Unplanned Love. [A Justin Bieber Love Story]

Sometimes feelings are unplanned...

Makayla "Kaylie" Chapman was expecting a normal trip to California with her family to visit her aunt and grandma this summer. However, she finds herself being pulled into the famous world with the popular superstar Justin Bieber and his friends, the people who Kaylie can't stand.


2. Chapter 2




"So, we're visiting Aunt Marie and Grandma?' I asked as I chewed on a piece of bacon while looking across the table at my father, who was reading a newspaper.

"Yes, Kaylie." My mother answered for my father and I glanced at my mother to see her looking at me with a look, and I nodded and continued eating my piece of bacon.

I finished my breakfast in silence before getting up from the table and walking to the sink, my Elmo slippers sliding gracefully across the hardwood floor. I placed my empty dish and glass in the sink before walking back over to the table and grabbing my sister's empty dish and glass. I placed it in the sink before walking out of the dinning room and back up to my room where I sat at my desk and opened up my laptop, logging onto and going straight to my Facebook and logging onto that.

After I went through my notifications, I got a message from Morgana and it said;


Morgana Stone: So, what are you doing for the summer? (:


I replied quickly with:


Kaylie Chapman: I'm going to California to visit my aunt and grandma for the summer. (:


As I waited for her reply, I went through my feed. I liked all the stuff that interested me and the other stuff, I just scrolled over. I read most all the statuses from my friends and followers, and liked the ones that were either funny, interesting or just plain 'I'm bored' ones. The drama ones, I completely avoided, especially the ones from Eric's ex-girlfriends and friends, and his own. I would read them, but I wouldn't comment anything, I would just roll my eyes. Whatever he posted, he would get over hundred likes. He thought he was famous, but in reality, he was just shooting things from his life onto the site where others read and liked. I opened another tap and logged onto Youtube and typed in a song in the search box; when several songs popped up, I clicked the right one and as it started, I went back to Facebook and saw that I had a new message. I clicked on it and it was from Eric, I groaned at what it said.


Eric Hotshot Armstrong: Hey, baby. (:


I rolled my eyes and quickly replied to his message, even though I didn't want to.


Kaylie Chapman: Stop calling me that. I am not your 'baby' anymore, Eric.


Within a few seconds later, he replied.


Eric Hotshot Armstrong: You'll always be my baby, Makayla.


I scoffed at what he said and rolled my eyes once again before replying;


Kaylie Chapman: How can that be when we're not even dating anymore, Eric? Isn't Stephanie your 'baby'?


I leaned back in my chair and crossed my arms over my chest as I waited for his reply. As I waited, I began to think of the times we spent together at the parks, at his house and mine, when we got ice cream and when we played in the pool. I loved Eric really deep in my heart in middle school. We loved each other since second grade, but the day I thought he was my Prince Charming forever, he broke my heart. He kissed my ex-best friend Stephanie Meyers in the janitors closet. She was part of the clique me and my friends are in; it was me, Stephanie, Gabriella, Morgana, Ariel and Elisabeth, but that day I found her kissing Eric, we kicked her out. It was Morgana who kicked her out because I couldn't face Stephanie. I would have broken down right there, and so I told Morgana to do it for me. Stephanie left the group with a smirk on her face, but I didn't care. The next day when I went to Eric's house, I broke up with him in front of his parents and friends, and on Monday, he made me the laughing stock of middle school.

But that ended quicker then it even began.

I straightened when I saw a new message from Eric and I read it, but when I read his message, it made me close my eyes before I reopened them with a frown. It read;


Eric Hotshot Armstrong: Kaylie, you will always be my baby. Stephanie is just a girl who I kissed because she wanted experience on kissing, and she asked me. I wanted to explain to you, but you didn't want to hear it. You broke my heart, Kaylie.

I read it one last time before replying with;


Kaylie Chapman: Please don't talk to me ever again. I don't want to hear anymore lies.


And after I sent that, I quickly logged off and closed up my laptop. I stood up from my desk and walked over to my bed, slowly sitting down on edge of the bed. I sighed and ran a hand through my brown hair before slowly falling backwards on my bed. I stared up at the ceiling and began to lose myself in my own thoughts. I was interrupted by the ringing of cellphone on my nightstand. I rolled onto my side and grabbed it off the stand. I rolled back onto my back and found a new text message; I opened it and found it was from Victoria. For a hour and an half, I texted Victoria, Gabriella and Morgana all at the same time. We talked about what we were all going to do for the summer; I told Victoria and Gabriella that I was going to California and they both replied with 'Lucky' and I laughed at that. I talked to Morgana for a bit; I told her that I would Skype and text and message her on Facebook every day, and she replied with 'You better' and I laughed at that too. I had awesome friends who loved me too much.

After a few hours, my eleven-year-old sister skipped into my room and I was now sketching in my book, laying on my stomach, my feet propped in the air; I lifted my attention from my almost finished dog sketch to look at Kylie with one of my eyebrows raised. "Yes, Kylie?" I spoke up when she watched me with her pretty brown eyes before she walked over to my bed and sat down on the edge beside me.

"Are you going to happy when we go to California to visit Aunt Marie and Grandma on Monday?" She asked, looking at me, and I closed up my sketch book.

I smiled. "I am." I replied. "How about you, angel?" I asked, looking at her. Kylie's lips curved into a beaming smile as she kept looking at me.

"I can't wait to see Grandma." she said, and I chuckled.

"Me, neither, LeLe." I replied.


When my sister left my bedroom, my mother entered and told me to start packing, so we can leave by tomorrow morning. I said okay and began to pack up the things I needed for the summer in two black suitcases. I packed up my bikini, underwear, t-shirts and blouses, my bootie shorts and all my colorful flip flops. And after I was done, it was about the time for dinner. When dinner finally came, I went downstairs, ate my food and did the dishes before I went back up stairs. I sat at my computer and watched a movie for an hour before I crawled into my bed and fell asleep underneath the covers, but before I went to sleep, a thought ran through my mind;

I wonder what my summer will be like without my friends..


When I woke up the next morning, I ate breakfast with my family and then loaded all our baggage into our red Hummer, and we set off for the airport. When we got to the airport, we waited for our plane for two hours and I busied myself with texting Morgana, Victoria and Gabriella while Kylie busied herself with drawing. When the flight attendant announced our flight, we got onto our plane and I took a nap as we set off for California.






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