The jail case stalker

Devon lives a perfect life until she realizes who's been watching her for half of it. Harry a stalker has been watching her for most of her life. The place where Devon is being held is like never before. But will Devon take an opportunity to escape even if it involves becoming one of them?


9. Still one of them?

As I lie in my cell studying my guidelines I cautionally roll my eyes, what have i gotten myself into?

Is it worth hurting my ‘friends’ I scanned the book and my eye caught something very delusional.

‘We will still need to beat you, the girls will suspect if you are not bruised. You need to pleasure a girl at least once a day, if you do not suceed this request you will slowly loose all your privilages. Every mistake you make is a little freedom you lose. You may gain your freedom by pleasuring us to our needs. But eventually if you make more then 15 mistakes in this house you will be killed. So do your daily chores hung on your room and do what we say and do it correctly and there wont be a problem’

Page. 123

I threw the book agaist the wall and punch my old crusty bed spread

I missed and hit the bed bored, screaming and blood oozing from my rough dry knuckles, my dry crusty masacara that i have had on since I was taken washed down my face.

I was swearing to myself and pounding my head against the tallied grafiti wall.

I stopped myself when i saw in my prefrial vision a hand being placed on my shoulder, i slowly turned around too see Karla.

I started to smile when...

She grabbed my brown straggly hair and used her force to slam my head on the wall.

My legs collapse as my body took control and I hit the cold dusty pavement floor.

I was dizzy and with no energy to wake up and tried to open my eyes but they were more powerful then me and remand shut. I tried and tried and my eyes shot open as well as my taking a huge gasp of breathe

Karla was stadning over me reading page 1 of the guide lines her mouth droped open and she kicked me in the face and dropped the heavy paged book on my ribs crushing them.

I couldnt get any words out of my mouth everytime I tried I felt another foot kicking me in the stoamche.

Karla knew.

I was embarassed and mordified. She finally stopped and began reading again.

I got the energy to leap up and grab the book from her small vanished painted finger nails. I threw the book out of the cell.

“I.. I.. can..”

She interuppted me by spitting on my face

She slammed herself on her bed.

I laid there, cold, broken, and mostly drowning in my own tears.

The red light on the camera was all I could see and I knew I was screwed.

The light turned off and so did the frown on my face.

with the last bit of motivation I had I scrambled my self to the corner of my room.

Instant bruises were forming.

The cell was spinning and the only thing that was clear was the little red light across the cell.

It got closer and brighter.

I shut my eyes squinting and hearing my jaw crunch as I opened it to cry.

I heard the sound of the sex room close.

I was hoping it was harry.

He was the only one who would try to understand.

I saw his shaggy brown hair spinning in my eyes.

The only thing i could hear was buzzing of my broken eaar drum.

The buzzing got interuppted with the sound of Harrys scrony, cracking voice.

“Strike one.” he smirked.

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