Unplanned Love. [A Justin Bieber Love Story]

Sometimes feelings are unplanned...

Makayla "Kaylie" Chapman was expecting a normal trip to California with her family to visit her aunt and grandma this summer. However, she finds herself being pulled into the famous world with the popular superstar Justin Bieber and his friends, the people who Kaylie can't stand.


3. Chapter 3



It felt like hours before our plane finally landed in California. My sister, who had fallen asleep, her head on my shoulder, and I were wakened from our beautiful nap by our father, who said we were here. My little sister groaned and I chuckled lightly, but stopped when Kylie shot me a glare. I took out my phone as Kylie and I followed our parents toward the exit door, seeing if I had any text messages from any of my friends; I didn't. I almost groaned, but stopped myself by looking toward Kylie, who was walking behind me. I went back to my phone, sending a text to Gabriella, saying we arrived. When my family and I stepped out of the plane, we were greeted immediately by a familiar voice, and when I glanced up from my phone, I saw a beautiful woman running toward us, and I recognized her right away. I watched as my mother was the first person to be hugged by Aunt Marie, who was smiling widely. It was probably more of a grin then a smile. But I didn't know. After a few minutes of hugging my mother, my aunt pulled away and examined her sister with her light brown eyes.

"You look amazing, Mary!" Aunt Marie exclaimed, her voice hiking up a notch when Kylie and I stood beside our father, who had his hands stuffed in the front pockets of his black ripped up old work jeans. I shook my head in disgust as I tore my gaze away from the under fashion jeans. My father had no fashion sense. At all.

"Thank you, Marie!" My mother grinned at her sister, happiness completely noticeable in her beautiful brown eyes. "You look marvelous!" she added, and I swear I saw my aunt blush. After a few minutes of talking to my mother, my aunt turned to Michael and grinned broadly.

"Michael." She stepped closer to my father, and wrapped him into a friendly hug. I watched my father smile before hugging her back.

"It's great to see you, Marie." He said, pulling away to look at her. "My wife was right," he agreed. "You do look marvelous."

My aunt blushed. I raised my eyebrows in surprise. Never have I ever seen my Aunt Marie blush in my life. I guess Kylie didn't either because when I turned my head to glance beside me at her, I saw that Kylie's eyebrows were also raised in surprise.

Aunt Marie's reply back made me look away from my little sister and at my Aunt Marie, who was staring intently at  me now; I gave her a smile.

"Hi, auntie," I greeted. My aunt continuously stared at me, as if I was a new person to her before her eyes widened in disbelief. I couldn't blame her. I changed since the last time she's seen me. Which was a very long time ago.

She took two steps towards me and engulfed me into a massive bear hug, and I didn't care; I hugged back, my eyes closed. It felt, like, forever before my aunt finally pulled away and she lifted her hands up to my face and gripped my cheeks in her hands. It hurt like a bitch, but I pretended it didn't.

"I can't believe how much you've grown since I last saw you, Makayla!" Aunt Marie gushed, examining my face as if it was rare species. I don't know how to explain how weird my aunt was..

She was just weird.

"Thank you, Auntie Marie," I replied, a warmth of a smile forming it's way onto my lips as my aunt stared at me for a couple more seconds before releasing my cheeks - which made me sigh in relief - and moving onto my sister. I watched as our aunt did the exact same to Kylie, who had a bright smile on her red glossed lips. It was pretty obvious that my little sister was happy to see our aunt - who she hasn't seen since she was one and now Kylie was eleven - and I felt happy for her.

After gushing over Kylie, Aunt Marie made us follow her to her white SUV, placed our luggage in the expensive vehicle before settling ourselves in. Kylie and I sat in the second seat on the far back, while mother sat in the front passenger seat, so her and her sister could chat, and our father sat in the middle seat, so he could be only and think. Kylie and I sat beside each other as our aunt pulled out of the airport parking lot and made her way to her home where she lived with her and my mother's mother - our grandma.

Kylie pulled out her phone and began to play Candy Crush, a game she was absolutely obsessed with, and I gave myself the satisfaction of rolling my eyes as I turned them to the side to look out the SUV window. I watched as different kinds of cars, trees and buildings pass by in a flash. I let out a silent sigh as I leaned my head against the glass of the window and began to trace my index finger in a complete circle on the glass.

I didn't know I fell asleep until I felt myself being poked and my name being spoken. I fluttered my eyes open and lifted my head up from it's position on the window. I let out a groan and stretched my arms just as the white SUV turned onto a very black concrete paved driveway and drove up a hill. I stared out the window as a very big white mansion came into view from hiding itself behind a hill. I felt a shift beside me, and noticed - out of the corner of my eye - the same shocked expression on Kylie's face that was on my face and I felt relieved that I wasn't the only one surprised.

"You live here, Auntie?" Kylie asked, as we continued to stare out the window at the mansion as it got closer and closer.

A breathless laugh came from our aunt when Kylie asked that question. "Yeah, little one," she replied, smiling. "I live here." she added.

"But she doesn't live alone, baby," our mother said, getting a nod from her sister. "She has a few guests, her husband - your uncle - her children - your cousins - and our mother - your grandma."

Our father, who was silent the entire drive here, decided to speak up, and me and Kylie glance at him, and noticed he was already looking at us. "And now she has us living with her for the summer." he added.

I was the first one to turn my attention back to staring out the window just as a thought rang through my brain;

This summer was going to be magical. 

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