Darkest of Days

Darkest of Days is a story about three high school students from a small town who gain superpowers after a meteor shower. Andrew, Drake, and Kyle were just normal foster children who were outcast by the public until one night on which a meteor shower occurred. When they came in contact with a meteor that landed not far from their foster home, they adopted superhuman abilities. With their new found powers they run away from home to live out their dreams together. However, will the power go to their head, or can they control it and live together happily as friends? Follow as Andrew tells the tale from his perspective, a tale of friendship and loyalty, lust and love, and power and triumph.


13. Extra Load

It was scary but cool walking on a handmade makeshift bridge under the highway connecting the island with T.N.A.s "home" to the cruise ship peninsula. I was shown across by Lexi due to the fact that Steve was preoccupied by the kids in the abandoned tower. The bridge was built by strands of rope used to tie down the cruise ships and wooden planks tied to the underside. It was so close only crawl space was allowed, but not uncomfortable it was actually really cool. 

"So where you from?" she asked, I never even knew it was directed towards me until I realized there was no one else around.

"Oh, um... a small town named Wheaten, you?" I nervously responded

"Orlando. After the meteor shower, I ran away... I wasn't the same." She choked back a tear but didn't stop crawling in front of me.

"I know how you feel." I responded not knowing what exactly to say.

"I'm sorry, I'm just giving you my sob story, I try not to interfere with actions before they happen, but I know what we become." This comment confused me, "I can see in one future, we're close friends." I sat back trying to comprehend what's going on.

"Hey, look at me." She looked over her shoulder, I began speaking without thinking, a speciality of mine. "I think we're friends. I helped you, and you brought me home. Friends help each other right?" She nodded, "And we helped each other already, so we're friends!"

"I guess so." I smiled to her and she smiled back. She turned back and continued crawling, I follower suit. "Can I just ask a question as a friend?"


"Stop staring at my ass please!" she giggled, I laughed.

"Kinda hard when you stick it in my face!" She laughed aloud


I helped Lexi aboard the cruise where I was greeted by a tackle. 

"Thank god you're alive!" Abby gave me a big wet kiss then crawled slowly off me. She offered a hand to help me up.

"Thank her." I nodded to Lexi. Abby turned to her smiling large, her smiled vanished quickly when she finally saw her.

"Oh, thanks uh..."

"Lexi, name's Lexi!" she offered her hand to Abby. Abby begrudgingly took it dropping it after two half assed shakes before taking my hand. 

Drake and Kyle took a step forward welcoming her. Drake kissing her hand. Lexi addressed them with nods and nothing more.

"Where you from?" Drake asked

"Orlando, I moved here with a couple of runaways after the meteor shower!" Lexi responded

"It happened down here too?" Kyle asked a bit too intrigued with the conversation

Abby pulled me away as Drake, Kyle and Lexi shared life stories

"C'mon I need to tell you something!" she whispered into my ear.


I sat on the couch in our suite as she brought me a glass of water, her's a bit stronger in smell, but still clear.

"What is it you need to tell me?" I asked her

She, ashamed looked towards the floor she rubbed her arm and took a large gulp of the drink in her hand.

"I, I'm not such a good person like you think I am. I did horrible things back home."

"And?" I asked

"I..." She began to cry

"What's wrong?" I leaned over to hug her.

"I'm not a nice person, I... I've hurt people. I killed people!"

"You're a murderer?!"

"Not directly!"

"What do you mean?"

"There was this girl at school, no one really liked her. My friends and I used to tease her. Her teeth were large and she was covered head to toe with freckles, completely white too."

"What's wrong with that?"

"I don't  know, but one day we took it too far. We called her names in front of the whole class, we drenched her clothes in the toilet and even flushed some of it. We hit her, and cussed her, and we..." She broke down

I moved over to hug her as she sobbed in my lap.

"She killed herself the next day, the note said it was from me. She called me out plain and simple in front of the authorities."

"What happened?" I asked feeling sorry for her

"I ran, I had to get away! I couldn't go to jail so I went into hiding. While on the road I was caught shoplifting. I was chased out of the gas station store. He was smoking, but I didn't know I ripped a gas pump out of a car and drenched him in gasoline. He caught fire, I just ran, I was scared, I didn't want to get thrown in jail." she sobbed even more, "The cops saw me and chased me down, I hid in this ship since then until you arrived. I didn't mean to kill anyone! I just didn't want to go to jail! I didn't mean to."

I was astonished, I didn't know what to say so I just stared at her as she sobbed.

"I... I do-" I began but she pushed me off getting up to head to her room.

The door slammed behind her. I slowly walked towards it and knocked softly.

"Abby can I come in?" silence, I waited for a while. We share a suite and a relationship, we should share a life right? I opened the door.

Abby jumped when she saw me in the doorway. A syringe dropped to the floor. She sat on her bed with an elastic band tied around her bicep, net to her was a white plastic baggie with a lighter and some sort of small bottle filled with a foggy liquid. I knew what this was, I used to see kids at school do this behind the gym. She was shooting heroine or some kind of knock off drug. I rushed to her on the bed kicking the syringe to the side.

"No please don't! Get away!" she struggled away from me knocking the bag to the floor, she crawled after it but in seeing me she coward back towards the bed's backboard. I climbed on the bed and pulled her towards me hugging her. After a short struggle she gave in, relaxing. She began crying, I did too.


"We will be a sanctuary to all Rads in the world!" Drake addressed as I saw the line of kids marching towards our ship.

"A sanctuary for what? The 1990's?" I remarked

"Rads! Radiated humans, can't call us mutants, it's already taken!"

"So we're on the run from the law and you think our biggest problem is a copyright issue with Marvel comics?" Kyle butted in

"Sometimes it doesn't hurt to be original!" Drake snapped back.

We made our way down to the cargo hold where we extended a gangplank to them. The faces of the children as they crossed were beautiful and awe struck.

"Name's Steven, glad you and Lexi could come to an agreement!" He said to Drake and Kyle once he made his way across.

"Not a problem, we've been in your situation, we know what it's like to have a little luxury after all that time." Drake greeted back. Steven then turned the the gathering of children making their way to the ship.

"Alright Lads! Make your way to the Pool Deck where we will get our sleeping arraignments! Don't worry there'll be room for all of you!"

Kids with shopping carts rolled up tons of food which the parked next to the exit while others with tattered bags and brilliant smiles followed Steven. The last crossed the plank but we awaited Lexi, she told us that she would try to grant us safe passage to sea undetected and wanted us to wait for her. Drake and Kyle already pushed their luck with docking this close to civilization, but any more attention will raise red flags and terminate us completely! Her blue portal appeared at the base of the plank and she made another jump appearing right at the entrance.

"Took you long e-" Drake began. Lexi threw her book bag at him running to shut the door.

"We're not in the clear!" She started her way up the stairs, "Sorry!"

Drake, Kyle, Lexi, and I made our way to the pool deck. Military styled jets and helicopters made their way towards our ship. They opened fire on us.

"Get down!" Drake and Lexi yelled to the crowd

An explosion of bullets wood and water littered the deck, some kids made their way lower while a couple began flinging fire, ice, dark... smoke things, and even Squirrels at them. Drake took off flying at one landing on a wing and igniting the cockpit on fire. The pilot ejected, but instead of parachuting to safety, he plummeted to the ground engulfed in flames. Drake began moving the 'copters closer together making them rip each other apart with their propellers, they disappeared in a Michael Bay styled explosion.

A jet shot a rocket at us. I tackled Lexi to the ground, rocket just missing us. Kyle telepathically grabbed it throwing it right back at the jet which combusted to oblivion. Drake landed back on main deck telling the others to focus on shooting them down. He flew back up to our position.

"I'm taking off! Kyle I need your help!" They nodded to each other and ran off to the bridge.

"Andrew, grab more people from below, I'll rally these men up to fight them off while we leave port!" Lexi yelled as she jumped the guardrail to the deck where the other "Rads" stood shooting whatever they could at the fighters.

I ran below deck where kids where in a panic.

"Attention!" I called, nobody listened, Steven ran up to me.

"This from what happened back at the Wheaten port?" he shouted

"I think so, I need men though, we're going to take off now!"

"In this hellfire? Are you nuts?"

"Not my idea, I just need people who can fight them off!" Steven stopped his questioning turning to his crowd.

"I need men with ranged attacks to help us take off to sea! If you ever want to live the free life, you must join your brothers and sisters on the main deck! Who's with me!" A crowd hollered and cheered and took off up the stairs. Steven turned to me, a big smile stretched across his face, "That felt so cool, I feel like I'm some sort of military captain!" I smiled at him and made my way back up. I grabbed a flare in the stairway which I loaded and readied. I broke the surface where I immediately saw a jet barrel so close to deck that it almost clipped it. I fired right away causing it to explode into port which was now clearly visible off of the port side. We were banking to take off south bound over Cuba, but still jets and helicopters attacked us. I carried the wounded to the door back down below deck where I yelled for a healer of any kind. The kids still fired at the jets, Lexi shouting orders. Finally she began focusing really hard on her hands which were clenched in a ball near her chest. I made my way up to her dragging a couple of the bodies out of her way.

"Please work! Please work! Please Work!" she said before finally shooting a giant portal at the aircrafts. They disappeared into the blue energy right as the Ship took off into the sky. The clouds covered the land below us and we traveled at a grate pace.

I put my hand on Lexi's shoulder smiling to her.

"Good job, thanks for saving us!"

"No problem, the least I can do for letting us bunk here!"

"Bunk?" I laughed, "You live here now!"

We made our way below deck where a gift shop was gutted turning into an infirmary. A boy and a girl roughly 2 years younger than me made their way around closing open wounds and and erasing bruises with nothing but light resonating from their palms. I congratulated those who fought and welcomed the rest to the ship. Abby approached me from the back where she held a new born baby.

"That girl back there gave birth to her this morning." She said pointing with her elbow to a young woman sitting by the dressing rooms, "I told her I'd help her take care of it." I smiled at Abby and rubbed the baby on the cheek.

"No problem, they're our family now, we need to help one another!" I kissed her and she made her way back. She paused looking over her shoulder at me.

"You know, I like babies. We should have one!" She then continued on her way back to the mother handing the baby over. I stood in thought for a split second at the comment. Shaking it off I made my way to the nearest healed patient offering my help.

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