Michael and u


4. Facetiming!!!

You see him on the screen and almost faint. "Umm hello" he says. The other three of his friends are behind him. "Oh hey." Trying not to get to destracted with his looks you responded. "MICHAEL THINKS YOUR CUTE!!" One of his friends yell from behind. "SHUT UP LUKE" Michael blushed and looked at me. One of his friends in the back were swearing but with my crappy conection i couldnt tell who. "Guys shut up i cant hear her." Of course i wasnt talking but now i had to becuase the attention was on me. "Sooo" i say wishing i hadnt. Michael walked into the other room and shut the door. "So does the beach sound good maybe friday?" Michael asked me. "Yeah sounds fine, but i have to go now so talk to you later." I hung up and ran to the kitchen.

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