuddled up in my legs.

Mikey has his head layed on my stomach sleeping like a baby. And Ashton is snuggled up in between Michaels legs.

This is so sweet my 4 well 3 best friends and I all cuddled.

Luke wakes up.

I finally come back to reality.

I look at my phone.


"Shit! Guys get up we're going to be late." I say popping up.

Luke hops up and Mikey snuggles into my stomach more.

And Calum snuggles into my leg more.

Luke pulls them both off.

"What time is it?" Calum moans.

"7:32am now get up!" I say.

We all jump up.

I need to go home and change but I don't have time.

"Can I wear one of your all's clothes today? I don't have time to go home." I say.

"You can wear mine." Luke says.

"Anyone else wanna volunteer?" I say.

"Anyone but Luke?" I ask.

"No? Ok." I say.

I keep mascara in my pocket thank god.

I'm always prepared.

I guess I'll have to use Luke's brush tho.

Luke guides me up to his room and gets into the closet.

"Here is black skinnies and a nirvana muscle shirt." Luke says handing them to me.

Good thing I wore a sports bra.

"Thanks." I say I walk into the bathroom and Luke follows.

"Get out I have to change." I say.

He refuses.

"Fine." I state and I change right in front of him.

He stares me down.

"So perfect." He says smirking.

I point to my body.

"This. Off limits." I say.

"For now." He smirks.

He fixes his quiff.

I guess we could do without a shower.

I always smell good so.

I put on Luke's clothes and he looks me down.

"Nice." He says.

"Mhm let me see your brush." I say holding my hand out.

He places it into my hand.

I brush out my hair and then apply my mascara.

"I need shoes I don't wanna wear these converses." I say.

"Fine here wear my all black vans." He says.

I grab them and put them on.

He gives me a thumbs up.

I still can't believe that I made it through the night with out killing Luke.

"Come on guys! It's 7:50!" Mikey yells from his and Ashton's room.

"Coming!" I yell.

"Wait I don't have my school bag." I say.

"It's fine were probably not Doing anything today anyways. Today is a pep rally for the soccer team today we go all the way to last period then spend the class time in the gym." Calum says.

"Oh well good." I say.

"Are you wearing Luke's clothes?" Michael asks.

"Um-" I begin to say.

"Yes yes she is." Luke says proudly.

Michael smirks at me and winks and I don't know what he's implying.

"Wanna walk or drive?" Ashton asks us.

"Let's walk it's nice out today." Calum says and we all agree.

We walk to school and when we finally get there the late bell has already ring and we were to report to the office for being late.

"Ashton Irwin,Michael Clifford,Calum Hood,Luke Hemmings,and Parris Whiteside please report to the office." Announced the loud speaker as we got into our lockers.

New iMessage from Eleanor.


El: what the hell Parris?! Did you stay with Luke last night or something?!

Me: yea but it was an accident we were all watching a movie and next thing we know we're waking up snuggled up with one another.

El: There's going to be a lot of you and Luke rumors I can hear them now.

Me: Whatevs.

I put down my phone in my locker and we all 5 walk to the office.

"Where have you all been?" The lady at the front desk sternly says looking over her glasses.

"Um we woke up late." Calum says.

"We?" She says looking straight at me.

I gulp.

"What are you all doing sleeping with her?" She asks.

"When is it any of your all's business to worry about who and who we don't sleep with?" Michael says.

"Fine. I'm going to not give your parents a call for being late this time but next time I will." She says getting up handing us all a tardy slip.

"Thank you." I say.

"Come on." Ashton says.

We walk our separate ways to our classes.

Ashton is in my first period class.

"I didn't know you were in my class?" Ashton says as I follow him.

"I didn't either." I say.

We walk in together and the teacher pauses.

And crosses his arms.

"Well well look who all decided to show up today." He says.

What the hell we are only 20 minutes late and they act like it's a crime.

"Yeah here." I say slapping my tardy slip in his hand.

He gives me a cold stare and moves his eyes to ash.

I sit down with el.

"I can't believe you." She whispers.

"It was an accident." I whisper back.

"I can't believe you went over with Luke." She says.

"I didn't go for-" I say but she stops me.

"Why are you wearing Luke's clothes?!" She whisper screams.

"I didn't have time to swing by my house." I say.

She rolls her eyes.

"Unbelievable." She says crossing her arms and listening to the teacher.

*skip to lunch*

Me and el walk to lunch and she breaks off at her old table.

I stop.

"What the hell Eleanor?" I say.

"Go be with your fuckboi's." She says.

I cannot believe her rn.

"Fine." I say and I walk over to them.

I sit in between Luke and Michael.

"Did you all get in trouble when you walked in?" Michael asks.

"Yes. I got a cold stare from mine." I say.

"That's because you slapped the slip in the teachers hand." Ashton giggles.

His giggle is so cute he sounds like a baby girl.

"Me and Mikey's teacher wasn't even there it was a sub and she didn't care." Cal says.

"How about you Luke?" I say.

"Nah I don't get in trouble." Luke says.

I glare.

"Glare at me one more time and I'll take my clothes back." He says.

"You can't do that I will be naked besides you know." I say.

"Exactly." He smirks.

"Dude fuck you." Calum says.

"Jealous much?" Mikey says to cal.

"No." Cal says getting on his phone.

The bell rings and we all five walk to gym together.

"Why is everyone starring?" I ask.

"There jealous that your with us." Mikey whispers in my ear.

"Let's spice things up." Luke says.

Luke puts his arm around my shoulders.

"Luke no your giving people the wrong idea." I say.

"Nah locate your chill your fine." He says.

I roll my eyes.

"Hey play basketball with us today." Ashton says.

I give him a thumbs up.

I go down to my gym locker and get out a pair of blue and green Nike spandex and I put on a green tank top with of course tennis shoes.

I come back up to the main floor and the boys are all playing basket ball.

You know it kinda feels good to be able to hang out with the popular bad boys without bribing your way in.

They came to me I didn't come to them.

"Let's change the teams up." I suggest.

"Like what?" Calum asks.

"Um you and Luke would be cake and Mikey and Ashton will be mashton." I say.

"Good Idea we should let you switch us up from now on." Mikey says.

"Ok so who's team are you on?" Ashton asks.

"Team cake." I say.

We start playing and our team won all three rounds.

"Ok team mashton sucks." Luke says.

"Says you." Michael snarls.


Gym class is finally over and once i changed I headed back to science class.

"You should join the basketball team." Luke says as we sit.

"You think so?" I say.

He nods.

"I might. When are tryouts?" I ask.

"Next week on Monday." He says.

"Sounds good." I say.

"You could also be a cheerleader the tryouts are tomorrow." He suggests.

"Yeah. I've been thinking about that. I'll do it." I say.

"Yay." He says.

We get escorted to the gym and the pep rally begins and ends.

Finally school is over.

Dang that was a hell of a long chapter! Hope you all enjoyed a bit of the drama! Please comment if you want an update and LIKE PLEASE IF YOU READ it! ALSO PLEASE FAVORITE!! Just so you get notified when I do update! Love you guys so much!


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