this is a poem of what makes me happy


1. #whatmakesmehappy

what makes me happy, 

that is a part of me, 

that makes my feet tappy,

from what you can see,


what makes me happy is music, 

which gives me life, 

which gives me hope, 

where there is no strife, 

which keeps me on the rope, 

that I call humanity.


What makes me happy is music, 

because it keeps me in tact, 

and makes my life abstract,

that keeps my world together,

whatever, whenever, and wherever, 

that something may get in my way.


What makes me happy is music,

because it is the only thing in the world that I will always trust myself with,

because it never leaves my side, 

and it makes me feel like i'm not a myth,

but that I am a human being.



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