Michael and u


2. Meeting Michael😍

"You ready?" Nora asks as she opens the car door. "Oh yeah" I think to myself

All I can think about is meeting the cute guy next to the door. As we walk through the door the cute guy is ordering himself and three other guys a drink.

As they go sit down to wait we get up to order. "Umm ill take a smores frapp with a cookie straw please." I say not knowing thats the kind he got to. "What size would you like?" "Oh ill take a vente."

Nora julia and I go sit at the table next to him. I see him smiling and whispering to his friends.

"A vente smores frappuchino with a cookie straw!" The worker says as she sets it down.

Assuming its mine i get up and see the cute guy stand to. Well i walk over to her anyways. The cute guy followed me. "Um im sorry but this ones his." The worker said. "Oh im so sorry!" I say to him as he grabs the coffee. "No its ok." He said as he hands me a little piece of paper and walks out with all of his friends.

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