Chosposi Side

You probally haven't heard, but there is an Ojibwa version of "Cinderella." In the book "Scootface's sisters" are the enemy. They say it the book that, "The two older girls were lazy and bad-tempered, and made their youngest sister do all the work. When the flames from the cooking fire singed her hair or burned her skin, they laughed and called her Sootface." Well, I am here to tell you the true side of the story.


2. Scene One

Chosposi: Hi, my name is Chosposi. My name means Bluebirds eye. My Mother said my sister,Galilah named me that name. My sister Galilah's name means attractive. Although right after my mother died, Galilah wasn't very attractive anymore. People think I am the enemy or bad guy in the story Sootface, but that's not true. Let me tell you my side of the story. It all started when my mother gave birth to Elu, which means beautiful.

Mother: (Holding the baby) She's prettiest person i've ever seen. She's beautiful.

Father: Chosposi and Galilah come and see your new baby sister!(Yelling) (Galilah and Chosposi come in to the tent out of breath.)

Galilah: What did we miss? Chosposi: (Chosposi runs up to the mother looking at the baby) Is that-

Mother: Yes honey, yes indeed.

Chosposi: Oh my gosh! Boy or girl?

Mother: Girl. Chosposi: What's her name?

Mother: I have decided to name her Elu.

Galilah: Elu?! I have decided to name her Elu.(Mocking her mom and is looking ignorant)

Dad: Galilah! (Galilah walks out the tent with a ignorant look)

Chosposi: I'll go talk to her.


Chosposi: I walked out of the tent. Then moments later I saw my sister sitting by a tree throwing sticks into the river. _______________________________________________________________

Chosposi: What's your problem?

Galilah: I don't have a problem. What's your problem? Mind your own business and, just leave me alone.

Chosposi: No, you better shape up. Mom and Dad aren't gonna want any of this sassiness around the baby.

Galilah: No, how about you shape up and leave me alone. Goodness, stop being such a jerk.

Chosposi: A jerk! Did you not see what you did in the tent. If anything I am not a jerk. You need to fix this little attitude, before it turns into a much bigger problem. I can tell you this honey, this attitude you have, isn't gonna lead you anywhere. I am gonna go, and I want you to think about what you've done. Tell me when my real sister comes back! (Chosposi walks back to the tent)

Galilah: Uh! She doesn't know what she's talking about. I am the oldest. I don't have to listen to her. I can do whatever I want, when I want.


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