Darkest of Days

Darkest of Days is a story about three high school students from a small town who gain superpowers after a meteor shower. Andrew, Drake, and Kyle were just normal foster children who were outcast by the public until one night on which a meteor shower occurred. When they came in contact with a meteor that landed not far from their foster home, they adopted superhuman abilities. With their new found powers they run away from home to live out their dreams together. However, will the power go to their head, or can they control it and live together happily as friends? Follow as Andrew tells the tale from his perspective, a tale of friendship and loyalty, lust and love, and power and triumph.


11. And Then There Were Four

"She's a run away like us, an outcast like us let her stay!" I yelled at Drake 

"I see no problem in this man, it's not like we can't handle one more." Kyle sympathized

Drake thought it over still furious that someone stowed away on HIS ship.

"Fine, whatever," Drake finally said, "I mean she's got nowhere else to go!"


"So if they can both move things with their minds in conjure fire," Abby giggled as Drake and Kyle took their bows in the Cruise's theater stage and sat on either side of her, "what can you do?" She turned to me excited.

Drake and Kyle giggled as I stood up and climbed on stage.

"Okay, so, I don't have anything as cool as they have, but it's pretty sweet!" I stood on stage and Abby reared in excitement. I stretched my hands as if I were a magician prepping for his grandest trick. I then began to shrink into the feminine body of the mystery girl and did a little twirl in the overly large clothes now.

Abby, Kyle, and Drake cheered as if I were a stripper in a club. I curtsied and after turning back bowed. Abby looked me in the eyes and smiled, I smiled back.


"So you can only turn into that girl?" Abby asked as we walked down the 5th floor hall

"Yup, Mystery Girl, she went to my school but I never knew her."

"She's really pretty though."

"Not as pretty as you!" 

I stopped, I dunno where that came from or why I said that but I looked to her to see her reaction. Her mouth was agape and eyes wide.

"Oh my god, I'm sorry I don't know where that came from. I'm sorry I-"

"No," she leaned up to the wall behind her and looked to her feet, "just, no one ever called me pretty before."

I walked to her, she was smiling but hiding it from me. I took her hand and her chin lifting her head to look me in the eyes.

"Well, I'm not just calling you pretty, I think you are pretty too."

She smiled to me and I took her hand in mine walking her down the hall.


After searching the whole ship for a room she and I settled on her staying in the spare bedroom in my suite. walking up to the door, I turned to her.

"Did you pack any clothes?" I asked 

She shook her head at me.

"Well follow me!" I pulled her back down the hall and down a flight of stairs. We reached the fourth floor and I told her to close her eyes and lead her out into the grande hallway. 

"Okay... open!" I moved her hands away from her eyes so she could see the long room filled with wall to wall stores and shops. 

"Let's build your wardrobe!" I told her 

"Yours too!" she responded.

I followed her into a store of grungy designer outfits where she began to rip outfits off the rack and hold them up to herself. She jumped from rack to rack and ran to another store.

"This is great!" she yelled, "I never got to get new clothes, everything was hand me downs."

I sat and smiled as she ran from store to store looking for the right clothes she loves. She brought out an armful of shirts, shoes, pants and shorts dropping them on the floor in front of me. She began to strip her shirt off and tossed it to me, she stood there in just her bra laughing at me. I was blushing, this was the first time I ever saw a girl shirtless and I didn't know what to do.

"Which one first?" she asked

"What?" I snapped into reality turning to her quickly

"Which shirt should I try first?"

I looked at the pile and pulled out a light grey shirt, wide collar with black and red accents.

"How about this?" I handed it to her

She examined it over and threw it on hanging it off of one shoulder.

"This is my favorite shirt now." 

"Why is that?"

"Because you chose it for me."

I blushed and smiled she then sat next to me and laid her head on my shoulder.

"You know it's weird," she whispered to me, "I've only known you for less than a day yet I can't shake this feeling for you."

To be honest I had this weird feeling when I was with her, I couldn't shake it. It was a good feeling too I liked being with her.

"Me too, I get a weird feeling when I'm with you and its like a good kind of weird."

"I like being with you too."

"And for some reason I feel as if I... I, I dunno, I..."

"I love you." she said looking at me now.

I looked at her and smiled.

"And yes maybe we just met, and yes I know nothing about you, but being with you is right and that's all I care about!"

And with that I pressed my lips up to hers without hesitation and we began kissing, interlocking lips, this great feeling that I couldn't even explain.

"My first kiss" we said in unison after pulling away. We looked at each other and laughed, "Our first kiss!" and again our lips interlocked.


We returned to my room with bags full of clothes, apparently Abby thought Mystery Girl should get some outfits so she can seduce the men and women of the world. Abby dropped all of her bags in the middle of the living room and so did I. She jumped into my arms and we made out, this time I carried her to my room. Best feeling in my life. I never kissed a girl, and I never had a girl love me.

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