Kidnapped by 5sos

I'm maya killen and I just got kidnapped by 5sos I mean it doesn't sound that bad but it is your family not knowing where you are and not being able to leave the House and don't get me started with living with 4 boys.


2. hey


I open my eyes and rub my eyes hear a knock on the door come in I say it was maya she was in a tank top and shorts hey hi I say hi or hey she says laughing can we cuddle she asks shyly why not I say lifting the blankets so she can lay next to me. So why do you want to sleep next to me any way I say well because we are together and I have had a crush on you forever so why not have fun for how ever long this thing last. I mean your bae she said and I kissed her on the for head she hugged me tight we fall asleep when I wake up maya is gone i look out my door and see maya and Luke on the couch Luke has his head on mayas lap that ass I say feeling mad. Am I jealous no way we just met I walk out my room and stub my toe maya and Luke look at me are you ok mate Luke says yes I say I walk to the kitchen to get some toast maya gets up and walks over to me hey calum I thing we should do something like go to the beach she says ok that will be fun let's buy you a bikini I say to be honest I just want to see her half naked. Ok she said throwing shoes at me I put them on and she put on jeans and she grabbed my hand and we went to the mall maya made me go in to Victoria secret she held my hand because I didn't want to go in. She let my pick it out the one I got for maya was vary sexy if I say so myself we got home in like 2 min and all the boys had there trunks on I put mine on and by the time got out of my room all the boys were saying hey sexy to maya she did look hot in the bikini.

Next chapter read it plz

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