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I reccomend this story for those Merlinians who have seen the last Episode of Merlin. My story will be about what happens after that. I am gonna change the last Episode a little (Spoiler Alert) So that Arthur, Gwaine and Morgana lives. Those who died At the battle at Camlan. :) Hope you Will enjoy :)


3. The Second Chance

The Second Chance

Me and Morgana went upstairs to Arthur. He got scared when he saw her.

"Don't worry Arthur she will do you no harm. Not anymore."

"How can you trust her?" He asked. Morgana looked a little offended. But she understood it, she had after all been a terrible person.

"Give her a chance Arthur. She can explain her herself to you now." I said. Arthur looked at Morgana.

"Arthur, you don't know how sorry i am. I have never been such a terrible person. And i don't know, why i did it. I think it was my hatred to your father that made me do this. I just got so angry inside because he, and you, wouldn't accept me. You hated magic. Uther always liked me, but i didn't trust that he would if he knew i had magic. Please Arthur. Give me a second chance". 

Arthur was hesitating.

"What should i do Merlin? After all she did to me, after all she did to Camelot. To Gwen. To you. To everyone! How. did you want me to just forgive that? Just let her in like that? I have absolutely no idea what i'm supposed to do? Ohhh, now i know why you care so much, it's because she is a sorcerer, right? You two have something in common. Merlin, I will give her, ONE LAST CHANCE! And if there is anything suspecius with her, I won't hesitate with burning her at the stake! Understood?" He said looking both of us in the eye.

"Yes." Me and Morgana said at the same time.


Morgana started smiling.

"You don't know how grateful i am for this!" She Said to Arthur like he just gave her the world.

"Can I please hug you?" She asked him.

Arthur nodded and she gave him a big hug. She was happy. I hadn't seen that for so many years. And now, there is finally peace in Camelot.

"Now lets go home." I said while smiling over my whole face.

We went home as fast as we could. Me and Morgana caught a raven, put a spell on it so it knew were to go, wrote a little note, attached it to the ravens foot, and sent the raven with note around it's foot to fly for Camelot. Now they knew we were coming home, and, if they saw Morgana they knew everything would be okay.

We walked out of the forest, near the little town, in front of the castle.

"We're home. Finally." Arthur Said.

Gwen, Gaius, Gwaine, Percival and Lion was standing in the gate, waiting for us. They Got the note. When Gwen Saw Arthur she imediatly ran over to him, hugging him, kissing him. Then she turned to me and Said: "Thank you Merlin, for everything. I am sure Arthur wouldn't be standing here right now if it wasn't for you."

"I just did My job, My lady."

"Well, you sertanly did it well." She Said.

And then she turned to Morgana. Morgana just smiled.

"I am so glad You're back!" Gwen Said, hugging her.

"I am so happy to be back!" Morgana replied.

I walked over to Gaius.

"I knew you could it." He Said to me. "I always believed in you Merlin."

"Thank you." I Replied.

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