Dont give in (l.h)

"Luke your not my type." I say.

"That can change." He says.


2. •Chapter 1•

"I'm really going to miss you Kate." I say hugging my best friend Kate.

"I'm going to miss you too Parris. Please promise to FaceTime me whenever you can?" She says hugging me tight.

"I promise." I say pulling away.

I'm moving to Sydney,Australia because my mom and dad got transferred.

I mean yeah it would be amazing to visit there but not live there.

I will have to leave all my friends behind and that's a lot of them.

I have to restart and work my popularity back up.

Hopefully some of them have heard of me on Twitter or Instagram.

I sing and post videos and I get quite a lot of views on YouTube.


"Wake up Hun we will be late for our flight!" My mom shouts at me.

And that's what I wake up to.

I cover my face up with a pillow pretending to smother myself.

I finally get up and go to the bathroom.

I take a warm shower.

I get out and brush out my hair.

I blow dry it then brush it again.

I apply my mascara.

"Now what should I wear?" I mumble to myself looking through every single piece of clothing I own that's in my suitcase.

"Aha." I say.

I pick up a hot pink crop top that says 'PINK' on it in black bold letters.

I put on black Victoria secret leggings and then I put on my white allstar ankle converses.

I brush my teeth and return back to my bed.

I check my phone unplugging it from charge.

I check Instagram.

Nothing new just people saying goodbye and saying that they will miss me.

I then check Twitter.

I decide to post something.

I type '👣Time to start a new chapter of my life👣

I put down my phone and then I hear my mom and dad talking since there room is across from mine.

"Daniel she will be fine she's popular now so she will work her way up fast at the new school." I hear my mom say.

"Honey are you ready?" My dad says knocking on the door.

"Almost be down in 5" I say.

"Alright we leave in 10 minutes." He says.

I put up my charger and go around looking for everything that I could have missed.

I grab my 3 suitcases struggling quite a lot.

My mom and dad finally notice and run up and help by grabbing one suitcase each.

We load up our luggage in a taxi that my dad called in to pick us up and we get on the road.

I stick in my ear phones and end up falling asleep and dreaming about what my new life will be like.

Ok that's chapter one! Sorry for such a short chapter I promise the rest will be way more.Hope you all liked it! If not please comment what would make it better and I will improve it in the future! Don't forget to like and comment and especially FAVORITE! Just so you can get notified when I update!



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