Darkest of Days

Darkest of Days is a story about three high school students from a small town who gain superpowers after a meteor shower. Andrew, Drake, and Kyle were just normal foster children who were outcast by the public until one night on which a meteor shower occurred. When they came in contact with a meteor that landed not far from their foster home, they adopted superhuman abilities. With their new found powers they run away from home to live out their dreams together. However, will the power go to their head, or can they control it and live together happily as friends? Follow as Andrew tells the tale from his perspective, a tale of friendship and loyalty, lust and love, and power and triumph.


9. Stowaways

Not much happened for the three weeks that followed our escape, the police constantly searched the yard as if they would find us the 15 other times if they didn't find us the first. Drake now able to conjure fire out of thin air and make things float too tested his new powers several times on rats and boxes. Eventually he was able to make all of us float and even a metal shipping container.

"You know," Kyle said as he was chewing on a hot dog we stole out of a worker's lunch box, "With your shapeshifting, and your fire and 'force' powers, we could do whatever we want!"

"Yeah, Luke Skywalker and a pretty girl could rob a bank together!" I smart assed back

"Well you know, she's dead, it's not like they could track you down!"

"Shut the Fu-"

"Kyle has a point," Drake butted in, "We could rob a bank I mean, we got these powers, we could live our lives like we wanted now, no limits!"

"Until we get locked up." I sighed

Kyle stood up.

"We may be onto something!" Kyle and Drake both smiled at me.

I rolled my eyes

"Oh fuck me!"


The bank alarm sounded as I ran down the street followed by the twins and the police behind them. Smoke poured into the air as the fire department rushed to the bonfire that used to be a bank.

"In the alley!" yelled the masked Drake pointing to our right

I turned down and swiftly jumped in an open dumpster. I watched myself as I turned back to normal then quickly threw on some regular clothes and hid the dress under some trash. I peaked out and saw an alley on fire and Drake on the floor crawling away from two charred black bodies.

"What the hell man! We didn't want to kill the officers, just get away!"

He looked at me petrified then pointed to Kyle. I looked at him with flames licking off of his hands. They were outstretched like he was trying to keep the police away. I jumped out of the dump.

"Shit, grab the money, we gotta go!"


"So you and Drake have the same powers then?"

"Seems like it!" Kyle played with the fire in his hand as Drake shook his head.

"When did this happen, why did you get yours late?"

"Beats me, but check this out!" he put out his arm and made a scrunched up face as if he was focusing hard. His arm shrunk slightly and his hairs became blonde. Drake stood up and walked over in disbelief

"Oh my god you can shape shift too?" Drake exclaimed, I scoffed

That was my thing.


We used the money we robbed to get us a room at a nice hotel and food whenever we want. Several times we visited the Adventure Park and even enjoyed some movies, but after a while it seemed really boring and we ended up laying in our room with $20 in our laps.

"I thought the rich life would be a fun life!" Drake moaned as he flicked on the television. The bright screen painted the white walls with blues and greens as a cartoon cat chased after a mouse. 

"Well I had a lot of fun," Kyle said as he laid on his stomach and picked up the phone, "Pizza?"

Drake and I nodded in agreement.

"There must be something else we could do!" I brought up

"Yeah, but we don't have enough money anymore!"

Kyle sat up quickly hanging up the phone staring out the window.

"I got it!" He rushed to the window and pointed to the dock down the way.

We got up to follow him confused. Outside in the docks floated a giant cruise liner with four smoke stacks and two pools on the upper deck.

"That thing must be empty right now, we could board it and sail the seas!"

"Do you even know how to sail a cruise ship?" Drake asked him

"Well no, but we can move it!"

"If we can't sail it, how can we move it? Wrangle some dolphins and have them pull it along?"

"I think Kyle's talking about your powers," I butted in, "You can use your mind powers to move it out to sea!"

Drake turned to me and looked at me like a mad man.

"Me move that," He gestured to the ship, "I could barely move the shipping crate, what makes you think I could move that?"

Kyle put his hand on Drake's shoulder

"I'll help you!"

"How did you even come up with this idea?" Drake asked 

"Who knows, this seems fun!"

"But what about food, electricity, and water? How do we work all of that?" I questioned

"Easy," Kyle approached me with a stolen smartphone in his hand, "I can look it up on the internet. Theres bound to be at least one video on how to turn on the generators and pumps"

"But food Kyle!" Drake complained

We stood there as Kyle tried to muster an answer. He walked to the window again as Drake and I sat back on the bed finally giving up on a crazy idea that seemed to actually start working.

"Guys!" Kyle yelled and gestured out the window again

We leaned forward staring out the window. A two men started rolling carts stacked high with cargo boxes labeled with different types of food on the lower hold of the ship.

"Whelp I'm sold!" Drake laid back down on the bed kicking off his shoes


With trash bags of clothes, snacks, and other nick knacks we snuck our way past the first guard and hid behind a wall of metal shipping containers. The yard was dark and small spotlights riddled it looking for any suspicious figures.

"This ship must be top of the line!" I whispered

"Yeah, the Queen Anne! The waiting list for this thing puts people all the way back to 2020!" Kyle responded

"Fucking nerd!" Drake hushed

"I did my research, didn't want to board it without knowing it."

"Wait how much research?"

"As much to get us in without tripping alarms!"

"Dude nice" I approved

We moved up, Drake knocked out a cop using his powers to get the gun to fall on his head. We were 20 yard away from the ship now, a guard and his dog stood watch.

"This thing must be really important! Holy shit they're packing dogs and heat!" Drake screamed in a whisper

"Wait!" I put the bag down and pulled out a cocktail dress I stole for the bank robbery. "Here take my clothes I'll be right back" now fully clothed in the dress, I shifted into the mystery girl form putting heals on to pull it all together. I walked as sexual as possible without tripping over myself. 

I waved at the cop who was not much older than I, about 20 and apparently very horny. He stared at me, well to be exact at my chest as I walked up to him. The fact that I was an outsider that slipped into the gates didn't even pass his mind. He dropped the dog's leash and walked up to me throwing every pick up line he could conjure up. Little did he know though, Drake was tying the dogs leash to his leg telepathically while Kyle found a ball to throw.

"Are you from Tennessee cause you're the only ten I s-"

Kyle flung the ball and the dog bolted dragging the guard with him. He began screaming at the dog and cursing it's existence as I just waved and climbed the gangplank. I reached the door which took me a while to open, but was soon greeted by yells and a fireball behind me. I turned to see Kyle run after me holding three bags and Drake fending off guards with his flames. They shot at him but never seemed to land one, the bullets seemed to curve back to the officers causing them to duck for cover.

Kyle ran in the ship, "I'll start pulling it away!" he said. He waved his hands and the rope tying it to the port fell to the water

Kyle hurled fireball after fireball at the officers landing a couple leading them to furiously run for the ocean. Sirens howled out in the distance as backup began to arrive. I ran in the ship and was greeted by a map showing me the stairs up to the main Pool Deck. I flew up the stairs and met Kyle who was clearing the ropes and the boarding bridges for a departure.

"Drake!" Kyle yelled down, Drake turned to see blasting a wall of fire to cover him. Kyle gestured as he picked up several barrels from the fueling station and riddling them around the police infested yard.

Drake ran for the gangplank and with a loud slam closed the door. The police followed him there trying to kick it through. Kyle finally threw a ball of fire down hitting an oil barrel causing it to burst into a mile high explosion. The explosions didn't stop there, through out the yard explosion after explosion arose as each barrel set another off to the point where the yard was a fire pit.

Drake joined Kyle and I on the pool Deck watching the chaos ensue on the floor. Helicopters soon arrived and the twins adorned their masks as I just hid in a doorway. They nodded to each other and began to focus on the size of the ship. Together they concentrated on moving it away form land. The floor began to shake.

"Put your hand up!" called the helicopter

The floor shook more, I could hear the water washing over the port landing

"I repeat, put your hands up!"

Suddenly the cruise shot up into the air knocking into the helicopter making it spiral into a hotel bursting into flames. We soon fell back into water causing a tidal wave to wash ashore. Then as if nothing happened the cruise lunged forward speeding off to sea.

I ran to the nose of the ship screaming into the horizon and turned back to my friends. They smiled at me  testing how much they can move without stopping the ship's forward momentum!

"This is amazing!" I screamed hugging them.

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