Unplanned Love. [A Justin Bieber Love Story]

Sometimes feelings are unplanned...

Makayla "Kaylie" Chapman was expecting a normal trip to California with her family to visit her aunt and grandma this summer. However, she finds herself being pulled into the famous world with the popular superstar Justin Bieber and his friends, the people who Kaylie can't stand.


4. Note From Author.


This is a little author note.

I am so sorry that my chapters are getting short.

I am just extremely busy with college studies, my three jobs,

family celebrations and other stuff.

I am trying to update as much as  I can, but it's quite difficult.

But I am still trying.

I hope you guys understand and love my story!

Because if you do, I published another.

It's in my 'stories published' on my profile. It's called 'Criminal'

It's my very first  Jason McCann story!

I hope you like it and I hope to get feed back when I publish a chapter and not a quote, haha.

Anyways, love you guys and I am happy that you guys are reading my stories.

I am extremely grateful.

I will update another chapter of 'StarStruck' very soon! Promise. TTYL!

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