Darkest of Days

Darkest of Days is a story about three high school students from a small town who gain superpowers after a meteor shower. Andrew, Drake, and Kyle were just normal foster children who were outcast by the public until one night on which a meteor shower occurred. When they came in contact with a meteor that landed not far from their foster home, they adopted superhuman abilities. With their new found powers they run away from home to live out their dreams together. However, will the power go to their head, or can they control it and live together happily as friends? Follow as Andrew tells the tale from his perspective, a tale of friendship and loyalty, lust and love, and power and triumph.


5. Interlude

I first arrived at Wheaten when I was only five, it was the only town with a foster home close to my city of birth. My parents died from suicide and left as a dying wish for me to be cared for in the foster system. My parents supposedly met in a foster home when they were seventeen and married once the were released from care. Government officials discussed if i should be placed in a home or with my uncle on a farm in Montana, but a few weeks displayed that my uncle was a criminal, so foster care was the only option. 

I remember loving Elga Harding's home, she seemed nice and there were plenty of kids to play with. One day, a month after I arrived, I remember stumbling upon her in the kitchen with an older kid. They were yelling and she hit him, after he fell to the ground, she opened a door in the floor and dropped him down the hole under it. I became scared of her from then on in trying to avoid getting on her bad side.

The kids in my age group never seemed to start getting in trouble until Elementary school ended, by that time there were only three other kids in my age group, and rarely any new kid walked through the front doors. I never crossed Elga during my time in middle school, but that changed when the twins arrived.

Drake and Kyle appeared in the home when I was in eighth grade, and from the get go they got punished, Kyle mostly because of confusion. The first time I had a conversation with them was when I was told to show them how to clean the kitchen to her standards as she drove to the next town over to watch a performance of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom

"Just mop and wipe for now, I got the dishes." I said pointing to the broom and mop. I knew that Drake didn't like me, he thought that I was a kiss ass and snitch and blamed everything he got in trouble for on me.

"Fuck no," he yelled as he sat on a chair and leaned back, "why the hell would I want to help that witch?"

I scrunched my nose in anger, "Please, if this isn't clean when she gets home she'll punish all of us and send us to the 'Hole'!" I pleaded

"Drake, stop being selfish, we'll have less trouble if we don't do it than if we just clean up." Kyle pitched in picking up the mop. Drake scoffed and leaned even further back on the chair. I feared looking at him because he was dangling over the hatch leading to the 'Hole'.

"Please Drake?" I asked again

"No!" he snapped

"Seriously, what's your problem," I yelled slamming the dishes I started in the sink, I walked towards him as intimidatingly as possible," ever since you arrived I have been nothing but nice to you, even comforting you the first time we met! I have not crossed you once or even ratted you out, besides that one time, I don't even think we even interacted with one another!"

"Bull shit" he yelled in retaliation, "you have snitched on me countless times and it was because of you wanting to seem nice and sweet trying to get adopted that I am Mrs. Harding's least favorite child! And now that you made it known that she hates me and won't think twice about punishing me for any rumor she hears about me, I cannot get a break! Thank god for her sake she hasn't thrown me in the 'Hole' yet!"

"But I never snitched on-"

"Shut the fuck up!" he yelled launching the chair back so he could approach me, but instead of that, he rocked himself back onto the hatch to the 'Hole' and busted the latch that kept it from opening inwards. He landed flat on his back a deep ten feet below us in the dark and damp place. Back when this happened there wasn't a ladder built into the 'Hole' and the only way in and out was through a rope the attached to the latch when she wanted you in or out. Kyle, who before was trying to avoid our verbal confrontation by mopping rushed over to the opening in the floor.

"Drake are you okay?" he yelled down to his brother who was groaning in pain on the dirt floor. He panicked as there were no other response besides the groaning. "We have to save him!"

I scoffed crossing my arms, "You can, I don't see a reason why I need to."

Kyle grabbed me and shook me, "Please, he's my brother and he's afraid of small spaces!"

I looked at him in the hole then at his brother. I was in a dilemma, should I save him or leave him, but I felt bad, he was in pain, and when he comes to, he will be in hell in a place where he fears. I might regret my decision later on, but I chose to grab the rope and hand it to Kyle.

"Hold on to this," I ordered as I tied it around my waist, "and don't let go!" I descended into the hole.

I layed in my bed drawing when there was a knock at my door.

"Hey," It was Drake, I put down the sketchbook and looked at him, "sorry about how I treated you, and thank you for saving me earlier."

"It's alright man, I couldn't just leave you down there!"

"You're actually cool man, stay that way." he walked off smiling warmly at me.

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