The jail case stalker

Devon lives a perfect life until she realizes who's been watching her for half of it. Harry a stalker has been watching her for most of her life. The place where Devon is being held is like never before. But will Devon take an opportunity to escape even if it involves becoming one of them?


5. Devons new life

Devons POV

He new I was faking. He wasn't happy I could tell.

As he rushed into the van I kept my eyes shut. I could feel his presence over me and his odor sworming the van. He took small laps around me.

"Baby I know your awake come give daddy a hug." Gavin smirked

I opened my eyes slowing. I was laying down while he towered over me.

He had a huge belly and I couldn't see his face from my angle as his belly covered it.

The view wasn't pleasant, as I could see only his waist down.

"WHO ARE YOU." I explained

"I'm your worst nightmare baby girl." He laughed

"What do you want..." I whispered

"You." He smirked

I hustled my way up and tried using the only energy I could to open the doors as I flew my whole body towards them.

The pressure of me hitting the doors and the result of my not opening them I flew back. Only to realize I wasn't on the ground but in the mans arms.

"awe Devon how cute you are." Harry said

"How do you know my name you creep!" I shouted

" I know more about you then you know your self." He said

"Who are you." I demanded

"Harry, I can't believe I finally can meet you." He said cheeringly

Harry's POV

as she fell in my arms her, your hair trickled on my face, it gave my extreme pleasure. I opened the van doors.

The sun was setting but the brightness still struck her eyes.

Devons POV

He opens the doors maybe he was gonna let me out! As I hoped out with his hands still holding my firmly, I looked at my surroundings and there was little to no activity the sky was dark now and the stars shined, it was cold and windy.

I only had a crop top on and I could see the trees swaying back and forth. We were on a dirt road and the dust was flying all throughout the air.

As I looked forward I saw this one garage in the middle of no where.

"Follow me" he whispered in my ear.

As I followed him his hands became clammy and I couldn't let go. He entered me into this huge room

As he shoved me in I felt the cold garage floor on my body. I inches my way up as he ran out the door


I heard it lock.

I was alone. All alone. The garage was small and empty. There were mold riding the walls and rust growing on the pipes. Dust filled the windows and you couldn't see through them anymore.

As I walked towards the window I started to break up spider webs, they stuck to my like caramel.

As I start opening a window a hear this noise I jump back and land on my ass where I see a rat hustle across the floor.

As I started panting as I could see my breath in front of me.

Cautiously looking around I see in the black distance a glowing 'Exit' sign

That was my chance. I'm getting out of here!

I booked it to the sign every inch closer the more my smile deepen

I could just feel the freedom

Then I open the door

It wasn't the dark cold night

My mouth dropped as I heard the door slowly come to a shut

I backed up against the door and slid my body down to the ground

Where I sat crying I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing.

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