A Poppy Covered Hill

For the poetry competition


1. A Poppy Covered Hill

A poppy covered hill,

Marking the mayters of freedom.

The blood colored poppies, stained red by the blood of our soldiers.

The poppies.

That have seen all the people

Who come to pay their respects.

The weeping widow, silently hiding her grief, 

Tears slipping down her face,

begging him,

"Come back."

The grieving mother,

clad in shadow,

bending down to whisper,

"Too soon."

The guilty friend,

trying to be strong,

but needing the extra strength,

tortured mind whispering,

"It should of been you."

A random passer-by,

seeing the hill,

stained with the red of the flowers,

stopping for a moment.

Stepping into the field of poppies,

a smile lingering on their lips as a soft sound escaped them.

So soft, the poppied had to lean forward to catch it.

A quiet 

"Thank you," 

whispered and disappearing into the breeze.

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