Kidnapped by 5sos

I'm maya killen and I just got kidnapped by 5sos I mean it doesn't sound that bad but it is your family not knowing where you are and not being able to leave the House and don't get me started with living with 4 boys.


1. stop following me!


I wake up with a blind fold on and I'm tied to a chair that's just great. I remember I have a knife in my back pocket I pull it out and cut the rope. I stand up and look around the small room I was in what have I got my self in to I say to my self FUCK I scream. A boy runs In the room and grabs me calum omg I love you I say crying you do he says looking at me yes I'm your biggest fan ever he let's go of me and holds my and and leads me out the room. I see the rest of the boys siting on the couch watching TV umm hi I'm maya and why am I here I say to the boys they all look at me and say we kidnapped you and smile umm why would you do that I would came with you any way I say oh they all say laughing well will you stay with us forever they say well I have to go home I say shyly well that's a problem because we told everyone your CALUMS girlfriend. Oh then I'm staying I say well you can sleep with any one of us if you want Luke says umm I don't think so I say laughing.


MAYA AND CALUM DATE! Luke gets so jelly about it so find out what happens next

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