Darkest of Days

Darkest of Days is a story about three high school students from a small town who gain superpowers after a meteor shower. Andrew, Drake, and Kyle were just normal foster children who were outcast by the public until one night on which a meteor shower occurred. When they came in contact with a meteor that landed not far from their foster home, they adopted superhuman abilities. With their new found powers they run away from home to live out their dreams together. However, will the power go to their head, or can they control it and live together happily as friends? Follow as Andrew tells the tale from his perspective, a tale of friendship and loyalty, lust and love, and power and triumph.


1. Part 1 - Wheaten

It has become routine now, not one school day goes by without harassment and humiliation. I am not bothered by it as much anymore, but it hurts when I get home. I never escape from the constant bullying, its like that horrible stench that follows a skunk around no matter how many times you try to wash it out. It was the soccer team this time, they rule the school since we're too small of a school to support a football team. They are the jocks of our school, going around and fucking up the other kids lives. I was their main target since freshman year, with my jet black hair that masks my face, my all black outfits that sometimes incorporate band shirts to show of my favorite music that others hate, and headphones always place firmly into my ears to keep everyone's opinions out of my head. I was an outcast, I never fit in, even when there are others who do share interest in the same music, they ignore me, shun my existence. They approach me, ridicule me, try to make me feel like shit, but I can't hear them, the music is too loud. One yells, I can only hear his voice not words. He Yelled again, and two others hit me, they grab the buds out of my ears.

"Why the fuck are these always in your ears?"

They have no excuse to bully me, they just find fun in my pain. They rip my headphones away sending my phone flying as well. The cell breaks on the floor a ways away, at the feet of some upperclassmen. He calls a crowd as to encompass us, turning any spark hope that I could escape into nothingness. They kicked me, they punched me, did everything they could to hurt me. People just recorded did, nothing to help as I sat there defenseless trying to push them off. I can only remember shouting and a flurry of fists, and the only thought that was prominent in my mind being " why me, why is it always me?"

The blows stopped suddenly and I didn't want to look, I curled into a ball and cried in pain. I was lifted up and carried on the shoulders by two gingers. It was Drake and Kyle, the only two people I consider friends.

"Hold on Andrew, we're taking you straight to the Nurses office" called Drake breathlessly, I could tell he took a beating too, he was bruised bad, bleeding from the lip as well

"What the hell were you thinking? You were out numbered, you could've gotten killed!" Yelled Kyle to Drake after opening the door to the administration hallway.

"But I didn't, besides what was I supposed to do watch as they beat Andrew to an emo stew?" Drake snapped back.

"We could've gotten a teacher or administrator to help him!"

"Kyle, they would probably place bets on how fast the soccer team can kill him! I was doing what was right and got to demolish some soccer fags at the same time!"

We just reached the Nurse's office and Drake threw open the door and tossed me in closing it behind me. I laid on the floor still in too much pain to move. Drake and Kyle still arguing outside each one getting louder with each opinion shared. The nurse rushed out of her office in a panic looking around like the apocalypse was happening right at that moment.

"Oh it's you again," she calmed down and helped me onto the bed, "what is it this time?" She asked examining me.

"The soccer team again." I adjusted myself as she poured rubbing alcohol on a swab dabbing my open wounds

"Drake to my office now!" Yelled a booming voice outside the door.

Drake's faint silhouette stormed out of the frosted glass I could faintly hear him say,

"Jackass" which was followed almost immediately by,


The door swung open and in came Mr. O'Calherry

"Andrew, I need to know everything that happened, just tell me everything."

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