Getting over Amnesia

Sequel to 'Dont hurt my Amnesia'
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4. Cadence

Chapter four~ Cadence

Anne's pov

I went to see my friend when the kids went to school. She said her daughter was going through the same phase as her best friend Daniel had committed suicide in January. I hoped that she and

Ashton would sort of bond. I scheduled for them to come over for dinner tonight. Ashton came in giving me the same sad look that he gave me everyday.

"We have guests tonight" I told him.

"Who?" He mumbled.

"Mr and Mrs Smith and their daughter Cadence

" I said.

He nodded.

"She lost someone you know. She lost her friend Daniel" I said.

Ashton just shrugged and went to his room.

Ashton's pov

I stalked off to my room. I wasnt in the mood to socialise especially with my Mum's friend's kid. It was just another set up. Just someone who trying to take Amnesia's place.

Cadence's pov

I cane home to see my mother clutching an outfit she wanted to wear.

"We are going to my friend's Anne Irwin's house" she said answering my question.

I shrugged.

"Her son Ashton lost his friend a year ago just like how you lost Daniel" Dad said comfortingly.

I walked off to change.

So I was meeting some jerk. Some jerk who thinks they can take Daniel's place.

Daniel used to get beat up by his parents, I didnt know until he told me in the letter he wrote. Daniel was beat up at school. We went to different schools so I couldnt protect him.

We drove to Anne Irwin's house. She was a nice lady who welcomed me with a large smile.

"This is my daughter Lauren" she motioned to a girl who was texting. The girl looked up and smiled at me.

"And my son Harry" she said and motioned to a curly haired kid sat next to her.

"Ashton!" She yelled. I could hear loud music coming from upstairs.

"He is drumming again. Mr and Mrs Smith you can come through to the lounge and we will have a glass of wine before dinner. Cadence will you please tell Ashton to get down here" she said clearly wanting me to talk to him. I nodded and started to climb the stairs. The drumming stopped and a door opened. A sweaty guy came out with curly brown hair and a pair of drumsticks in his hands. He looked at me.

"Your Mum wants you" I said simply. He nodded and followed me down.

"So your Cadence then?" He asked me. I nodded.

"Yep and your Ashton" I replied.

Ashton's pov

Me and Cadence walked into the sitting room where Lauren was texting. I plopped down on the sofa and Indie jumped up at once.

"Whats her name?" Asked Cadence in a small voice.

"Indie" I replied stroking her.

"I love dogs" She smiled stroking the dogs.

Lauren left the room because her phone ran out of battery. I was left with her and it was extremely awkward.

"So tell me about yourself?" I asked. I was desperate for a conversation.

"I am 17. My favourite food is pizza I play the violin. My best friend is" she stopped and looked down.

"Its ok. You dont have to talk about it" I said, I knew how it felt when you had to say their name.

She nodded.

"What about you?" She asked.

"I am 17. I play drums. I like ice cream and my best friend is Amnesia before she um passed" I said I avoided looking at her for a moment. She put her hand on my shoulder in a comforting fashion.

"Its ok. You dont have to talk about it" she soothed. I nodded.

"Dinners ready!" Called Harry running in. I got up and walked into the dining room her at my heels. My mother gave me a smile as me and Cadence sat down.

"This is lovely Mrs Irwin" said Mrs Smith politely. Mr Smith sniffed at my mother's slightly burned pie. I had a burn of mutual dislike towards him. He was a snob but his daughter was so kind and nice. My mother always struggled, being a single parent and all. Mr Smith pushed food around his plate before actually daring to take a bite. I watched him as he scooped the pie into his mouth then coughed slightly, spitting it out when my Mum went to refill her glass. I glared at him, hating him even more.

"So Ashton, do you work?" He asked me. I jumped when he addressed me.

"Um no. Not at the moment" I mumbled.

Mr Smith rolled his eyes.

"What are your qualifications?" He asked. Mum returned and I blushed. Mum picked it up.

"I prefer if you dont ask my son personal questions" she said sternly. I exhaled and Mr Smith raised his eyebrows.

Mr and Mrs Smith were ready to leave. Cadence was looking uncomfortable. Mr Smith was on the phone outside and Mrs Smith was talking to Mum. Cadence came up to me.

"Hey Ashton. I would like it if we hung out tomorrow if thats okay?" She asked quietly.

"Yeah sure" I replied. I mean she was kinda cool. She took a pen out and wrote her number on my arm.

She left giving me a small wave as her father called her name.

A/N thanks to Cadence cxx

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